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Title: Can i help?

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    Default Can i help? is an awesome web site, and i was woundering if there was any way i could help. Like if i log on to FR and i see there is a new pet, should i send you a mesage or a picture about this new pet or just let one of your staff members do it?


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    Default Re: Can i help?

    sure if you like

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    Default Re: Can i help?

    The staff here are volunteers, so of course, they might not be able to get everything from the 'get-go' of a patch or a certain new event that is happening soon. There is most likely always a opportunity to help around here: such as posting a guide on how to do something, or sharing some tips that you have not seen around here yet. You can also help by looking out for people who need questions answered here!

    As you mentioned, news is a big thing around here, as it's featured on the front page (and seemingly only by Staff here). But as I had said: the staff are volunteers earning no pay, so every little bit might help. Things like posting a new thread or commenting on a new thread about the changes of a recent patch or a notice that something in the game has broken. Even posting a new unmentioned code for a free item you can get is awesome. The staff members will be able to pick up on this (or may require some pointers) and it could possibly go up officially on the front page.

    A staff member would probably have a better explanation then me though.

    (Link to deviantArt)


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    Default Re: Can i help?

    If you do see an update, you can post here. sometimes during updates someone posts the game is down and everybody starts talking bored talk on it... lol. Monkies did a much bigger explaination then I did though.

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    Default Re: Can i help?

    Sure! It would be great if you could share your info on the game. If you see something new you could make a thread or inform a staff member

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    Default Re: Can i help?

    Yes we would LOVE to her from you just ask a staff member or make a thread like this.

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