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Title: Cbox

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    Default Cbox

    FRI should add a chat box to the site. To make communication easier for those waiting for updates or just want to talk. I think it would be a great feature to add with all of the new people coming. It would need mods, though. Thoughts anyone?
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    Default Re: Cbox

    Yes, but I believe there should be one Chat Box Per Category, Tournament Chat Box, Roleplaying Chat Box, Etc.
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    Default Re: Cbox

    not a bad idea really... would need mods though yeah
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    Default Re: Cbox

    That Is a Good Idea.. But There Would Need Supervisors At All Time. Also on The Chat You Have To Stay ON TOPIC, All The Rules Apply Too.

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    Default Re: Cbox

    Chat boxes take up a lot of resources on our servers & are difficult to moderate at all times. We have the chat threads for people to use instead!

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    Default Re: Cbox

    Id be glad to moderate who knows if they would choose me though

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    Default Re: Cbox

    OT, but, You can't be a Mod unless you are a legal adult*Cough* *Cough* 18 or up *CoughCough* ... responsible... so on. If one of the current Admins decides you are... ^Worthy^, then they will contact you in for of a PM...

    And Chat boxes would be a pain in the... neck... for Mods to Moderate. (I think it's eighteen or up.)

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