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Title: Dislike

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    Benny Solarhammer's Avatar
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    Default Dislike

    Since we can already "like" posts, it would be great if we could "dislike" them as well!
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    Default Re: Dislike

    ​I feel that would just make the person who got a dislike feel bad.

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    Default Re: Dislike

    Personally I wouldn't like it if someone disliked my thread or post, I don't think vice versa.
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    taylorskydawn's Avatar
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    Default Re: Dislike

    The reason why is because it would be rude for members and they are going think that you have them. So no.
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    Default Re: Dislike

    That does seem a bit bizaare to have a Dislike button. The like button is only here because many can like someones post, instead of doing this "^Yep, I agree. I like how you put that!". That, and it would be kinda hurtful to the member who you disliked.
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    Sarah Noblemind is offline Master Gamer
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    Default Re: Dislike

    Personally I think a dislike button is kind of pointless.

    The like button is there because sometimes someone post something you like, and you want them to know you like it, yes? Well, making a post about how you agree with them is kind of pointless, because when you agree with a person you're on the same page and there's not much else left to say. It adds nothing to the discussion and clogs it up. Adding a like button lets you express you're on the same page without adding needless posts.

    Now let's say you dislike, or disagree, with a post. Just clicking down a dislike button and then not elaborating on why you dislike or disagree with a post would be frustrating. Why don't you like or agree with it? When you reply back and elaborate on why you don't like or agree with it, it adds to the discussion. Since that's what discussions basically are a lot of the time, it's like a polite form of bickering but the goal is to express your point of view and to learn and understand others point of view, rather than to prove you're right.

    Pretend you're explaining your point of view on a subject to someone. In one scenario they say "I agree with everything you've saying" You're happy they agree with you, but there's not much else left to say other than that.

    Now pretend they say "I don't agree with you" and then walk away. Why don't they agree with me? you think. That's what it would be like if there was a dislike button.

    Now instead of them saying that they say "I don't agree with you and here's why" that's better, isn't it?

    Sorry if this is long and rambly and doesn't make sense, but this is my two cents on the whole thing. ^^

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    Layla Littlenymph's Avatar
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    Apr 2010

    Default Re: Dislike

    I actually like the idea, but there is one small problem; There are a handful of members here that would dislike every post I made, for no other reason than I made it.
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    Layla Gold's Avatar
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    Default Re: Dislike

    I dislike this idea because it could be used to cyberbully and its just pointless.

    I think it could be used for cyberbully by ganging up on a member and saying hurful things to them and making them feel uncomforable about FRI..

    I think it would also be a tad bit pointless because we may dislike the post but all you can do is like, so honestly it just means like it if you do or don't do anything to the post but keep your feelings about it to your self or reply to it nicely why you disagree with it.
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    Default Re: Dislike

    I really Don't like the idea, Sorry.
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    Default Re: Dislike

    I would actually love to have a dislike button; but there are many people in here who really get upset over a little dislike, some people here are really young or get upset over little things.

    But I would also would not like to have a dislike button because then I would be FLOODED with dislikes.

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