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    Default World of Maximus

    Hello everyone I am Devin092 and today I will share with you a story of a long adventurous Journey the Journey in time of Maximus Xameiele (Pronounced "Ex Zu Meal")
    So lets starts this wonderful Tall tale:
    Maximus a wonderfully smart student in school one day finds that his friend left a note for him inside his school desk, he comes in classs sits in his desk, and opens the note to read: "You need to meet me outside your house in the front lawn at 8:00am tomorrow morning" So he sits down and thinks why his friend would write such a note and could not tell him face-to-face. So he goes outside at 7:30am and sits on the lawn, he sees a Black Minivan drive by and out pops his friend, his friend talks to him and tells him he has a secret letter to a school for him a school that could make him better at everything. So he takes the note and reads it, then his friend pulls out a knife to force him in the van he jumps and runs, then his friend goes on all 4 arms and legs and transforms into a Magical ShapeShifting Vye that can turn to look like a human but it starts getting too painful when they stay in human form so they have to switch back, they stay in human form so they can catch their victims, the Vye's look like Black Werewolves. He gets confused, then out of know where appears a tall man with a large Red overcoat, big red boots, red pants, and a red t-shirt, the first thing he notices about this man is he has a tattoo on his arm. It looks like a Branch from a tree and its red. The man quickly pulls out his Revolver and shoots the Vye. The vye then lay their squeeling on the ground eventually the vye stops and stops moving. The man tells Maximus his whole life he had been a magical student with magical powers, and was the son of a great king. This king was very powerful, Maximus always beat up students at school that picked on him easily. Maximus eventually went to this school. The school manager was supposed to visit him himself, but was late on time and one of Astaroth's men visited him.

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    Okay that is Part 1 of World of Maximus hope you liked it! Comment if you want Part 2! If you want part 2 you really need to comment and tell me! If I dont get any good comments that say they want Part2 well I am just not going to create it Because thats makes me think nobody wants to read it. So please let me know if you liked it!
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    Default Re: World of Maximus

    This belongs in the creative writing section (:

    "Know therefore that the LORD your God is God, the faithful God who keeps covenant and steadfast love with those who love him and keep his commandments..." -Deuteronomy 7:9

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    Default Re: World of Maximus

    This is really good and i would like to read part two and yea it does belong in the creative writing section

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