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Title: Blocks

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    Default Blocks

    Does anyone want TRANSPARENT or ANIMATED blocks? i know i do. you could make a car with a clear block for the widows and windsheild. and you could make a elevator with the animated blocks. it would be so cool. Post a reply of what you think!!!
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    Default Re: Blocks

    Yup! I totally would love that! Making a elevator! FAR OUT!

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    Default Re: Blocks

    I've actually had a similar idea to "animated" blocks for some time now. Out of pure boredom and surplus profits, I construct labyrinths for all to moil at for however long they wish. I've seen levers, traps, etc. in many game labyrinths, and to have those for Free Realms would be an amazing addition.

    Place the lever down. Click on it while in Decorate mode and choose to Set it. Click on a block. Choose it's first position and click, then choose it's second position and click. Set the speed to Slow, Medium, Fast, or Teleport to make the block move at the speed you want. For possibly Advanced Options, choose whether it replays or not. With this tiny addition, a lever could open a trap door, or close your only exit. I know with a little thought I can make a labyrinth that will trap myself with the lever addition.

    What if you remove the lever? The block stays at its first position. That simple.

    The concept of transparent blocks sounds interesting. Perhaps simply see-through colored blocks? It could make the swimming pools that so many have seem more realistic with blocks that imitate the appearance of liquid water.
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    Icon2 Re: Blocks

    I think that's a good idea, it has many options in using,

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    Default Re: Blocks

    Awesome. I would also like to see Blocks with letters and Neon Blocks/

    They have that lever in the Playground
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