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    Default Clarification of auction rules please?

    I'm wondering about rule #4 in the "Free Market and Auction Rules":

    "4.) All Auctions MUST have an ending date and Time. This date/time can not be changed, if you do not accept a bid by the time the date passes you may start a new thread. If your auction is slated to end at 9:00 pm EST, the winning bid must occur at or before 8:59 pm EST because once the clock turns to 9:00 pm EST, the auction officially ends. The last person with a bid with an 8:59 pm EST time stamp would be named the winner. Posts with a 9:00 pm EST time stamp would be too late"

    Does this mean that a seller has no obligation to sell to the winning bidder?
    They can just say that they want more and restart the auction in new thread?
    Or cancel?

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    Default Re: Clarification of auction rules please?

    It is not encouraged, but that is correct, I could start an auction of my light blue vest blouse or whateva and people would bid, and if the highest bid was like 5 coins, then I could say no , I won't sell.

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