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Title: Gifts...

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    Default Gifts...

    Motivated by some recent generous acts, predominantly on the part of other players, along with some experience on a different MMO (Wurm Online) I'd like to hear some thoughts on the suggestion that Free Realms implement a system wherein players can give presents/gifts to one another.

    I am particularly fond of the system used in Wurm: you can take any item and wrap it up, then leave it wherever you'd like with a tag attached denoting both who it is from and for whom it is intended. It goes without saying that only the intended person can actually open the present.

    I imagine a similar system in FR would be more extensive: you could choose the type of packaging (from, say, large, medium and small versions of a box, a chest and a carton; thus you could surprise someone with a small gift inside a large box or simply use the large one because you're giving them a lot of items or a rather large one), whether it is wrapped or unwrapped (and specify the type of wrapping-paper used) and attach a note, if you'd like. In any case, once you chose the item and wrapped it up, your name would automatically be attached, then you could specify who it was for and leave it at their house or, should they not have one, in one of the many post-office boxes (where it could later be picked up, as well).

    The usual Cannot-Trade limit would still apply and SOE could even charge (preferably coins) for the containers, wrapping and a minor fee for leaving a gift with the post (call it a "processing fee"), thus there would be no real concern about scamming or whatnot, while granting players a means of not only expressing their gratitude to one another, but simply enjoying the world a little more.

    After all, who doesn't enjoy giving...or receiving...a present?

    I can only imagine how much more fun it would be to give a good friend a little something special on their birthday, exchange presents in the Yuletide season, have some small favors for the folk who show up to your house-party, or just leave something for a friend to find.

    Of course, given that this is Free Realms, they could even implement some gag-gifts. Not just useless items, like a rubber-ducky or whatnot, but a special present that turns whomever opens it into a chicken or something!

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    Default Re: Gifts...

    Sounds awesome!!!

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    Default Re: Gifts...

    That's a great idea especially if you want to give a person something but both of you have a hard time meeting each other!
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    Default Re: Gifts...

    Thats a great idea Madhatter. Layla likes.
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    Default Re: Gifts...

    wow nice ! awomse! can you sya to alice hi
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    Default Re: Gifts...

    Wow!! I really love this idea! Be sure and send it in to SOE or at least post it on the Official Forum. This would add a whole new layer of fun things to do in the Realms! WHOOT!

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    Default Re: Gifts...

    Animal Crossing: City Folk has a somewhat simpler yet just-as-effective system. Buy some letter paper from your nearest retailer, write your message, give the name of the recipient, add a gift, if you wish, and give it to the post office. A few minutes later that person will find the letter in their mailbox and can take the gift if they like. The letter paper is cheap, approximately 50 Bells for eight letters, which, considering the effort to get such money, is equal to a few coins, maybe 100 coins maximum. Any item can be attached, as small as a leaf to as big as a refrigerator. Some changes will obviously be made since Animal Crossing is a Wii game and not an MMO.

    All that aside, however, I believe this idea has been suggested once or twice already, and I agree that such a system would definitely be a nice touch to add. It would make trades much easier, as well, if the two aren't able to meet up. Although that might increase possibilities of scams...
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    Default Re: Gifts...

    why dont u just give it to them in person? it means more to someone if it is done that way.... just adding my 2 cents xxD

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    Default Re: Gifts...

    Great idea! You're right, gifting would be a great addition to Free Realms.

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    Default Re: Gifts...

    I LIKE this idea, I hope SOE implements it!
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