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    Default (FRI Suggestion) Did you know...?


    Basically, a trivia question of some sort related to Free Realms or SOE is posted on the front page every week (or on a regular basis at least). Options: Yes & No. For example, one trivia question could be:
    "Did you know...
    having an illusion active when attacking won't make you do the animations, so you won't have to stop moving? That includes Super Attacks!"
    It's not really similar to the FRIday or monthly FRI contests since those are not always questions. And, as I said, this could be shown and voted on on the front page, so it would not necessarily be a poll. If it does become a poll, I know from past experiences that staff members can alter poll votes, so perhaps they can reset the poll each time a new question is put up.
    I believe the site I got that example from would allow you to vote or not based on your IP address or Cookies (if you voted once, it wouldn't let you vote again). Now it only allows members of the site to vote. Two or three possible suggestions on how to limit voting, right there.

    P.S. The staff are always busy, so I don't think they'd have enough time to come up with the question (or enough time to play FR enough to come up with a good question). Therefore, we could always PM one of the staff members (their choice) to suggest the question.

    Thanks for reading.
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    Default Re: (FRI Suggestion) Did you know...?

    that would be a good idea!
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    Default Re: (FRI Suggestion) Did you know...?

    That is a good idea. Hopefully they look into this.

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