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Title: FR for Wii

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    Default FR for Wii

    ive gotten online with my wii and looked to see if i could play it there but its not a compatable browser. could you make it so i can play it on my wii?
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    Default Re: FR for Wii

    This just can't happen. You see, the Wii can only have 16 people on each server at once. Which means it can not process an MMO. You may see a stand alone RPG for the Wii soon, based around Free Realms. Then again, maybe not. The PS3 has Free Realms now, but it has its own servers and has better servers.
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    Default Re: FR for Wii

    And, Free Realms is owned by Sony, and the Wii is owned by Nintendo.

    They are business rivals, so this will never happen

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    Default Re: FR for Wii

    It would be cool if it could happen tho...

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