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Title: The Future of FRI?

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    Default The Future of FRI?

    The FRI is a very valuable site for the Free Realms community with so much memories and nostalgic moments and I hope it stays. However, I do know that just keeping the site will cost too much with no actual use coming from it, therefore I suggest that the Free Realms Insider website be changed to EverQuest Insider, following the path of Mystic Mayhem into EverQuest Next / Landmark. These games have huge followings and using the pre-existing bond between SOE and FRI, this community can still be salvaged. The change will hopefully bring hundreds of new members from the EQ communities to talk about the all new game.

    This is my suggestion, looking forward to seeing the final verdict.

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    Default Re: The Future of FRI?

    Don't quote me on this, but I'm pretty sure from all the ad money that is generated, the site remains free to the ones who run it, and they might even make a little money off of it because of how popular it is/used to be.

    However, Either they really don't like to post, or they have been gone for a very long time, but the Founder(s) of the website haven't posted anything for quite a while.
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    Default Re: The Future of FRI?

    From my understanding fan sites usually do change games when the one they were about shuts down, but like Zach said the founders/admins aren't really active. I can't really see them taking the time to change the entire site to revolve around a new game that they would also have to play if they wanted it to become successful.

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    Default Re: The Future of FRI?

    A quick note to make is that Mystic Mayhem will not ONLY be transitioning to EQN/Landmark, but we will be a multi-game community that just happens to have a chapter in Landmark/EQN. Many of the staff, such as myself, won't be playing in either of the aforementioned games.

    This site is the remains of Virtual Pet Insider which covered games such as Kookies, etc. so if something does eventually become of this site, it will probably be a transition to a different game.

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    Default Re: The Future of FRI?

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