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    Default F2P Expansion and Loot System

    Okay, at this point, I am extremely tired of the F2P Programme limited... So I have two suggestions, especially the one about the F2P Programme.

    Suggestion 1: F2P Expansion

    Well... I've heard of many people just creating accounts to keep playing thru the game with their limited F2P Access. Sooo... Why can't we demand to have it expanded? You know?

    Suggestion 2: Loot System

    Well... I haven't heard of many of these at all... But you know, what if there was to be a Loot System? The Loot System would be as it were in Free Realms Classic, buuut with a twist.

    The Loot System can be flexible. You can choose any loot from "glowing" enemies that have been KO'd before. An Interface will appear showing what you can gather. Gathering ranges from Coins to Potions, and from armor to weapons, AND (My most favorable thing to say) even legenday weapons and armor! (In this case, rare colored weapons and armor)

    However, Coins are most common. Whereas the rare weapons/armor appear the least common. Albeit much more often than Bonus Obj. farming.

    Tell me what you think.

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    Default Re: F2P Expansion and Loot System

    Regarding F2P expansion;
    The F2P element of FR is nothing more than a hook to persuade you to purchase a membership. Consider it a free sample. The disableing of members only features such as rides for accounts "not in good standing" is an incentive for you to continue renewing that membership once purchased.

    From SOE's perspective; An expansion of F2P would likely result in less memberships sold. Put another way; An expanded F2P = more activity for servers and staff + less revenues recieved = lower profit margins for SOE.
    If you wish to see an expansion of F2P, you need to present an arguement to SOE that such an expansion would result in a higher number of memberships being sold. Can you make that arguement? If so; Post it to the FR Official Forums where the developers will have an opportunity to see it. If you can demonstrate to SOE that this would have a positive effect on their bottom line, you will be halfway home.

    Regarding the loot system;
    I agree. Surprised?
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