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    Default Come on FR staff! At least put a little challenge into the combat!

    Ok so we are all upset that the combat system,really isn't combat. So i thought of a little option on if you can choose your com bat! There are 5 levels, Low. low-medium medium. medium high,and difficulty. Just read my little diagram on which level can have which.

    lvl 1-4: low
    5-9: low,low-medium.
    10-14.low,low medium,normal.
    15-19 low,low medium,normal,normal-difficulty
    20. low,low medium,medium,medium difficulty,difficulty.

    .Low:Wouldn't be much.Not a lot of coins and good prizes. very easy battle.
    .Low medium: More combat than low,but still small. i would say the combat now would be like this. Also includes all of the coins we get
    .Normal:Like every combat should be! The prizes don't change much (or should they? i think they should,just don't want FR staff the carry the world.) But more coins. Fighting might take some elbow grease,but you shouldn't lose a lot of lives.
    .Medium difficulty: Have you ever played combat (Before they changed it) and played those difficult dungeons where you went crazy and lost lives,but enjoyed the fum and combat? just like this. Better coins and prizes
    DIFFICULTY: These are for pros. you will defiantly lose lives,but coins will rain on you and prizes. it will be kinda like Forest troll fort before the update.

    But of course,we don't want a level 18 brawler playing 'croaking valve' on low and getting all the coins the same a difficulty? The coins vary and so do
    the prizes. low would be little coins and *** prizes,while diffuclty,well,lets just say the prizes and coins will make you feel like a ruler. And a level 3 wizard cant play 'Bixie hive' on normal diffuclty. it vary on your level. tell me what you think! And point out the bugs and flaws.


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    Default Re: Come on FR staff! At least put a little challenge into the combat!

    If you are Level 20, you're at least 7 levels above the level that the encounter is intended for. The enemies won't scale to your level, so it's the equivalent to fighting a Level 13 player. SOE hasn't made a Level 13+ encounter yet, so obviously a Level 20 will find the battles to be too easy. Why? Because you're too strong. I'm sure you'd all be happy if they made 13 the level cap so that the encounters are impossible again. But then there'd be another thing to complain about - level losses.

    And, personally, combat never had any challenge to it. You had more keys to hit in the past; I see no more difficulty in that. Less knock outs so more losses in encounters? I'll run in again. I didn't lose anything but a bit of time, after all. Persistence is all that combat involves, really.
    My definition of "difficult," "challenging," etc. are very different from yours and everyone else's, though, obviously.

    A side note: "difficulty" is how hard something is. "difficult" is synonymous to hard.
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