This FAQ is from WI.

We have realized that there are some questions as to how this process works. I'll try to cover the basics. If your question is not listed here, please pm Ashley Preciousfable, so we can answer it and also add it to the list.

If I want a role play, how do I get one?

Please send a PM to Ashley Preciousfable with a paragraph explaining what your idea is. If you want to create a front page for it and plan the territories, leadership positions, you may, but you don't have to do so. Do give us more detail than "I want a role play about animals." Also, no traditional schools, big families, celebrities, camps, or Twilight rps will be accepted.

What happens next?

We'll put you on the waiting list. (It's not an actual list, but a set of files.) Please understand that we have may have dozens of people waiting, so you need to be patient. The average wait time is three months, but it can be longer or shorter of a wait. We will PM you when you can start the rp (see below for more information).

How do I know if my role play has been accepted?

You will receive a PM from Ashley Preciousfable asking if you are still interested in your role play and that your idea has been accepted. Once you reply and confirm that you are interested, we will then wait for you to post the thread. You do not have to post it right away, some choose to write down their first page and information and ask around for tips before opening their thread.

Once it is posted, we will then add "blue ink" (a note from us that it is approved) and your thread will be added to the list of approved threads.

It is important that you do not post your thread until you hear from one of us. The waiting list and an approved thread is not the same thing
Your thread is only approved if you receive a PM from Ashley Preciousfable stating so.

How often do you choose new role plays?

At this point, we add them when we think there is a demand. If other rps have closed, if people have more time (like during school vacations), or if it seems like the section really needs something new.

Why was someone else's role play chosen, especially if I applied first?

We choose role plays based on the creativity of the idea, what we feel the section needs, and the prospective owner's behavior on the site. We don't expect people to be perfect, but if you have a history of breaking rules or being unreliable, we may ask you to wait longer than someone who does not have that history.

Choosing rps is very difficult because there is so much demand. We really do know how much it means to you and how hard it is to wait. We wish we could let everyone start a rp whenever they wanted, but if there are too many rps open at one time, a few rps will do well, but others will not have enough members. We have learned from experience that rps need time to build up a base of regular role players.

Why not just go in order of when the idea was proposed?

Ideally, this seems the fair way to go about it, but, in addition to behavior issues, if the first ten threads on the list were all similar ideas, people would get bored. We try to add a variety. This does not mean that if there already is a hippo rp, we won't allow another one, but it does mean that we probably wouldn't approve three rps about hippos at the same time.

How do I increase my chances of being chosen?

First, choose a topic that you love and will still love a year from now. It may be tempting to base it on a current fad, but if you're not really interested in it, it will not succeed. Second, be creative. If you're choosing a subject that we already have role plays on, find a unique twist and be prepared to tell us why it is worth adding another cat/dragon/wolf/whatever role play.

Second, participate in current role plays, follow the rules, and get along well with other members. Again, you don't need to be perfect, but we will consider whether you contribute to the section in a positive way. Are you organized? We will look at your organization skills, how patient and friendly you are, if you solve problems, if you help other members out, and also if you are following rules on other sections of FRI.