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Title: .:Half and Dark:. ~The Heart Of A Warrior Never Stops Beating~ //Another Announcement! 07/07/2011//

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    Icon11 .:Half and Dark:. ~The Heart Of A Warrior Never Stops Beating~ //Another Announcement! 07/07/2011//

    approved ---ashley preciousfable

    Thanks Ashley!
    The role-play is now closed! Thanks for RPing everyone! Stay tuned for chapter 2!
    Spoiler: show
    Half and Dark
    Spoiler: show

    Banner made by the amazing gigatomboy!
    Want more HalfClan? Visit the social group to continue the adventure! HalfClan - Free Realms Insider Forum
    Please be respectful of my co-owner, Rosierulez, and I.
    Spoiler: show

    Rainears padded through a misty forest. It was dark; she couldn't see very well. Suddenly, a pair of amber eyes glinted through the mist. The young medicine cat yelped, and took a few steps back in fright. The other cat walked forward. Rainears' muscles relaxed.
    “Rainears.” murmured her father.
    “Dad.” she whispered. She nuzzled her father. They stood in silence for a moment, until Barleyfoot spoke again.
    “Rainears, I come bearing a prophecy. And it is not a good one. Terror will reign. HalfClan is in grave danger. 'Trouble brews at the heart of the Clan. One shall turn against the rest. Another will perish. Only one can save HalfClan from destruction.'” he whispered. Rainears gasped.
    “Is that all you can tell me? Who is going to save the Clan? Who's going to die? Dad? DAD?” she called. But her father had faded away, and she was waking up.
    A few moons later, this message was delivered to Scorchstar:
    "The time of the prophecy has arrived. HalfClan is in greater danger than ever. Beware the ones who stain the frost with blood."
    The first part of Barleyfoot's prophecy has been fufilled. Bluefrost and Redblood have betrayed HalfClan to form their own Clan called DarkClan! They worship the Dark Forest, and believe that all of StarClan are liars.
    The second part of the prophecy has also been fufilled. Bluestar has killed her sister, Yellowshine. All that is left is the final showdown: Dark vs Half
    Rainears has told another prophecy, heard only by Fuzzypaw, Daisypaw and Hawkpaw.
    A gret rumbling will shake the earth. Once lost, now found, tragedy will strike. As the frozen leader lay, great changes will arise. Three will become one to defeat the evil that is foretold.

    Description of Role-Play
    HalfClan Motto: Go ferarum!
    HalfClan is a Clan of misfits. Cats aren't pure blooded; many are only half cat. Some have special powers*, while others look special. Cats come from all homes and parents, they come in all colours and sizes, but the one thing that unites them is StarClan. They live in a grassy valley, away from Twolegs and predators. There is a river running by the camp, and preys runs wild everywhere. Cats fish, catch squirrels, race birds to their doom, and some will even eat insects or plants. HalfClan lived in harmony, that is, until Rainears received the prophecy. Now cats are worried. None will leave the camp alone. Kits are watched every day and every night. And the Clan's saviour is still hidden; perhaps he or she is still unborn. All we know is that cats are awaiting him or her with great anticipation.
    DarkClan is a Clan just like HalfClan. Well, not exactly. Bluestar, DarkClan's leader, believes that StarClan are liars, and she teaches the same to her warriors. DarkClan lives in a dense, dark forest with a huge canopy that limits the view of the sky. There is a waterfall and a river in their territory, which is the source of the river in HalfClan. DarkClan prides itself on power and strength. If you're not strong enough to fight and hunt, they don't need another mouth to feed. DarkClan are also nocturnal, and prefer to hunt alone rather than as a patrol.
    *All powers must be approved by me first! No vampires are allowed, and I don't encourage were-beasts. Also, absolutely no un-beatable-ness or total mind-reading (so no Lionblazes or Jayfeathers!). Powers must have limitations! Cats being part other animals do not count as having powers, so it's fine to have a half-fish or part-dog in the Clan, without me approving them. If a character is part-cat, they are still referred to as a tom or she-cat, but the young can be called something different, depending on the parentage. (For example, if they are half-fish, you could call the young kits or fry) VM or PM me when you want to give your character a power. I must approve the power before you can begin RPing it.

    Current Conditions
    Summer/Greenleaf/Burnsky/Golden Rain/Leaves alive
    Current Weather: Sunny and warm, occasional rain. Prey is plentiful, warm spots are everywhere and cats are having trouble finding shade. Plants are in full bloom, the earth is warm and dry and the weather is perfect. However, there is a lot of Twoleg acitivity.
    Common prey: Plenty of mice, squirrels, voles, rabbits, chipmunks, birds, and large animals. Young deer, moose and caribou are also around, and many prey animals have just finished their birthing season.
    Herbs: Lots of plants, flowers and leaves around. Wildflowers, especially ones like daisies, buttercups and marigold, seem to be everywhere.
    Bedding Available: There is plenty of moss, feathers, etc. available for bedding- cats will not go without.
    Full Moon: July 15th 2011
    Half Moon: July 8th 2011
    Season Feast: September 23rd/September 22nd (Hawaii)/March 21st (New Zealand and Australia)
    Warrior's Challenge: July 11th-12th
    Explosion Day: January 1st 2012 (Possibly)
    Scare Night: October 31st 2011
    StarClan Day: Sometime in December. TBA.

    Role-Play News
    .:01/01/2011:. The role-play is OPEN and INKED! You may now post!
    .:02/01/2011:. Changed kit rule from 5 to 7 because of a species me and Rosie made up. Also added a bit of basic stuff to the guide.
    .:03/01/2011:. Added sign-up sheet for Twoleg attack!
    .:04/01/2011:. Added rules to Twoleg Attack! and added more information to the rule concerning species.
    .:05/01/2011:. We have already reached our 1000th post! It belongs to Rosierulez, and contains the following important message: ((Yub blub blub.)) W00t! Party!
    .:09/01/2011:. Added a rule! Please re-read them! TWOLEG ATTACK TODAY! And first in-thread death: Kipple, owned by kiperrr, was struck by deathsticks in the battle. R.I.P. Kipple! May StarClan light your path!
    .:10/01/2011:. Updated creature rule. Please re-read!
    .:13/01/2011:. Eagle-eye, owned by Wabbajack, has been made deputy of HalfClan! W00t! Congratz, Wabba!
    .:19/01/2011:. Added a rule about forms. Also: First-ever Gathering tonight! Hope everyone can make it!
    .:21/01/2011:. ANNOUNCEMENT: ALL CHARACTERS MUST BE APPROVED BEFORE YOU CAN ROLE-PLAY THEM. NO EXCEPTIONS! Cats can ONLY be approved by me, Rain Wolfheart, or Rosierulez, my co-owner.
    .:22/01/2011:. Added a rule. Please re-read!
    .:23/01/2011:. Thread had been reviewed by Ashley Preciousfable, and she has told us to change some rules. PLEASE re-read them, as there are some major changes!
    .:02/02/2011:. Happy Febuary! I'd just like to point out a new guideline: Deer, caribou and moose are rare, and even more difficult to catch. The cats in the series have never even encountered them! So please, refrain from having your cats catch these creatures unless they are a large patrol (5+ cats) with a large amount of luck. One or two cats cannot bring down a moose by themselves, and moose are very rare anyways! ALSO: A friendly reminder that players come from many different time zones and have varied schedules. Not everyone can get on every day right after school, or during dinner time, or on weekends... Then there are time zone differences. Personally, I'm EST, but Rosie is 3 hours behind me! So by the time she gets on (let's say, 3) it's 6 for me. I'm sure other players are from other time zones too! Oh, and I'd like to use this occasion to remind you that you should do everything possible to keep from copying book characters, personalities, places, etc. unless it is basic universe. You had enough creativity to join the RP! Use it to make up your own characters, plots, histories, descriptions, etc. Plus there's always copyright laws...
    .:08/02/2011:. The first Clan casualty had happened. Treeleaf, queen and mother of Whitefoot, Brokenfoot, Nitkit and Witkit, was killed by Redglare while protecting her son Nitkit. Also, as I forgot to mention, Frozenfire and Astrascar have also passed on. All have joined the ranks of StarClan.
    .:10/02/2011:. Redglare's second victim, Ashkit, was killed. Once Scorchstar comes back from the Cave of Souls, Redglare will probably be exiled.
    .:12/02/2011:. Looking for mentors for 4 apprentices! See group... Also, updated the mate-kits rule! Now, she-cats must wait at least 5 days after their previous litter (including adopted kits) leaves the nursery before having a second one. The rule does not apply to toms. AND: Redglare has been exiled. He is not allowed inside of HalfClan's territory, and if any cat does see him, they have orders from Scorchstar to kill him.
    .:13/02/2011:. A minor prophecy has been recieved by Scorchstar: "The time of the prophecy has arrived. HalfClan is in greater danger than ever. Beware the ones who stain the frost with blood." Who could the mysterious newcomer be talking about?
    .:19/02/2011:. Oh no! The revolution has begun! After killing Blueflare, Bluefrost and Redblood have began DarkClan, their own Clan that worships the Dark Forest! Bluefrost has recieved her nine lives and become Bluestar, naming Redblood as her deputy. A loner, Lily, became Lilystem and DarkClan's medicine cat!
    .:23/02/2011:.REMINDER TO EVERYONE: PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE VM ME ALL OFYOUR FORMS! Don't argue with 'But Rosie already accepted it!' I'm the geek who edits the first post and saves all of the forms. Rosie can't do that. So you must, must, MUST VM me every. Single. Form. Unless you're re-making it. The same goes for when your character changes positions/loyalty, gets a mate, has kits, finds their parents/siblings, loses a life, dies... I cannot garantee that I will see your post that says this, so unless you tell me BY VM, I might never know it happened. Rosie is pretty reliable, but there are a lot of times when neither of us is on. Note: if you cannot VM, please have someone VM it for you!
    .:25/02/2011:. Just a heads-up when making your characters: have a look at the list to make sure the name isn't already taken! It's fine if there's, say, one Snowkit in each Clan, but having two warriors/queens/deputies/medicine cat/medicine cat apprentices/leaders/elders with the same name isn't the same case. The same goes for cats and other animals outside the Clans, and StarClan and the Dark Forest. Don't want to go through ALL the characters? Have a look at the member list, which only lists names. If the name you want is already taken (and this is ONLY if it's for a kit or apprentice) you could ask the person who has it if they would like to promote their character so you can make yours. If not, consider altering the name a bit: Make Blueye into Blueyes, Snowkit into Snowykit, etc.
    .:06/03/2011:. Merry March! Actually, it's not so merry. Scorchstar, leader of HalfClan, has just died! He was killed by a dog while protecting his mate, Greywing. The new leader of HalfClan is Eagle-eye, now Eaglestar. Let's hope he can handle it!
    .:09/03/2011:. Updated the leaving FRI rule.
    .:26/03/2011:. Murder has struck once more! While having an arguement, Snowheart killed Moonheart accidentally. Her death is being blamed on a badger attack. Only Snowheart, Berrykit and Rosekit know the truth.
    .:04/04/2011:. Happy April! This month starts off with a new deputy: Eaglestar has named Stormfur, owned by beautimus1 (AKA Lily) deputy of HalfClan. Congrats, Lily!
    .:08/04/2011:. A poll has been posted for a third Clan name and description! Check it out!
    .:10/04/2011:. Bluestar has killed her sister Yellowshine, fufilling the second part of the prophecy!
    .:16/04/2011:. Lily has come up with an amazing idea: auditions for special positions! She's started us off with one for the medicine cat apprentice of DarkClan! Here's the link: Medicine Cat Apprentice Auditions
    .:30/04/2011:. Date for the final battle has been decided, but it is subject to change depending on schedules and availability. No time or location has been decided on. Anyways, if possible it is on May 14th but it is SUBJECT TO CHANGE!! And for anyone wondering, Bluestar will lose all her 9 lives in the battle. She will NOT lose any before the battle.
    .:12/05/2011:. Subject to change is right. Since I'm not available Saturday and I'm totally not ready, Wabbajack can't be on Saturday because it's his birthday and he has stuff to do (Happy Birthday, BTW, Wabby! Here's some virtual cake ^_^) and Rosie's not available next week, the final battle will be pushed back AT LEAST two more weeks. Rest assured, it will happen withing a month or so. In the meantime, here is some consolation cake =D
    .:21/06/2011:. Jolly June, warriors! (Wait- what? Jolly June? =P) This is late, but Starwonder of HalfClan, played by T1gerjr, has died of a heart disease. You deserve that place in StarClan, Starwonder!
    .:03/07/2011:. It's summertime! Along with updating the variables section above, it's also time for the Warrior's Challenge! The date we're aiming for is the 7th to 8th. A sign-up with more details has been posted on the group. ALSO: The final battle could possibly be on the 11th or 12th. It is still subject to change, though! Also, recently, Chimeheart of HalfClan was killed by Ruffy, sent by Lunarune!
    .:07/07/2011:. Rainears has given another prophecy! It was only heard by Daisypaw, Hawkpaw and Fuzzypaw. It goes as such: A great rumbling will shake the earth. Once lost, now found, tragedy will strike. As the frozen leader lay, great changes will arise. Three will become one to defeat the evil that is foretold. What could this prophecy mean? Could it be speaking of DarkClan, or of a greater evil yet to come?
    .:23/07/2011:. I just changed 'Loyalty' to 'Clan' on the form, to make it easier to understand.
    .:06/08/2011:. Happy August! Rosie and I just agreed to let beautimus1 (Lily) and Ella Sparkleflower (Ella) accept forms if we aren't available. They are both active and trustworthy members, and I hope they'll be able to speed up the process!
    .:07/08/2011:. After a discussion, Rosie and I have decided that the maximum amount of characters allowed will be 150.
    .:09/08/2011:. Post #4 now hosts territory descriptions for HalfClan and DarkClan!
    .:10/08/2011:. Post #5 now hosts the adoption post, run by Rosie. Check it out if you're looking for another character (:

    .:All Free Realms Insider, Free Realms, Free Realms Insider Role-Play rules (and the Warrior Code and regulations of the Clans!) apply to the Role-Play, in addition to the ones below. PLEASE re-read the Role-Play rules, which are a sticky in the Role-Play section of the forum:.
    .:NO god-modding or power-playing. This is a biggie:.
    .:ABSOLUTELY NO violence, gore, descriptive births, romance (aside from being mates), swearing, discussing things inappropriate for FRI, FR, and RPers, or being mean to people:.
    .:No more than 7 kits per litter:.
    .:Leaders MUST eventually lose their lives:.
    .:NO killing or seriously injuring a cat without their owner's permission:.
    .:Please VM me all forms, in addition to posting them, so I can add your character to the Clan list:. .:You need to be approved before playing. People allowed to approve forms are: myself, Rosierulez, beautimus1 and Ella Sparkleflower. If your character wants a certain position (Leader, deputy, medicine cat, medicine cat apprentice) you have to wait for me or Rosie to agree:.
    .:No begging for special positions! You may ask politely, but don't expect to get them right away. There might be others who want the same position. Do not automatically put 'Medicine cat' or 'Deputy' or 'Leader' in your form, because there might already be one or someone else already asked:.
    .:The most characters one person can own at any time is 150:.
    .:Cats must know each other for five real-life days before becoming mates, and another five before the kits are born UNLESS the characters are both yours and already know eachother, then you don't have to wait for them to become mates. The kit rule still applies, though. Also, a she-cat (this does not apply to toms) must wait at least 5 days after all of her kits (including adopted ones) have left the nursery before having another litter. If the she-cat is part-fish or bird or other animal that lays eggs, the same rules apply:.
    .:You must wait 5 days after kits are born to become apprentices, then at least another five before becoming warriors:.
    .:If your character is part-other animal, you can role-play the parents, but the parent that is not a cat cannot join the Clan. If you decide to create a non-cat character, you can role-play them, but again, they cannot join the Clan. It is recommended to use cats in this role-play, but not strictly a rule. If your female non-cat is pregnant/lays eggs, she can stay in the nursery with her young until they are of apprentice age, even if she cannot join the Clan. ALSO: There shall be no formal groups of more than three creatures. This means no Clans, colonies, etc.! We may introduce another Clan in the future, but for now there is only HalfClan and DarkClan:.
    .:The role-play is normal level, but I'd really like it if you tried to use proper grammar and spelling, and at least one full line in each post. I guess I have to allow chat speak, but I really don't like it inside of the role-play. I'd really like it if you'd keep it to the Out-Of-Character chat, (OOC) which must be between brackets: ( ), [ ] or { }:.
    .:If you break any rules here, you will be reported. As stated by Ashley Preciousfable 23/01/2011:.
    .:If you have any questions, feel free to VM me or Rosierulez. If you have questions about role-playing in general, have a look at the stickies of this forum. I recommend the 'Role-Play Discussion' thread. If they don't help, you can contact a mod or admin for help. If you need a quick question answered, feel free to ask it on this thread in OOC chat. I'm sure someone, even if me, Rosierulez, a mod or admin isn't on, another player will be able to help. The Insider community is one of the nicest I know:.
    .:Newcomers are very welcome. I expect all members to treat new players nicely and fairly, no matter how much experience they have RPing or their past in the forums. However, if a new player doesn't seem to follow the rules, you can kindly remind them to have a look again, and possibly flag the post for a mod or admin to see if they are breaking a big rule (godmodding, power-playing, being rude...) We (me and Rosierulez) will be monitoring the thread, however, so this will probably not be necessary:.
    .: Please remember to NEVER exclude someone. Everyone has a right to participate in the role-play! :.
    .:If you leave FRI or Half and Dark for any reason, it is recommended that you decide what to do with your characters before you leave. You could give them to someone else, have them die, leave the Clans, stay where they are and fly under the radar or act like they never existed. Please try to arrange who will take care of your character's kits, be ___paw's mentor, etc.:.
    .:It is recommended that after a major ceremony (i.e., apprentice, warrior, deputy, leader, medicine cat apprentice, medicine cat, name change or coming into HalfClan) or big element in your character's life (getting a mate/apprentice/mentor, becoming part of a prophecy, etc.) or if you've left for a long period of time, that you re-write your character's form(s) to better reflect these changes:.
    .:Cats cannot just go, outright and ask 'Want to be mates?' Cats need to get to know eachother, spend time together, become friends before becoming mates :.
    .:Please message me and Rosierulez (preferably by PM, and if not by VM) if you would like to create a major plot twist or message/sign from StarClan/the Dark Forest. This is to prevent plot changes that we don't know about:.
    .:Have fun:.
    .:If you have read these rules, please post 'Terror will reign' in the 'Other' section of your form in bold green:.

    This is just so other players can get to know your cats. Please VM me all forms! Age must be in moons (months) Please consult the positions section of the guide to figure out how old your character should be! Clan represents where they belong, i.e. HalfClan, DarkClan, StarClan (formerly ____), Dark Forest (formerly ____) Loner, Rogue, Kittypet or non-cat (please specify species, and whether they live with Twolegs or alone) StarClan or the Dark Forest means that your cat has died. The best comparison I can make is that StarClan is like heaven, and the Dark Forest is the opposite. Simply list whether they were in HalfClan, DarkClan or whatever after saying that they are a StarClan or Dark Forest cat. Blood Status is whether they are fully cat, or part something else, or totally another animal. Position is whether they are a warrior, queen, elder, etc. (Please see guide below for more information on positions) Your cat cannot be leader, deputy, medicine cat or medicine cat apprentice without my permission or the leader's choice (for deputy) Please list position wanted in this section as well.
    Blood Status:
    Powers (optional):
    History (optional):
    Other Info:
    Have you ever read Warriors by Erin Hunter? (optional):

    Formerly featured in the guide, I think this section is complete enough to be featured as a full section of the first post!! Thanks to everyone who contributed: Rosierulez, Ella Sparkleflower, sparkles, kiperrr, beautimus1... If I forgot your name, don't hesitate to tell me! Also thanks to the Warriors Wiki, Warriors and Seekers Official Messageboards and 'The Noble Guardians of Ga'Hoole', and of course the wonderful authors who created the series these words are taken from.
    These are all cat words unless otherwise noted. Animal tongues featured: cat, bear, wolf, owl, seal, fluffy, rabbit and some horse, dog, crow, snake, mouse and rat words! These are taken from the Warriors and Seekers series by Erin Hunter, the Guardians of Ga'Hoole and Wolves of the Beyond series by Kathryn Lasky, Watership Down (provided by sparkles) and the role-players of HalfClan! That means that these words come from several animal-based series and some are made up or altered.
    Any words between brackets [ ] mean that that part is optional.
    SORRY about the spoilers. I'm having some trouble with them....

    Spoiler: show
    Apprentice - A cat at least six moons old, and training to be a warrior (or a medicine cat)
    Spoiler: show

    Apprentices' Den - The den in camp that is shared between the apprentices of that Clan
    As much use as a dead fox - A (harsh) insult meaning the recipient is useless
    Bees in your brain - An exclamation meaning a confused or a cat not making sense (i.e. You've got bees in your brain!)
    Beetle-brain – Friendly insult; similar to mouse-brain
    Blackpath – Bear word for road (i.e., Thunderpath)
    Blood-beat - A heartbeat detected in a prey item
    Bunnypet – A domesticated rabbit
    Burnsky – Bear word for summer
    Byrrgis - A wolf word for a hunting/searching pack
    Camp - The place where a Clan makes their permanent home.
    Cat-blink - About 1 second
    Cat-eat - About 5 minutes
    Cat-nap - About 1 hour
    Caught-prey – A dead prey animal caught for the purpose of consumption; fresh-kill.
    Cloud-brain - A bear insult, similar to mouse-brain
    Copper-rose rain - An owl word for fall (autumn)
    Crowfood (insult) - A (harsh) insult comparing the recipient to rotting prey animals (as in I'll turn you into crowfood!), or suggesting that they eat them (as in crowfood-eater) Can also be said as crowfeed.
    Crowfood (object) – A dead prey animal that has begun to rot. You could also say crowfeed.
    Crowl - An owl and crow word for an owl-crow cross-breed
    Cutter – A veterinarian
    Deathpellets – Bear word for bullets
    Deathstick rocks - Bullets
    Deathstick – Bear and cat word for gun, taser, etc.
    Deep gray - An owl word for just before dawn
    Deputy - A warrior who is second in command to the leader, helping him or her in their tasks and replacing them after their death or resignment. They organize patrols and make reports to the leader, and are known to be frequently given apprentices.
    Dirtplace – The place near the camp where cats go to do their buisness...
    Doesn't matter a whisker - An exclamation meaning the cat does not care, (i.e. it didn't matter a whisker that she didn't share their beliefs) similar to I don't give a mousetail
    Dried leaf - A peice of paper
    EarthSleep – Bear word for winter
    Efrafrah - Rabbit word that means 'Prince of a Thousand Enemies'
    Elder - Cats who cannot hunt or fight anymore, sometimes due to injury, loss of sight, sickness or are just too old to do their warrior duties. They are treated with great respect in the Clan.
    Elders' Den - The den in camp that is shared between the elders of that Clan
    Elil - Rabbit word for enemies
    Falling leaves - Fluffy word for fall/autumn
    Fao - Bear word for both 'wolf' and 'river'
    Fight like [a/all of] LionClan/TigerClan [cat/'s cats] - An expression stating that a cat fights very well.
    Firebeast – Bear word for car, truck, boat, etc. (i.e., monster, water-monster, tree-eater...)
    Fire in the sky - Bear word for the Northern Lights
    Fishbreath - An insult used against cats that eat/catch fish and/or swim
    Fishface - An insult used against cats that eat/catch fish and/or swim
    Fishfur - An insult used against cats that eat/catch fish and/or swim
    Fishleap – Bear word for spring
    Flatface – Bear word for human
    Flat leaf - A peice of paper
    Flay - Rabbit word that means feed
    Fluff-brain - An insult used to tell someone that they aren't understanding things.
    Fluffy eaters - Fluffy word for a fox or badger
    Foaming-mouth disease - A cat and wolf word for rabies
    Fox-dung - A (harsh) insult. Also used as an exclamation (as in That's fox-dung!)
    Fox-hearted - An insult meaning cruel, cold-hearted, or evil (as in fox-hearted Twolegs).
    Fox-length - About three to four feet (a yard) (0.9144 meters, 1.219 2 meters)
    Fresh-kill pile – The place, usually in the center of the camp, where the warriors drop the prey they caught while hunting, so it is easily accessible to all the cats in the Clan
    Fresh-kill – A recently killed prey animal caught for the purpose of consumption. Fresh-kill is hunted by warriors and apprentices, and placed on the fresh-kill pile or brought to the elders. Elders, kits, and sick cats eat first, then queens, then warriors and apprentices. Extras stay in the fresh-kill pile.
    Frink [off/s me off] - An owl exclamation that is considered rude. Example: Oh, he frinks me off!
    Furball - A friendly or harsh insult for a cat (as in stupid furball, bossy furball or lazy furball)
    Gathering – The monthly meeting of the Clan when the moon is full, to share news with StarClan/the Dark Forest
    Give it a blow - An owl exclamation meaning 'lighten up'
    Golden rain - An owl word for summer
    Goodlight! - An exclamation that is equal to 'goodnight', used by nocturnal animals
    Great StarClan! - An exclamation used to signify extreme surprise or anger. Similar to Oh my God!
    Greenleaf - The season of summer
    Greenleaf Twolegplace – A place frequented by humans during summer, such as a resort or camping spot.
    Half-Moon - About two weeks, half a month
    Halfbridge – A boat dock
    Heartbeat- A split second
    Hedgehogs will fly - An exclamation that shows disbelief that a certain event will likely occur (as in "That will happen when hedgehogs fly"), used in many variations. Like the human phrase "When pigs fly!"
    Hee naow - An owl word meaning "hello"
    Hoole - A wolf word for owl
    Horseplace – A horse ranch or stables.
    Horsypet – A domesticated horse, or a horse/zebra in a zoo
    Hunting Patrol – A group of cats hunting for fresh-kill to bring back for their Clan to eat.
    I don't give a fish tail - A bear excalmation, similar to 'I don't give a mouse tail'
    I don't give a mousetail - An exclamation meaning that the cat does not care. Another variation is I would ____ for a couple of mousetails meaning that they are willing to do the inserted action for no real reward
    Inle - Rabbit word for moon
    Iqniq - A bear word for the Northern Lights/fire
    Issen - An owl word for ice. "Issen blaue" means "blue ice", a special kind
    Ja - An owl word for 'yes!', often used twice in a row (i.e., Ja! Ja!)
    Kakit - Fluffy word for Clan
    Kallik - Bear word for lightning
    Kerplonken - An owl word meaning 'it's over' or 'useless', similar to "kaput"
    Kit - A kitten, a cat younger than six moons
    Kit-hop - How far a kit can hop, about an inch and a half (3.81 centimeters)
    Kitkit - Fluffy word for cat
    Kittypet – A domesticated pet cat.
    Kukla - An owl word meaning "crazy"
    Lan - Bear word for gift
    Leader's Den - The den in camp that belongs to the Clan leader.
    Leader - A cat who controls the entire Clan. Holding the most important rank in the Clan, a leader is granted nine lives by StarClan so they "can be first in every battle and last to take a piece of fresh-kill" basically giving them extra time to serve and lead their Clan.
    Leaf-bare - The season of winter
    Leaf-fall - The season of autumn or fall
    Leaves alive - Fluffy word for summer
    Leaves sprout - Fluffy word for spring
    Loner – A cat that lives by itself and doesn't defend it's territory.
    Longsleep - A bear word for hibernation
    Lusa - A bear word for midnight
    Magen - An owl word for magic [powers]
    Making Dirt - Equal to going to the bathroom for a human
    Malcadh - A wolf word for a wolf pup that was born with a fault (i.e., missing limb, strangely shaped part of the body, very odd markings...)
    Medicine Cat's Den - The den in camp that belongs to the Clan's medicine cat and his or her apprentice. Sometimes referred to as the Medicine Den
    Medicine Cat - A cat who heals injuries, who is skilled with herbs, leaves and natural cures and sometimes receives special signs or prophecies from StarClan.
    Mentor - A warrior who is currently training an apprentice
    Metalstick – Bear word for gun, taser, etc.
    Mini-rat - Fluffy word for mouse
    Moment - A few seconds
    Monster – A vehicle operated by humans. Some examples include cars, trucks, tractors, and ATVs.
    Moon - The time between one full moon and the next, spanning around 29 days
    Moonhigh - when the moon is the highest in the sky; about midnight
    Mouse-brain - A (friendly-harsh) insult. Severity of the insult is almost always decided by tone.
    Mouse-dung - A (somewhat harsh) insult. Also used as an exclamation (as in Mousedung! That can't be right!). Somewhat like "Darn it!"
    Mouse-hearted - An insult that describes one who is cowardly.
    Mouse-length - About two or three inches (5.08 centimeters, 7.62 centimeters)
    Mouse-tail - About an inch (2.54 centimeters)
    Mousypet – A domesticated rodent or one in a zoo, reserve, etc.
    Mud-brain - A seal insult, similar to mouse-brain
    Muzzle-length - A bear measurement, about 1 foot (30.48 centimeters)
    Nachtmagen - An owl word for evil magic [dark powers]
    Nanuk - A bear word for polar bear
    Newleaf - The season of spring
    Nimsy - An owl word for the end of summer
    No-claws – Bear word for human
    No-swims - A seal word for human
    Nofurs – Humans
    No-fluff - Fluffy word for human
    No leaves - Fluffy word for winter
    Nursery - The den in camp that is shared by the queens and kits of that Clan
    Oh my StarClan/OMSC - A cat word, similar to 'Oh my God!' or 'OMG!' Credit to kiperrr for this one.
    Others - An owl word for humans
    Pawprint - About the length of a cat's paw; approximately three and a half inches (8.89 centimeters)
    Pawstep - About the length of a cat's step, roughly six inches (15.24 centimeters)
    Pepperhead - A fuzzy insult meaning that someone is crazy
    Pukak - Bear word for snow
    Puppypet – A domesticated dog, or a wolf/coyote in a zoo
    Quarter-Moon - About a week
    Queen - A she-cat with kits to take care of or who is pregnant with kits, or stays in the nursery helping other queens even though they have no kits.
    Rabbit hop - About a foot and a half away (45.72 centimeters)
    Racdrops - An owl exclamation, equal to 'fox-dung' but referring to a racoon
    Rogue – A generally hostile, or at least not kind, cat who lives outside Clan territory
    Rah - Rabbit word for prince or leader
    Rolling creatures - Fluffy word for car or truck
    Rotfood – Bear word for rotting food (i.e., crowfood)
    Salmon-brain - A brown (grizzly) bear insult, similar to cloud-brain and mouse-brain
    Season - About 3 months. 4 seasons equals a year
    Sharing Tongues – Cats grooming each other while sharing the latest gossip
    She-cat – A female cat
    Sil - Rabbit word that means outside

    Silaluk - Bear word that means storm, also the name of the star-bear for polar bears
    Silflay - Rabbit word meaning 'to feed outside'
    Silverpelt – The large swath of stars in the sky, the Milky Way. These stars are a direct representation of StarClan
    Smooth-pelt – Bear word for human
    Snakebeast – Bear word for train
    Snaketrail/path – Bear word for train tracks
    Snowsky – Bear word for winter
    Soft boulder - A pillow or cushion
    Sorry catches no prey/Sorry fills no bellies - Means cats can be sorry, but that will not undo what happened
    StarClan's kits! – An exclamation of surprise or disbelief
    Sunhigh - The point during the day when the sun is highest in the sky; noon
    Sunrise - One day in cat time (i.e. One sunrise ago)
    Tail-length - About the length of a cat's tail; approximately a foot (30.48 centimeters)
    Taqqiq - Bear word for moon
    Teddypet – A bear in a zoo
    Thunderpath – A road
    Time of Freed Water – Spring
    Time of Frozen Water – Winter
    Toklo - A bear word for two
    Tom/Tomcat – A male cat
    Tree-eater – A bulldozer or tree-cutter
    Tree-length - About the length of a tree; around 40 to 50 feet (12.192 meters, 15.24 meters)
    Turnfeather - An owl word for traitor
    Turnpelt - A wolf word for traitor
    Turnscale - A snake word for traitor
    Twixt time - An owl word for dawn
    Twoleg kit – A human child
    Twoleg – A human. Plural is twolegs, not twolegged, etc...
    Ujurak - Bear word that means rock
    Upwalkers – Humans
    Vole-stalk - About 1 minute
    Warrior - A mature cat who has completed their warrior training. A she-cat is considered a warrior when she is not currently expecting or nursing a tom's kittens.
    Warriors' Den - The den in camp that is shared between the warriors of that Clan
    Water-monsters – Motorboat
    Waterbeast - A bear word for motorboat
    What in StarClan's name? - A exclamation similar to "What on earth?" or "What in the world?"
    Wing flappers - Fluffy word for birds
    Yoicks - An owl exclamation meaning crazy, used in the sense of "Are you yoicks?"
    You fight like a kittypet! - An expression used to insult or tease a cat who fights poorly.
    You hunt like a kittypet! - An expression used to insult or tease a cat who hunts poorly.
    [For the] spirit's sake/[For the] sake of the spirits - A bear exclamation, similar to 'for the love of God'
    [Keep your] brain[s] in your/their tail[s] - An insult that means that the recepient is not intelligent.
    [Only] StarClan knows [what] - Sometimes used to answer a question that is impossible to answer. Similar to "Only God knows what", ""Only God knows", and "God knows."
    [Thank the] spirits! - A bear exclamation, similar to 'thank God!'
    [Word for human] nest – (As in Twoleg nest) A house
    [Word for human]place – (As in Twolegplace) A town, city, or village where humans live
    [Your brain's full of] Cloudfluff - A bear insult, meaning that the recepiant is simple-minded

    Rain's and Rosie's Complete Guide To Warrior Knowledge and Awesomeness
    Spoiler: show

    There are different positions in a Clan. They are as follows:
    Leader - The leader is the cat who leads the Clan. They have received nine lives from StarClan, meaning that they can die nine times before finally leaving for good. The leader chooses the deputy, mentors, chooses all warrior names, and preforms most ceremonies, excluding the leader and medicine cat ones.The leader makes all decisions, and should always know when a medicine cat receives a message from StarClan. Male leaders can have mates, but a she-cat has never had a mate while she is the leader. A leader's name always ends in star.

    Deputy - The deputy is a warrior who is under the leader. When the leader dies, the deputy takes his or her place. The deputy must be chosen before moonhigh of the same day the former deputy dies, retires, leaves the Clan, becomes a Queen, or when the leader dies. This is in case the leader dies before having received their nine lives and appointing a deputy, leaving the Clan without a leader or deputy. Deputies can have mates, but females usually don't because it means they have to leave their post. A deputy cannot become deputy without having mentored at least one apprentice, with the exception of cats in DarkClan, where they will usually choose a sibling or good friend.

    Medicine Cat - A medicine cat is the healer of their Clan. They have been initiated at the Cave of Souls by their mentor. They know how to use healing herbs on other cats, and how to interpret signs from StarClan. At each half moon, the Clan's medicine cat and their apprentice travel to the Cave of Souls to share with StarClan, where they will receive messages or signs. Medicine cats cannot have mates.

    Medicine Cat Apprentice - Basically the apprentice of a medicine cat. They have also been initiated at the Cave of Souls by their mentor. They are learning to use healing herbs and to interpret signs from StarClan. At every half moon, they and their mentor travel to the Cave of Souls to share with StarClan, where they receive messages or signs. An apprentice can receive their full name when their mentor thinks they are done training, but they are still considered an apprentice until their mentor dies, leaves the Clan, retires, or stops being a medicine cat. Medicine cat apprentices cannot have mates.

    Warriors - Warriors are cats who have passed their apprenticeship and know how to fight and hunt. They can have mates, and a female warrior carrying kits or caring for them becomes a queen. Warriors who are training apprentices are known as mentors. The leader always chooses a warrior to be the deputy. Warriors, after receiving their name, must sit a silent vigil the same night.

    Apprentices - Apprentices are basically warriors in training. Their name always ends in paw. They will have a mentor, usually a warrior, but their mentor can also be the deputy or leader. Apprentices are usually the ones in charge of collecting moss for the dens, checking the elders for ticks or bringing food to queens, kits, elders, the medicine cat, the medicine cat apprentice or the leader. Apprentices are always six moons (months) or older. They usually train until they are 12 moons (1 year) old, but they might train shorter or longer, depending on their mentor. Apprentices cannot have mates, only crushes.

    DarkClan Apprentices - DarkClan apprentices are different than normal ones. The training of the apprentices is shared by all the warriors, but each cat (warriors, queens, kits, even the leader!) is also mentored by one Dark Forest cat. Dark Forest cats can have many apprentices. Often, they will train a whole litter of kits, or a pair of friends, or two mates... In addition, DarkClan cats are apprenticed as soon as they're ready.

    Queens - Queens are female warriors who are pregnant with or nursing kits. They usually remain in the nursery from the time they discover they are pregnant to when the kits reach six moons (months), but some she-cats choose to remain in the nursery to help other queens, even if they are not caring for or carrying kits. If a queen dies, her kits are usually passed on to another queen who still has milk. Queens are usually treated with great respect because they have given the Clan more future warriors, allowing the Clan to survive longer.

    Kits - Kit is basically short for kitten. Their names always end in kit. They are always under six moons (months) old. A kit does not have any duties except listen to their mother. Kits often visit the elders to listen to stories, or try to help the medicine cats. Usually, kits play inside the camp, but occasionally a warrior or their mother will take them outside. Kits are treated with great respect because of the service they will bring to their Clan.

    Elders - An elder is a warrior, medicine cat or deputy who can no longer serve their Clan. Usually they retire due to old age, but some might retire because they become blind, or lose a limb, or something similar that prevents them from hunting and fighting. Elders are treated with great respect because of the service they have brought to their Clan.

    Allies - In both Clans, only creatures with cat blood cat join. But, DarkClan allows allies to be considered part of the Clan. These are other animals who would join if they could. They are allowed to live inside DarkClan's territory, and to participate in battles, hunting and border patrols. However, they can never become warriors/apprentices/queens/kits/elders/leader/deputy/medicine cat/medicine cat apprentice.

    Loners - Loners are cats who do not live in a Clan. They are generally kind, or at least not hostile, and will often help cats. They live outside of the Clan's territory. They can have any name.

    Rogues - Rogues are cats who do not live in a Clan. They are generally hostile, or at least not kind, and will often pick fights. They live outside of the Clan's territory. They can have any name.

    Kittypets - A kittypet is a house cat, who lives with Twolegs (humans)

    Other Animals - Other animals cannot join a Clan, but it is not uncommon for a cat to breed with one. Wether they live with Twolegs or not, they are generally ignored by the cats, unless they attack or a cat falls in love with one.

    StarClan, Cave of Souls and the Dark Forest
    StarClan can be compared to what we would call Heaven. (Let's not get into a spiritual debate, shall we? I'm just comparing) It is a paridise for dead souls, where there is always prey, water, shelter and it is always nice. Cats live in harmony. StarClan cats may visit living cats to give them messages or to help them. The opposite of StarClan, the Dark Forest or Place of No Stars, is connected to StarClan. It is basically a murky forest with no real water, no moon, where it is always dark and gloomy. Cats who have murdered or done great evil come here. The Cave of Souls is a cave that is not far outside of HalfClan's territory. When a cat sleeps inside the cave, they can receive messages or signs from StarClan. Medicine cats always travel here on the full moon, and occasionally other times, and leaders come here to receive their nine lives or to seek advice. They will often bring an apprentice or two with them. In DarkClan, cats worship the Dark Forest instead of StarClan. They are mentored nightly by a Dark Forest cat. Every cat of DarkClan has a Dark Forest mentor. Even the warrior, the leader, the medicine cat, the elders...

    All Clan cat names are compound names. Names are names like Graydapple or Daisystem. When a cat is still a kit, their name ends in kit, as in Graykit or Daisykit. When they reach six moons (months) and become an apprentice, their name ends in paw, as in Graypaw or Daisypaw. When they become a warrior or medicine cat, their name can be anything, like Graypool or Daisyheart. If a cat becomes leader, their name ends in star, as in Graystar or Daisystar. A cat can have their name changed at any time, and sometimes elders will have their name changed. For example, White-eye changed her name to One-eye when she became an elder. Do you have no idea for a character name? Just contact Rain Wolfheart (your truly) and ask for help. Please describe the cat, give the gender, species, etc. if possible with your PM/VM/thread post. I have created a name maker, which includes all possible names from the books plus names from the thread that are not cannon but might help inspire you. For more name information, please consult the Warriors Wiki page titled 'Cat Names' which explains more about the different name types. It explains why cats don't use titles (not even mother, brother, sister, father, etc.), pet names (with the exception of mothers calling their kits 'darling' or similar), shortened names (with the exception of Lionblaze calling Jayfeather 'Jay' in Night Whispers and Sweetpaw being called 'Sweet' in Bluestar's Prophecy. It is not reccomended to call a cat by their prefix, but if your character is close with them it can be used once or twice.)

    What is cannon?
    In the Warriors world, things are separated into two groups: cannon and fanon. Fanon is basically anything fans invent about the series, authors, etc. This role-play, for example, is considered fanon because it does not follow the exact world of Warriors and was not made by one of the four Erins. (As you may or may not know, Erin Hunter is the pen name shared by three amazing women: Victoria 'Vicky' Holmes, Cherith Baldry, Kate Cary and Tui Sutherland. The work together to write the Warriors and Seekers series) Another example would be a work of fanfiction, fanart, etc. Cannon is something official, confirmed by the author. For example, things said in the books are cannon. Also things said about the books by the authors would be cannon. There can be some debate about cannon, though, because the Warriors series is known to have typos concerning names, Clans, etc. because of the huge cast. For example, Rowanclaw started out as a she-cat warrior but later became the father of Tawnypelt's kits and deputy of the Clan. Most cannon debates can get heated, so please do not start any. I am simply explaining the difference for new people to the world of Warriors and even fandom.

    This is a description of the territory. Please don't change the position of the stream or anything. I might draw up a map eventually.
    HalfClan: The camp is in the center of HalfClan's territory. The dens run in a half-moon shape around a clearing. The leader's den and the warrior's den are on either end, the warriors being nearest to the entrance. Next to the warrior's den is the apprentice den, followed by the nursery, the medicine den and the elder's den. Each den is basically a bush or tangle of brambles who's holes have been patched up, but the leader's den is a pile of rocks with a small cave inside. The medicine den is a cleft in the rock, where upon squeezing in you would see two nests (for the medicine cat and their apprentice) and several nests for patients. Herbs are stored against the back wall, in holes and cracks. In the center of the camp is the fresh-kill pile. The whole camp is encircled with brambles and ivy. The entrance faces the east. Outside the camp is a thin forest. The trees and tall and straight. There are many clearings and large spaces. To the north-west runs a slow river. It pools into a small lake just inside the territory. To the south-west is the Cave of Souls. HalfClan is situated in a valley, making the two hills natural barriers. On the east hill lives a mad scientist named Dave who makes crazy cats by mixing DNA. Often his creations run away, unless they like being special. The lake is the north edge, and the Cave of Souls is the south edge. To the south-east of the river is a Twoleg bridge where the cats can cross over into more hunting territory. They could also travel around the lake, but the bridge is quicker. There is a training clearing not far outside the camp, slightly to the northwest. It is hidden by brambles and ivy, making it invisible unless you can wriggle through one of the holes. The ground is mossy and soft, and all rocks have been cleared so it's impossible to get hurt. Past the lake, outside the territory, is a road which goes into a small village. To the south lies DarkClan territory. To the north-east are plains and hills and farms. The village is to the east.
    DarkClan: DarkClan cats live in a dense, dark forest with a thick canopy overhead. The camp is only acessible through one entrance of brambles and thorns. Once you reach the camp, it is a huge circular clearing with a boulder in the centre. Fallen trees, bushes, and small underground dens litter the clearing. DarkClan cats usually have their own den, that they might share with their family, friends, mate, kits, or a few other cats. The leader lives alone (unless they want their mate or kits to live with them) in a fox den, acessible through the large boulder. There are three rooms: a storage room for moss and prey, a sleeping room and a visitor's room. A shallow dip in the ground, outside, is the fresh-kill pile. The whole camp is encircled by brambles, thorns and trees. Outside the camp, there is a thick forest. DarkClan owns as much territory as they can, stretching to the river and waterfall on the east side and an old Thunderpath on the west. To the north, they share the border with HalfClan, while to the south a cliff blocks their path. It is impossible to climb. On the other side of the cliff is farmland.

    Basic Role-Play Nettique
    First off: What the heck is nettique? Nettique is just a cool-sounding word for internet ettique. MANNERS! Why is this important? Well, it makes you a better role-player, better member of the forum and overall better person because it means that you are being nice, respectful and helpful. It sounds hard when I say it, but it's really not. Just follow these tips and you'll have the best manners of the thread!
    1. Always be nice to others. This is common knowledge. Don't argue with people. Settle decisions through conversation, and if someone needs to intervene, let them. You should already know this; I'm just jogging your memory.
    2. Always read the rules of a role-play, website, etc before joining it. This gives you no excuses to break the rules, or to let others break them. Let the owner of the thread (In this case, me and/or Rosierulez) know when someone breaks a rule. If someone notifies you that you broke a rule, you should apoligize and make it right.
    3. If you want to join in, go ahead! But if you want to pop in when two players are already doing something... You should always ask if you can join a scene before joining it, especially if the scene is one the two players would rather do alone, i.e. a private conversation, meeting, or gathering, or maybe even a moment they want to spend undisturbed.
    4. Always say 'I have to go' before you sign off. It's common ettique. If your character just dissapears off the face of the earth (or whatever planet the story is taking place on) people WILL get confused. 'Where did Bob go? He was just fighting Lord Voldemort with his lightsaber and now it says he's offline! What do we do now?' You don't want that to happen. This also gives other members a chance to tell you last-minute things or change their plans because you're leaving. If your cat agrees to lead the battle, and then suddenly you dissapear, they're stuck. They can't act like the character isn't there if you don't tell them you're leaving. NOTE: If the owner of a thread suddenly leaves, it's not the same. I often have to edit the front page, and me and Rosierulez are constantly PMing and VMing eachother, and other members. We also have this guide to work on, and an actual life.
    5. Never, ever, hurt a character badly without asking their player.
    6. Try to use proper grammar, spelling and punctuation. This makes your posts clearer to read, and other players more willing to role-play with you. I know personally that I don't like chatting with someone who forgets their grammar, punctuation and spelling. It's one of my biggest pet peeves. And you do not want to tick me off!
    7. Ahh, the golden number seven. This is the final and most important rule: You must, at all time, whatever the conditions, circumstances or problems, HAVE FUN. Players will be subject to chronic depression, crabbiness, talking back, arguing, and possibly death by monkeys if this rule is not enforced.

    How to make a sha-mazing character!
    Ever looked at other people's forms and compared them to your own, thinking that theirs sounds much more complete? Well, I'm here right now to show you how to make the best character you can think of! We're going to follow the form in order. To start off, a name. Hmm... Can you already picture your character? Yes? Good. Now, what color is their pelt? OK, so the color would be a good start. What does that color make you think of? If they're, say, brown, you could go with Bracken. Also think of their eyes. What does their color remind you of? Or maybe, if you already have it planned out, you could take from their personality. If they're easily annoyed and very grumpy, you could use Thorn, or Bramble. If they're very kind and motherly, you could use something soft like Pale or Sweet. Or you could leave the name until the very end. Now comes the easy part of their name: the ending. Think of what position they are. If they're a kit, their name will end in kit. If they're an apprentice, their name will end in paw. If they're a leader, their name will end in star. If they're not one of those three, then you're free to choose. Now, think back to why you chose the beginning. If it was because their fur was that color, you could go with pelt or fur. If it was their eyes, you could use eye or eyes. Or it could be something that sounds nice, like pool or briar. If they are not a Clan cat, need not worry! Their name can be anything from Billy Bob to Tangerine to Snuffaluffagus. There. Your name is dun! Aren't you happy?!
    The next step is the gender. Very easy. Were they born a female (she-cat), male (tom) or IT? Good. On to the next step!
    The blood status is always fun. You can always make them full cat, but why not make them 1/16th badger? Or half dog? This can give your character more personality and make them more unique. Think of what a kit would look like if it's mother was half dove and it's father was half fox?! If you don't want to make a cat, that doesn't mean they HAVE to be pure-blooded. What if they're half fox, half badger? Or half elephant and half mouse? Think of the possibilites!
    Loyalty is basically where they live. Simple. If they're a Clan cat, you would put HalfClan or DarkClan, whichever Clan you want them to be in. If they're a loner/rogue/kittypet, you would put loner/rogue/kittypet. If they're dead, you would put StarClan or the Dark Forest (StarClan is for good cats, the Dark Forest for bad) and formerly HalfClan/DarkClan/loner/rogue/kittypet. Easy-peasy lemon squeasy!
    Position is just as easy. Are they a kitten? Put kit. Are they a warrior? Put warrior. Apprentice? Queen (mother)? Elder? Loner? Rogue? Kittypet? If you want them to be a leader, deputy, medicine cat or medicine cat apprentice, you need to ask unless they are a StarClan or Dark Forest cat. Dun!
    Ahh, descriptions. Possibly the most fun part of making a character: what the heck they look like? It's easy to say 'a white tom with green eyes', but that's just so boring! Is he long or short-haired? How long are his claws? His tail? Does he have one floppy ear? What color is his nose? The insides of his ears? His tongue? His paw pads? Are his eyes big or almond-shaped? Does he have any scars? Markings? If so, where and what do they look like? See how 'a white tom with green eyes' can go to 'a big white tom with black ears and scars along his right cheek. His tail is long and the tip is black. His claws are very sharp. His eyes are bright green and almond-shaped. His nose is black, as are his paw pads.'
    Cheez Whiz adds... Personality, originality, so many ways to make your family smile... Hehe! OK, so maybe coating your cat in Cheez Whiz won't give it a personality (unless you really do! o_O) but you can make one easily. Think of their name. Think really hard now. Is their name tough-sounding? Make them tough, or brave. Or if you'd like to be original, make them meek and shy. If they're an elder, they'll probably be naturally grumpy. If they're deputy, leader, a senior warrior, or a mentor, they will usually be helpful and patient. If they're a kit, they might be easily excited or very playful. It's all up to you! Go wild! This is a good place to add bad habits, skills, faults, qualities, intelligence, etc. Do they tend to keep their ears flat? Are they good a hunting, but fail at battle? Are they nice? Smart?
    Powers are optional. A good character doesn't need one. And powers don't have to be things like controlling the weather or mind-reading. They can be simple things like super-memory or amazing speed. If your character is part-something, a common power is to have them turn fully into that animal. Go wild with these, but they must be accepted before you can use them!
    History. Yes, it's the most boring class. But here, it doesn't have to be! Your cat's history can be thrilling, blood-soaked, tearful, funny, whatever you want! Did their parents die when they were little? Were they raised by a dog? Why did they come to HalfClan? It's all in their history! Here, you can also talk about how they got their powers, or that scar, or where they learned how to do this. Or even describe their whole family tree! Great-uncle Sharpclaw was a badger? Tell us how he met his mate! Were they descended from a great cat dynasty? Or maybe they were a stowaway on a ship from China and have Siamese blood? Or maybe they're IMMORATAL and were the pet of King Arthur, Queen Elizabeth I and a crazy hobo during their lifetime!
    Other. Here is where you would say anything else you didn't mention. Their mate, kits, mentor, apprentice, deputy, etc.
    The last part of the form is just a simple question: Have you read the Warriors series by Erin Hunter? This is the series that HalfClan is based on. We're simply asking because having read the series makes you more knowledgeable in the role-play and hence makes you a better role-player.
    That's all, folks!

    Clan Holidays
    The HalfClan cats love to celebrate! They have several holidays throughout the year: Season Feasts, StarClan Day, Scare-Night and the Warrior Challenge.
    Season Feasts: There is a huge prey-feast and the cats celebrate, tell stories and give thanks to StarClan. In the real world, they occur on March 20th (Vernal Equinox) June 21st (Summer Solstice) September 22rd (Autumnal Equinox) and December 22nd (Winter Solstice)
    StarClan Day: This holiday occurs on the first snowfall of Leafbare. It is a day-long feast, from sunrise to after nightfall. Cats exchange gifts of toys for the kits or younger apprentices. Some cats will fashion crowns, necklaces, bracelets, etc. out of various materials: prey bones, brambles, leaves, flowers. Some will make flower bundles or pouches of sweet-smelling herbs to give to loved ones. Elders and senior warriors tell stories of battles, recount legends or talk about the good old days. Kits and apprentices play games all day. Hung from some trees are bundles of mistletoe, and a couple caught under them must nuzzle eachother.The most important part, however, is that the lost family and friends of the cats descend from StarClan for the day to celebrate with them, as soon as the last star fades from the coming daylight. At nightfall, there is a huge parade from the camp to the Cave of Souls where the living cats escort the spirits back to their home. There is a last good-bye inside the chamber of the cave, and all remain until the last is gone. Then they head back home, and tuck into their nests. Some of the older cats, however, will stay up until midnight and tell stories.
    The Warrior Challenge: This occurs once a year (date is yet to be chosen) It is a competition between warriors and apprentices older than ten moons. It contains nine challenges, judged by the leader, deputy and medicine cat. The winner is the cat with the most points at the end of the challenges. They win first pick at the fresh-kill pile and the warmest spot in the warrior's den (even if they are not a warrior) for a whole moon.
    Scare-Night: This happens on the day we call Halloween. The kits and apprentices make themselves look as scary as possible by different means, and go from den to den and certain spots in the forest to find warriors. If they like their costumes, they will give them a leaf of sweet mint, a herb that only grows at that time that the young cats go crazy for. If they don't like their costume, the young ones are allowed to play a trick on them. Tricks are things like putting thorns in their nest, or smearing berries on their pelt while they're sleeping. Some of the elders also like to tell scary stories in the moonlight. Weaselfire is famous for his nightmare-inducing stories. There is usually a nightfall feast on this day.
    Explosion Day: This is on July 1st and the Fourth of July, when Twolegs in the area set off fireworks and have parties. It's not much of a cat holiday, but the younger cats like to stay up late and watch the pretty fireworks, and the elders like to use this time to tell stories. It occurs twice, because the country where HalfClan is set is not definite, therefor the Twolegs could be celebrating either holiday.

    Fan Section
    (Thanks to Rosierulez for coming up with this idea!)
    Do you love warriors? Written a fanfiction? Drawn a picture of your character? Or something even cooler? Well, just fill out this form and I'll add your art/story/whatever to the list! We could also really use a new banner, so if you can make one that would be so awesome!

    Fanart, fanfiction or other (please specify):
    Link to thread/post that features the media (Link must be from Free Realms Insider, Webkinz Insider, Club Penguin Insider, Build-a-Bearville Insider, Tail Towns Insiders or LEGO Universe Insider, due to FRI rules):

    Fanfiction: Rosierulez wrote the story of Scorchstar, Wolfstar and Greywing! Click here!
    Wabbajack wrote the story of his character, Eagle-eye! Click here!
    Rain Wolfheart wrote a Clan 'Tail', told by her character Weaselfire, found here!
    sparkles wrote the story of her character, Whitefoot, here!
    beautimus1 (Lily) wrote a fabulous Clan Tail, told by her character Goldfeather, found here!
    Fanart: The lovely banner at the top of the page was made by gigatomboy!
    Rosierulez loves drawing fanart! Check out her collection here!
    Other: Need a Warrior Name? Just contact Rain Wolfheart!
    The new HalfClan social group can be found here!

    Happy Role-Playing!

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    Default Re: ~HalfClan~ :Please don't post yet!:

    The RP is now closed. Stay tuned for Chapter 2!
    Spoiler: show
    Character List
    Spoiler: show

    Added: Midnight, Rocky, Pumpkin, Carla, Shadow, Silverleaf, Solee, Foxpup, Scorchpup, Eclipsepaw
    Updated: Killed Mitch, Rosefur, Joyheart, Sparkfur, Cherryheart, Riverwind, Stormfur, Limekit, Elilpaws, Silverye
    TIP: When searching for a specific character, press Ctrl + F and type in their name! Mentions of their name will be highlighted!
    Kits and apprentices may have the same name if necessary. After their name on the character list I have added the initials of their user. Also, a loner and a rogue may have the same name, but not two rogues or two loners.
    I'm currently having problems with the spaces and lines. Sorry!

    Leader: Eaglestar ♂ [Apprentice-Berrypaw] (Ella Sparkleflower) Lives: 7
    Medicine Cat: Rainears ♀ (Rain Wolfheart)
    Medicine Cat Apprentice: Silverpaw/water ♀ (Raëgan3)
    Warriors: Acidfur ♀ (For Adoption)
    Acidrain ♂ (Ella Sparkleflower)
    Aeropaws ♂ (sparkles)
    Astertail ♀ (AnnaCatwhisker)
    Auroralight ♀ [Apprentice-Fuzzypaw] (Rain Wolfheart)
    Banefur ♂ (For Adoption)
    Bellaheart ♀ (Ella Sparkleflower)
    Bellapaws ♀ [Apprentice-Brightpaw] (Ciana Winterblossom)
    Berryfang ♂ (Raegan3)
    Berrytooth ♀ (Ella Sparkleflower)
    Biofur ♂ (sparkles)
    Birchlight ♂ (Rain Wolfheart)
    Blackears ♀ [Apprentice-Moonpaw] (Princess Claire)
    Blackwolf ♂ (Rosierulez)
    Blade ♂ (shadow cat)
    Blasteye ♂ (For Adoption)
    Bloodfur ♂ (For Adoption)
    Bluerain ♀ [Apprentice-Sky] (beautimus1)
    Brambleface ♀ (Rosierulez)
    Brownhorn ♂ (Rosierulez)
    Cheesebrain ♀ (Skylär51)
    Cookiemonster ♂ (Ella Sparkleflower)
    Coraltip ♀ (Raegan3)
    Cougarclaw ♀ (spazking55)
    Crowfrost ♂ (Rosierulez)
    Crystal-light ♀ (sparkles)
    Darkheart ♀ (shadow cat)
    Darkfoot ♂ [Apprentice-Daisypaw] (beautimus1)
    Darknight ♀ (CJisAwesome)
    Darkrider ♂ (Jonny Jonathan)
    Deathpath ♀ (Ella Sparkleflower)
    Duckfoot ♂ (Rain Wolfheart)
    Elhrairaheyes ♂ (sparkles)
    Ericofur ♀ (sparkles)
    Ever ♀ (Rain Wolfheart)
    Failtail ♀ (Ella Sparkleflower)
    Fernfaith ♀ (sparkles)
    Firefeet ♂ (Rain Wolfheart)
    Flowerpelt ♀ (Raegan3)
    Fluff-fur ♂ (For adoption)
    Foxflower ♀ (sparkles)
    Freewing ♀ [Apprentice-Bluepaw] (sparkles)
    Ghostfur ♀ (DBZNarratorFTW)
    Ghostsoul ♂ (shadow cat)
    Goldstream ♀ (For Adoption)
    Greeneyes ♂ (Rosierulez)
    Gryphonclaw ♂ (Rosierulez)
    Halftail ♂ (For Adoption)
    Heavyheart ♂ [Apprentice-Lovepaw] (Rain Wolfheart)
    Hufflepuff ♀ (Rain Wolfheart)
    Leafaura ♀ [Apprentice-Hawkpaw] (beautimus1)
    Lemondrop ♂ (sparkles)
    Leopardscar ♂ (Skylar51)
    Lightfoot ♂ (James Darkshadow)
    Lilypetal ♀ (Rain Wolfheart)
    Lunarheart ♀ (For adoption)
    Lunarsky ♀ (Rosierulez)
    Malfur ♂ (sparkles)
    Manticoreheart ♂ (Rosierulez)
    Mapleclaw ♀ (Jonny Jonathan)
    Mayears ♀ (Ciana Winterblossom)
    Melodyheart ♀ (the THF1)
    Midnight ♀ (Katlyn Oakdream)
    Mochi ♂ (sparkles)
    Moonfur ♀ (For Adoption)
    Moonleaf ♀ [Apprentice-Cloud] (sparkles)
    Moonlight ♂ (Ella Sparkleflower)
    Mudleg ♂ (For Adoption)
    Murkyscruff ♂ (For adoption)
    Mysticgem ♀ (theTFH1)
    Netherthorn ♀ (sparkles)
    Nitheart ♂ (sparkles)
    Noel-light ♀ (Rosierulez)
    Owleye ♂ (Penguin Master)
    Pipeyes ♀ (sparkles)
    Rainbowpelt ♀ (beautimus1)
    Redflare ♀ (For Adoption)
    Rosethorn ♀ [Apprentice-Darkpaw] (Ella Sparkleflower)
    Seaslide ♂ (Ella Sparkleflower)
    Seasonbreeze ♀ (Rain Wolfheart)
    Shadowheart ♂ [Apprentice-Moonpaw] (beautimus1)
    Sharpfang ♀ [Apprentice-Blackpaw (PC)] (Ella Sparkleflower)
    Shine-eyes ♀ (sparkles)
    Shiningblossom ♀ [Apprentice-Lizzypaw] (sparkles)
    Silverbell ♀ (Ella Sparkleflower)
    Silverleaf ♀ (Princess Claire)
    Skyblaze ♂ [Apprentice-Aqua] (Ella Sparkleflower)
    Snowfur ♀ (For adoption)
    Solee ♀ (Katlyn Oakdream)
    Soulheart ♀ [Apprentice-Icepaw] (shadow cat)
    Spearfur ♂ (For Adoption)
    Stella ♀ (Rosierulez)
    Stormclaw ♀ (Annie Hawkclaw)
    Streak ♂ [Apprentice-Silver] (beautimus1)
    Sunblaze ♂ [Apprentice- Blazepaw (b1)] (beautimus1)
    Sunheart ♂ (For adoption)
    Tarface ♂ [Apprentice-Jaypaw] (For Adoption)
    Temperclaw ♂ [Apprentice-Dreampaw] (sparkles)
    Thornheart ♂ (AnnaCatwhisker)
    Unibrowface ♂ [Apprentice-Birdpaw] (Rain Wolfheart)
    Vanillaglaze ♂ (sparkles)
    Wallefoot ♂ (theTFH1)
    White-ears ♀ (Princess Claire)
    Whitecloud ♂ (Princess Claire)
    Wolfmoon ♂ (Rain Wolfheart)
    Wolfsong ♀ [Apprentice-Robinpaw] (Rosierulez)
    Wrathpride ♂ [Apprentice-Sunpaw] (For Adoption)
    Apprentices: Aero ♂ [NEEDS TEMPORARY MENTOR!] (beautimus1)
    Annoyingpaw/head ♀ [NEEDS MENTOR!] (sparkles)
    Aqua ♀ (beautimus1)
    Berrypaw/fur ♀ (sparkles)
    Birdpaw/flight ♀ (beautimus1)
    Blackpaw/mirror (PC) ♂ (Princess Claire)
    Blackpaw/ice (k) ♀ [NEEDS MENTOR!] (kiperrr)
    Blazepaw/pelt (b1) ♂ (beautimus1)
    Bloompaw/fall ♀ [NEEDS MENTOR!] (beautimus1)
    Bluepaw/heart ♀ (sparkles)
    Brightpaw/moon ♀ (shadow cat)
    Cloud ♂ (sparkles)
    Copperpaw/pelt ♀ (Rosierulez)
    Daisypaw/willow ♀ (Rain Wolfheart)
    Darkpaw/wave ♂ (Ella Sparkleflower)
    Dazzlepaw/fur ♀ [NEEDS MENTOR!] (beautimus1)
    Dreampaw/whisper ♀ (Princess Claire)
    Facepaw ♂ [NEEDS MENTOR!] (For adoption)
    Fuzzpaw/fur ♀ [NEEEDS MENTOR!] (sparkles)
    Fuzzypaw/foot ♂ (Rain Wolfheart)
    Graypaw/rain ♂ [NEEDS MENTOR!] (Rain Wolfheart)
    Hawkepaw ♂ [NEEDS MENTOR!] (For Adoption)
    Hawkpaw/swoop ♂ (Rain Wolfheart)
    Icepaw/flower ♀ (Princess Claire)
    Jaypaw/wing ♂ (beautimus1)
    Lavenderpaw/dew ♀ [NEEEDS MENTOR!] (Ella Sparkleflower)
    Lightningpaw/bolt ♀ [NEEDS MENTOR!] (Rosierulez)
    Lightpaw/wave ♀ [NEEDS TEMPORARY MENTOR] (Ella Sparkleflower)
    Lizzypaw ♀ [NEEDS MENTOR!] (For Adoption)
    Lovepaw/tip ♀ (Ella Sparkleflower)
    Marshpaw/swamp ♂ [NEEDS MENTOR!] (sparkles)
    Mistpaw ♀ [NEEDS MENTOR!] (gigatomboy)
    Moonpaw/harp ♀ [NEEDS MENTOR!] (shadow cat)
    Oddpaw/face ♂ [NEEEDS MENTOR!] (Rain Wolfheart)
    Petalpaw/fur ♀ [NEEDS MENTOR!] (beautimus1)
    Pinkpaw/corn ♀ [NEEDS MENTOR!] (Princess Claire)
    Rage/Rageclimb ♂ [NEEDS MENTOR!] (Ella Sparkleflower)
    Ratpaw/tail ♂ [NEEEDS MENTOR!] (Rosierulez)
    Ravenpaw/claws ♂ (shadow cat)
    Ripplepaw/stream ♀ [NEEDS MENTOR!] (Icefang)
    Robinpaw/wing ♂ (Ella Sparkleflower)
    Romeopaw/fur ♀ [NEEDS MENTOR!] (sparkles)
    Rosepaw/nose (R3) ♀ [NEEDS MENTOR!] (Raegan3)
    Rosepaw/stem (b1) ♀ [NEEDS MENTOR!] (beautimus1)
    Rune-lunar ♂ [NEEDS MENTOR!] (T1gerjr)
    Runepaw/shine ♂ [NEEDS MENTOR!] (Ella Sparkleflower)
    Sandpaw ♀ [NEEDS MENTOR] (cotton candy 3000)
    Silver ♀ (shadow cat)
    Sky ♀ (shadow cat)
    Sneezeypaw/heart ♂ [NEEDS MENTOR!] (Princess Claire)
    Snowpaw/charm ♀ [NEEDS MENTOR!] (Celestial97)
    Sparklepaw/fur ♀ [NEEDS MENTOR!] (sparkles)
    Spearpaw ♂ (For Adoption)
    Stars ♀ [NEEDS APPRENTICE!] (sparkles)
    Stormpaw/path ♀ [NEEDS MENTOR!] (theTHF1)
    Sunpaw/light ♀ (Ella Sparkleflower)
    Teslapaw/coil ♂ [NEEDS MENTOR!] (kiperrr)
    Warpaw/scar ♂ [NEEDS MENTOR!] (Rain Wolfheart)
    Windpaw/feather ♀ [NEEDS MENTOR!] (Annie Hawkclaw)
    Wolfpaw ♂ (Rain Wolfheart)
    Queens: Bluefeather ♀ (Rain Wolfheart)
    Boreal ♀ [Great Gray Owl, hatching Heavyheart's kits] (Rain Wolfheart)
    Dawnheart ♀ [Expecting Riverwind's kits] (beautimus1)
    Dewleaf ♀ (beautimus1)
    Frostpetal ♀ [Expecting kits] (Princess Claire)
    Goldfeather ♀ (beautimus1)
    Hawkwhisper ♀ [Expecting Sunblaze's kits] (Rosierulez)
    Hazelnut ♀ (beautimus1)
    Icewing ♀ (Rain Wolfheart)
    Lemonmouth ♀ [Expecting Lemondrop's kits] (sparkles)
    Matflower ♀ (sparkles)
    Mintleaf ♀ (sparkles)
    Mistwing ♀ (beautimus1)
    Moonflower ♀ (Princess Claire)
    Moonsong ♀ [Expecting kits] (For adoption)
    Nightfur ♀ [Expecting Crowfrost's kits] (shadow cat)
    Peppersalt ♀ (sparkles)
    Snowheart ♀ (sparkles)
    Strawberry ♀ (Ella Sparkleflower)
    Sunflower ♀ (beautimus1)
    Wolf ♀ (shadow cat)
    Kits: Acornkit ♀ (sparkles)
    Airkit ♀ (sparkles)
    Ashkit ♂ (shadow cat)
    Bluekit ♀ (beautimus1)
    Brackenkit ♂ (Rosierulez)
    Bubblekit ♀ (sparkles)
    Bubbleskit ♀ (Princess Claire)
    Butterkit ♀ (sparkles)
    Cinderkit ♀ (wolflover)
    Colkit ♀ (sparkles)
    Daedrakit ♂ (Rain Wolfheart)
    Daisykit ♀ (Skylar51)
    Dovekit ♀ (Maggie Flamingfox)
    Faithkit ♀ (Rosierulez)
    Flarekit ♀ (shadow cat)
    Frostkit ♀ (beautimus1)
    Ghostkit ♂ (shadow cat)
    Growthkit ♂ (Jonny Jonathan)
    Hopekit ♀ (beautimus1)
    Hwlynkit ♀ (Rain Wolfheart)
    Inua ♀ (Inua)
    Issenkit ♂ (Rain Wolfheart)
    Jaykit ♂ (Rain Wolfheart)
    Kitkit ♂ (sparkles)
    Leafkit ♀ (sparkles)
    Lightningkit ♀ (shadow cat)
    Michehkit ♀ (sparkles)
    Mick-kit ♂ (sparkles)
    Mintkit ♀ (sparkles)
    Mistykit ♀ (Annie Hawkclaw)
    Moonkit ♀ (shadow cat)
    Mosskit ♀ (sparkles)
    Mystickit ♀ (Rain Wolfheart)
    Nachokit ♀ (sparkles)
    Nightkit (sc) ♂ (shadow cat)
    Nissakit ♀ (Epicc Kat)
    Nyankit ♂ (T1gerjr)
    Oceankit ♀ (Rosierulez)
    Pathkit ♂ (Jonny Jonathan)
    Pepperkit ♀ (shadow cat)
    Popkit ♂ (beautimus1)
    Ragekit ♂ (T1gerjr)
    Ravekit ♀ (Ella Sparkleflower)
    Ravenkit (Ravenkit) ♀ (Rosierulez)
    Rhymekit ♂ (T1gerjr)
    Silverkit ♀ (Princess Claire)
    Snowkit ♀ (sparkles)
    Spark-kit ♂ (beautimus1)
    Spazkit ♂ (spazking55)
    Spiritkit ♀ (beautimus1)
    Splashkit ♂ (Rain Wolfheart)
    Springkit ♀ (beautimus1)
    Starkit (R) ♂ (Rosierulez)
    Starkit (PC) ♀ (Princess Claire)
    Sunkit (Suneyes) ♂ (sparkles)
    Tacokit ♀ (sparkles)
    Tigerkit ♂ (Icefang)
    Tulipkit ♀ (beautimus1)
    Windkit ♀ (Rain Wolfheart)
    Wolfkit ♀ (shadow cat)
    Elders: Blueberry ♂ (Ella Sparkleflower)
    Burntears ♀ (Rain Wolfheart)
    Goldentune ♀ (AnnaCatwhisker)
    Greywing ♀ (Rosierulez)
    Judy ♀ (Ella Sparkleflower)
    Nicecat ♀ (Princess Claire)
    Termeyes ♂ (sparkles)
    Weaselfire ♂ (Rain Wolfheart)

    Leader: Bluestar ♀ (Rain Wolfheart) Lives: 2
    Deputy: Redblood ♂ (Rosierulez)
    Medicine Cat: Lilystem ♀ (beautimus1)
    Medicine Cat Apprentice:
    Warriors: Blazingsphere ♂ (T1gerjr)
    Breezetail ♂ (Skylär51)
    Clonefrost ♂ (Rain Wolfheart)
    Darkfeather ♀ (sparkles)
    Dirt-tail ♀ (For Adoption)
    Fangstrike ♂ (beautimus1)
    Frostclaw ♂ (For Adoption)
    Glazepelt ♀ (For Adoption)
    Grausam ♂ (Rosierulez)
    Leafharp ♀ (sparkles)
    Magicheart ♀ (Rosierulez)
    Moontail ♀ (Rosierulez)
    Mudblood ♂ (Ella Sparkleflower)
    Nightclaw ♂ (beautimus1)
    Nightstreak ♂ (Rain Wolfheart)
    Phoenixsong ♂ (Rain Wolfheart)
    Pinefrost ♂ (Rosierulez)
    Puddy ♀ (pepperkat)
    Rainbowgaze ♂ (Jonny Jonathan)
    Rockleaf ♂ (sparkles)
    Smackface ♀ (Ella Sparkleflower)
    Sootsmear ♀ (Skylar51)
    Souleater ♂ (Ella Sparkleflower)
    Wildfire ♂ (Ella Sparkleflower)
    Wit-tooth ♀ (sparkles)
    Apprentices: Doompaw ♂ (Realms society boss)
    Eclipsepaw ♂ (Princess Claire)
    Firepaw ♂ (Leocuta)
    Flamepaw/fur ♂ (beautimus1)
    Hopepaw ♀ (Maggie Flamingfox)
    Owlpaw/hoot ♂ (Rosierulez)
    Riverpaw/breeze ♂ (sparkles)
    Shadowpaw ♂ (For Adoption)
    Silentpaw/whisper ♀ (Rosierulez)
    Snowpaw ♂ (For Adoption)
    Tailspaw/spin ♂ (deving1)
    Queens: Bluebird ♀ (sparkles)
    Dreamheart ♀ [Expecting Terminator's kits] (Rain Wolfheart)
    Shinefur ♀ (sparkles)
    Kits: Boragekit ♀ (sparkles)
    Buffykit ♀ (sparkles)
    Mossykit ♂ (Rosierulez)
    Nightkit (RW) ♂ (Rain Wolfheart)
    Poppykit ♀ (Rain Wolfheart)
    Rainkit ♀ (beautimus1)
    Wilykit ♀ (beautimus1)
    Elders: Dimwit ♂ (Ella Sparkleflower)
    Fuzzpelt ♂ (Ella Sparkleflower)
    Allies: Deathwhisper ♀ [Snake-Cat Mix] (Rosierulez)
    Doddy-Do "Dobby" ♂ [Frog] (Ella Sparkleflower)
    Fang ♂ [Fluffy] (sparkles)
    Lila ♀ [Cat] (Princess Melanie)
    Malti ♀ [Goldendoodle (Dog)] (Rain Wolfheart)
    Rusty ♂ [Labrador Retriever Mix (Dog)] (Rosierulez)
    Sherley ♀ [Conure (Bird)] (shadow cat)

    Cats and Other Animals Outside the Clans
    Loners: Apple ♂ [Loner] (Princess Claire)
    Boulder ♂ [Loner] (Ella Sparkleflower)
    Brick ♂ [Loner] (Ella Sparkleflower)
    Carly ♀ [Loner] (sparkles)
    Cherry ♀ [Loner] (sparkles)
    Chocolate ♂ [Loner] (sparkles)
    Cinder ♀ [Loner] (Ella Sparkleflower)
    Cocoa ♀ [Loner] (sparkles)
    CoonFur ♂ [Loner] (spazking55)
    Cora ♀ [Loner] (beautimus1)
    Crazykit ♂ [Loner] (kiperrr)
    Darkmist ♀ [Loner] (Misty)
    Dazzle ♀ [Loner] (Rosierulez)
    Fairykit ♀ [Loner] (Skylär51)
    Fallenkit ♂ [Loner] (kiperrr)
    Fern ♀ [Loner] (beautimus1)
    Fin ♂ [Loner] (beautimus1)
    Flame (c) ♀ [Loner] (For adoption)
    Flash ♂ [Loner] (Ella Sparkleflower)
    Freddy ♂ [Loner] (sparkles)
    Freeze ♀ [Loner] (shadow cat)
    Fritz ♂ [Loner] (beautimus1)
    Ginger ♀ [Loner] (Ella Sparkleflower)
    Glacierbreath ♂ [Loner] (Ella Sparkleflower)
    Holly ♀ [Loner] (Rosierulez)
    Jay ♂ [Loner] (Rain Wolfheart)
    Jo ♀ [Loner] (Ella Sparkleflower)
    Knight ♂ [Loner] (shadow cat)
    Krackle ♀ [Loner] (sparkles)
    Lisa ♀ [Loner] (Ella Sparkleflower)
    Luigi ♂ [Loner] (For adoption)
    Luther ♂ [Loner] (sparkles)
    Maisie ♀ [Loner] (Rain Wolfheart)
    Malfuzz ♀ [Loner] (For adoption)
    Marekia ♀ [Loner] (sparkles)
    Mario ♂ [Loner] (beautimus1)
    Mary ♀ [Loner] (Ella Sparkleflower)
    Merkit ♂ [Loner] (Skylär51)
    Merrlynn ♀ [Loner] (sparkles)
    Mintface ♂ [Loner] (sparkles)
    Minty ♀ [Loner] (sparkles)
    Mordin ♂ [Loner] (For Adoption)
    Ocean ♀ [Loner] (shadow cat)
    Paragon ♂ [Loner] (For Adoption)
    Payton ♀ [Loner] (Skylär51)
    Peach ♀ [Loner] (sparkles)
    Phase ♀ [Loner] (Ella Sparkleflower)
    Rain ♀ [Loner] (shadow cat)
    Razzle ♂ [Loner] (Rosierulez)
    Riverkit ♂ [Loner] (sparkles)
    Rocky ♂ [Loner] (sparkles)
    Ronny ♂ [Loner] (Ella Sparkleflower)
    Rust ♂ [Loner] (shadow cat)
    Sam ♀ [Loner] (sparkles)
    Sami ♀ [Loner] (Rain Wolfheart)
    Scarl ♂ [Loner/Rogue] (Rosierulez)
    Shadow ♂ [Loner/Rogeu] (shadow cat)
    Shadowkit ♀ [Loner] (sparkles)
    Shock ♂ [Loner] (Ella Sparkleflower)
    Sierra ♀ [Loner] (Rain Wolfheart)
    Sleekfuzzah ♂ [Loner] (For adoption)
    Smeffer ♀ [Loner] (For adoption)
    Solomina "Sol" ♀ [Loner] (Rain Wolfheart)
    Spencer ♂ [Loner] (sparkles)
    Soulflight ♀ [Loner] (beautimus1)
    Sugar ♀ [Loner] (beautimus1)
    Sunny ♀ [Loner] (shadow cat)
    Thunderkit ♂ [Loner] (sparkles)
    Tukito ♂ [Loner] (Ella Sparkleflower)
    Vanilla ♀ [Loner] (sparkles)
    Whitekit ♂ [Loner] (sparkles)
    Windkit ♀ [Loner] (sparkles)
    Winny Da Pooh ♂ [Loner] (Ella Sparkleflower)
    Yang ♂ [Loner] (Rain Wolfheart)
    Yellowcard ♂ [Loner] (For adoption)
    Yin ♀ [Loner] (Rain Wolfheart)
    Zeke ♂ [Loner] (sparkles)
    Rogues: Adrastea ♀ [Rogue] (XluvCollin)
    Altee ♂ [Rogue] (XluvCollin)
    Belle ♀ [Rogue] (XluvCollin)
    Billy ♂ [Rogue] (sparkles)
    Blood ♂ [Rogue] (sparkles)
    Bozek ♂ [Rogue] (XluvCollin)
    Casper ♂ [Rogue] (Ella Sparkleflower)
    Crystal ♀ [Rogue] (sparkles)
    Diamond ♂ [Rogue] (sparkles)
    Emerald ♂ [Rogue] (sparkles)
    Evil Harry Potter "Evil Harry" ♂ [Rogue] (Princess Claire)
    Fire-eyes ♂ [Rogue] (shadow cat)
    Foxshade ♀ [Rogue] (Rosierulez)
    Howls ♂ [Rogue] (sparkles)
    Launcher ♂ [Rogue] (sparkles)
    Lunarune ♀ [Rogue] (sparkles)
    Maroon ♂ [Rogue] (sparkles)
    Mockingpaw ♂ [Rogue] (sparkles)
    Moon ♀ [Rogue] (sparkles)
    Mr. Roboto ♂ [Rogue] (Jonny Jonathan)
    Night ♀ [Rogue] (sparkles)
    Quarrel ♂ [Rogue] (Ella Sparkleflower)
    Ravenclaw ♀ [Rogue] (For adoption)
    Red ♀ [Rogue] (sparkles)
    Ruby ♀ [Rogue] (sparkles)
    Sapphire ♀ [Rogue] (sparkles)
    Sa ♀ [Rogue] (Rosierulez)
    Scarlett ♀ [Rogue] (Icefang)
    Scarl ♂ [Loner/Rogue] (Rosierulez)
    Shadow ♂ [Loner/Rogue] (shadow cat)
    Sparks ♂ [Rogue] (sparkles)
    Sun ♂ [Rogue] (sparkles)
    Terminator ♂ [Rogue] (Rosierulez)
    TobyKit ♂ [Rogue] (XluvCollin)
    Wadika ♀ [Rogue] (Rosierulez)
    Whitefoot ♂ [Rogue] (sparkles)
    Yoko ♀ [Rogue] (XluvCollin)
    Kittypets: Blair ♀ [Kittypet] (shadow cat)
    Bruiser ♂ [Kittypet] (Rain Wolfheart)
    Carla ♀ [Kittypet] (shadow cat)
    Fidele ♂ [Kittypet] (Rain Wolfheart)
    Gumdrop ♀ [Kittypet] (beautimus1)
    H-77 "Aggie' ♀ [Kittypet] (Rain Wolfheart)
    Lilac ♀ [Kittypet] (sparkles)
    Locker ♂ [Kittypet] (Ella Sparkleflower)
    Marie ♀ [Kittypet] (Ella Sparkleflower)
    Minerva "Minnie" ♀ [Kittypet] (Ella Sparkleflower)
    Muffy ♀ [Kittypet] (Rain Wolfheart)
    Pumpkin ♂ [Kittypet] (Princess Claire)
    Rose ♂ [Kittypet] (sparkles)
    Salvatore Von Scrumptiousness "Salty" [Kittypet] (kiperrr)
    Sir ImmaCookie Von Flufferdoodlykinz De Volamni La Meow "Fluffy" or "Fluffster" ♂ [Kittypet] (Princess Claire)
    Sir Isaac Bunnyworth Campagne the Third "Zac" ♂ [Kittypet] (Rain Wolfheart)
    Tinkles ♂ [Kittypet] (Rosierulez)
    Victor Von Doom "Doomy" ♂ [Kittypet] (For Adoption)
    Other Animals: Annie ♀ [Black Lab (Dog), Loner] (Ciana Winterblossom)
    Bark ♂ [Dog, Rogue] (sparkles)
    Big Al ♂ [Chicken, Chickypet] (Rain Wolfheart)
    Burningfaith ♀ [Miniature Dragon, Loner] (kiperrr)
    Charcoal ♂ [Fluffy, Loner] (sparkles)
    Check ♂ [Deer, Loner] (Ella Sparkleflower)
    Cidonna ♀ [Hawk, Loner] (Mitchell Bravesheild1)
    Cynthia ♀ [Fish, Loner] (Ella Sparkleflower)
    Death ♂ [Dog, Rogue] (shadow cat)
    Delight ♀ [Fox, Loner] (kiperrr)
    Dixie ♀ [Dog, Rogue] (Ella Sparkleflower)
    Doozy ♀ [Dog, Loner] (beautimus1)
    Dreamfire ♂ [Miniature Dragon, Loner] (kiperrr)
    Earthgrabber ♂ [Miniature Dragon, Loner] (kiperrr)
    Ebony ♀ [Fluffy, Loner] (Ella Sparkleflower)
    Elil ♂ [Rabbit, Rogue] (sparkles)
    Evan ♂ [Horse, Loner] (Ella Sparkleflower)
    Evion ♀ [Horse, Loner] (Ella Sparkleflower)
    Exelon ♂ [Fruit Bat, Loner] (Mitchell Bravesheild1)
    Exeltan ♂ [Dragon, Loner] (Realms society boss)
    Faith ♀ [Fox, Loner] (Maggie Flamingfox)
    Faline ♀ [Deer, Loner] (beautimus1)
    Firefox ♂ [Fluffy, Loner] (sparkles)
    Flame (f) ♂ [Fluffy, Loner] (sparkles)
    Foxpup ♂ [Fox, Loner] (Rain Wolfheart)
    Freddie "Fred" ♂ [Labrador Retriver (Dog), Puppypet] (Rain Wolfheart)
    Freight Claw ♀ [Wolf, Rogue] (XluvCollin)
    Freki ♂ [Wolf, Loner] (CJisAwesome)
    Frost ♀ [Miniature Dragon, Loner] (kiperrr)
    Furful ♀ [Fluffy, Loner] (sparkles)
    Glace ♀ [Miniature Dragon, Loner] (Rain Wolfheart)
    Grassen ♂ [Fluffy, Loner] (sparkles)
    Harry ♂ [Rabbit, Loner] (For adoption)
    Hegewing ♂ [Hawk, Loner] (Mitchell Bravesheild1)
    Helen ♀ [Chicken, Chickypet] (Rain Wolfheart)
    Icey ♀ [Fluffy, Loner] (sparkles)
    Ivan ♂ [Porcupine/Hedgehog, Loner] (Ella Sparkleflower)
    Jasmine ♀ [Fish, Loner] (Ella Sparkleflower)
    Kazak "Kaz" ♂ [Dragon, Loner] (beautimus1)
    Koruto ♂ [Horse/Deer, Loner] (Ella Sparkleflower)
    Laika ♀ [Husky (Dog), Puppypet] (Rain Wolfheart)
    Millie ♀ [Chicken, Chickypet] (Rain Wolfheart)
    Lavender ♀ [Fluffy, Loner] (sparkles)
    Lilly ♀ [Chicken, Chickypet] (Rain Wolfheart)
    Loki ♂ [Fluffy, Loner] (theTHF1)
    Lola ♀ [Schnauzer (Dog), Puppypet] (Ella Sparkleflower)
    Lonny ♀ [Deer, Loner] (Ella Sparkleflower)
    Mapple ♀ [Mouse, Loner] (sparkles)
    Marlin ♀ [Cockatoo (Bird), Loner] (sparkles)
    Midder ♂ [Gerbil, Loner] (sparkles)
    Minnie ♀ [Shih Tzu/Chihuahua Mix (Dog), Puppypet] (kiperrr)
    Moony ♂ [Wolf, Loner] (Rain Wolfheart)
    Mysty ♀ [Fluffy, Loner] (sparkles)
    Padfoot ♂ [Mutt, part Grim (Dog), Loner] (Rain Wolfheart)
    Peabody ♂ [Golden Retriever/Labrador Retriever mix (Dog), Loner] (sparkles)
    Petal ♀ [Dragon, Loner] (beautimus1)
    Pipsqueak ♂ [Mouse/Rat, Loner] (sparkles)
    Point ♂ [Sailfish (Fish), Loner] (Ella Sparkleflower)
    Princess Ruby Delilah Sophia Emerald Asiancat the Fifteenth "Ruby" ♀ [Rabbit, Bunnypet] (Ella Sparkleflower)
    Prongs ♂ [Deer, Loner] (Rain Wolfheart)
    Psy ♀ [Fluffy, Loner] (sparkles)
    Puffball ♀ [American Eskimo (Dog), Loner] (sparkles)
    Ranger ♂ [Chameleon, Loner] (Ella Sparkleflower)
    Roger ♂ [Rabbit, Loner] (Maggie Flamingfox)
    Rosalie ♀ [Fluffy, Loner] (Maggie Flamingfox)
    Rosebud ♀ [Fluffy, Loner] (sparkles)
    Ruff ♂ [Dog, Rogue] (sparkles)
    Salsa ♀ [Skunk, Loner] (Ella Sparkleflower)
    Sandy ♀ [Fluffy, Loner] (sparkles)
    Sand ♀ [Miniature Dragon, Loner] (beautimus1)
    Scorchpup ♂ [Fox, Loner] (Rosierulez)
    Selene ♀ [Wolf, Loner] (Rain Wolfheart)
    Shadow ♂ [Miniature Dragon, Loner] (kiperrr)
    Shiningstream ♀ [Dragon, Loner] (kiperrr)
    Silaluk ♀ [Polar bear, Loner] (Rain Wolfheart)
    Slyth ♀ [Cobra (Snake), Rogue] (For Adoption)
    Smudge ♂ [Conure (Bird), Loner] (For Adoption)
    Snivellus ♂ [Bat, Loner] (Rain Wolfheart)
    Snow Lily ♀ [Deer, Loner] (Rain Wolfheart)
    Sorrow ♂ [Fox, Loner] (kiperrr)
    Sparkles ♀ [Fluffy, Loner] (sparkles)
    Spark ♀ [Fluffy, Loner] (sparkles)
    Splash ♀ [Fluffy, Loner] (sparkles)
    Status Quo ♂ [Diricawl (Bird), Loner] (Rain Wolfheart)
    Steam-fire ♂ [Dragon, Loner] (T1gerjr)
    Sterya "Stella" ♀ [Caribou/Deer, Loner] (Ella Sparkleflower)
    Stoner ♂ [Fluffy, Loner] (sparkles)
    Svall ♂ [Polar bear, Loner] (Rain Wolfheart)
    Taco ♂ [Chinchilla/Chihuahua (Chinchilla/Dog), Loner] (kiperrr)
    Tim ♂ [Gerbil, Loner] (sparkles)
    Tinky ♀ [Fluffy, Loner] (sparkles)
    Tod ♂ [Fox, Loner] (beautimus1)
    Trigger ♂ [Siberian Tiger, Rogue] (Mitchell Bravesheild1)
    Tsu ♀ [Fluffy, Loner] (sparkles)
    Wiffy ♂ [Gerbil, Loner] (sparkles)
    Willa ♀ [Red Fox, Rogue] (Ella Sparkleflower)
    Willo ♀ [Dragon, Loner] (Rain Wolfheart)
    Wisty ♀ [Fox, Loner] (beautimus1)
    Wormtail ♂ [Rat, Loner] (Rain Wolfheart)
    Yanyan ♂ [Fluffy, Loner] (sparkles)
    Yinyin ♀ [Fluffy, Loner] (sparkles)
    Yip ♀ [Dog, Rogue] (sparkles)

    Leaders: Cellystar ♀ (sparkles)
    Lionstar ♂ (Ella Sparkleflower)
    Scorchstar ♂ (Rosierulez)
    Deputies: Barleyfoot ♂ (Rain Wolfheart)
    Stormfur ♂ (beautimus1)
    Sunwhisker ♂ (Rosierulez)
    Medicine Cats: Echomist ♀ (Rain Wolfheart)
    Mintfur ♀ (sparkles)
    Yellowshine ♀ (Rosierulez)
    Medicine Cat Apprentices:
    Warriors: Blueflare ♀ (kiperrr)
    Breezepetal ♀ (Rain Wolfheart)
    Bristlelane ♂ (Ella Sparkleflower)
    Callifoot ♀ (theTFH1)
    Darkclaw ♂ (Rosierulez)
    Elilpaws ♂ (sparkles)
    Fernwing ♀ (beautimus1)
    Flowerheart ♀ (shadow cat)
    Gingertail ♀ (beautimus1)
    Joyheart ♀ (Rosierulez)
    Moonheart ♀ (For adoption)
    Murtfur ♂ (sparkles)
    Riverwind ♂ (Rosierulez)
    Rowanfur ♂ (For adoption)
    Sweetblossom ♀ (Rosierulez)
    Apprentices: Blazepaw (s) ♀ (sparkles)
    Queens: Chimeheart ♀ (sparkles)
    Rosefur ♀ (sparkles)
    Sparrowstream ♀ (Skylär51)
    Treeleaf ♀ (sparkles)
    Willow ♀ (Rain Wolfheart)
    Kits: Ashkit ♀ (kiperrr)
    Deadkit ♂ (Rain Wolfheart)
    Freekit ♀ (For adoption)
    Limekit ♂ (Rain Wolfheart)
    Stubkit ♂ (For adoption)
    Elders: Eggshell ♀ (Rain Wolfheart)
    Gooseface ♂ (Rain Wolfheart)
    Rogues: Mitch ♂ (sparkles)
    Ruffy ♂ (sparkles)
    Loners: Blast ♂ (beautimus1)
    Crater ♂ (beautimus1)
    Everburn ♀ (Rosierulez)
    Sorin ♂ (Rain Wolfheart)
    Other Animals: Astrascar ♂ [Miniature Dragon, Loner] (kiperrr)
    Cherry ♀ [Fox, Loner] (Rosierulez)
    Evelen ♀ [Miniature Dragon, Loner] (kiperrr)
    Frozenfire ♂ [Miniature Dragon, Loner] (kiperrr)
    Fuschia ♀ [Fox, Loner] (beautimus1)
    Kipple ♂ [Miniature Dragon, Loner] (kiperrr)
    Shockbolt ♂ [Miniature Dragon, Loner] (kiperrr)
    Tidewater ♀ [Miniature Dragon, Loner] (kiperrr)

    Place of No Stars (Dark Forest)
    Leaders: Wolfstar ♀ [Apprentices-Romeopaw, Fangstrike, Sherley] (Rosierulez)
    Deputies: Darkflight ♀ [Apprentices-Rainkit, Poppykit, Mossykit, Magicheart, Boragekit] (beautimus1)
    Medicine Cats: Embermouth ♀ [Apprentices-Riverpaw, Nightclaw, Silentpaw] (For Adoption)
    Fallendrop ♀ [Apprentices-Lilystem, Frostclaw, Malti] (Rain Wolfheart)
    Medicine Cat Apprentices:
    Warriors: Brightpool ♀ [Apprentices-Grausam, Smackface] (Rosierulez)
    Brokenfoot ♂ [Apprentices-Wit-tooth, Dirt-tail, Shadow] (sparkles)
    Cherryheart ♀ (Rain Wolfheart)
    Murkypaws ♂ [Apprentices-Firepaw, Rusty] (sparkles)
    Nightwing ♂ [Apprentices-Silvereye, Fang] (Rosierulez)
    Robinwing ♂ [Apprentices-Snowpaw] (Rain Wolfheart)
    Silvereye ♀ (shadow cat)
    Sparkfur ♂ (Rain Wolfheart)
    Queens: Larkmelody ♀ [Apprentices-Leafharp, Dreamheart] (Rain Wolfheart)
    Kits: Eaglekit ♂ [Apprentices-Darkfeather, Owlpaw] (Rain Wolfheart)
    Hawk-kit ♂ [Apprentices-Wildfire, Doompaw] (Rain Wolfheart)
    Rogues: Colmillo ♀ [Apprentices-Glazepelt, Shadowpaw] (sparkles)
    Fallingstorm ♂ [Apprentices-Clonefrost, Shinefur] (kiperrr)
    Groove ♀ [Apprentices-Souleater, Bluebird] (shadow cat)
    Mina ♀ (Rain Wolfheart)
    Murkyslink ♂ [Apprentices-Rainbowgaze, Fuzzpelt] (sparkles)
    Redglare ♂ [Apprentices-Hopepaw, Puddy, Flamepaw] (sparkles)
    Soulhunter ♂ [Apprentices-Redblood, Bluestar, Rockleaf, Buffykit] (Rain Wolfheart)
    Tigerfur ♀ [Apprentices-Moontail, Earthgrabber] (For Adoption)
    Toxic ♂ (Ella Sparkleflower)
    Other Animals:

    Rain Wolfheart: Rainears, Barleyfoot, Soulhunter, Icewing, Unibrowface, Bluestar, Heavyheart, Sir Isaac Bunnyworth Camagne the Third, Weaselfire, Duckfoot, Sorin, Selene, Bluefeather, Poppykit, Glace, Wolfpaw, Fuzzypaw, Hawkpaw, Daisypaw, Graypaw, Fallendrop, Deadkit, Sparkfur, Cherryheart, Dreamheart, Freddie "Fred", Laika, Gooseface, Eggshell, Oddpaw, Splashkit, Millie, Lilly, Helen, Big Al, Clonefrost, Birchlight, Jay, Yin, Yang, Hwlynkit, Auroralight, Sierra, Sami, Solomina "Sol", Issenkit, Breezepetal, Fidele, Larkmelody, Robinwing, Hawk-kit, Eaglekit, Jaykit, Windkit, Limekit, Malti, Willow, Ever, Firefeet, Daedrakit, Warpaw, Bruiser, Muffy, Boreal, Padfoot, Hufflepuff, Prongs, Moony, Wormtail, Snivellus, Snow Lily, Echomist, Nightstreak, Nightkit (RW), Mystickit, Status Quo, H-77 "Aggie", Burntears, Willo, Mina, Seasonbreeze, Svall, Silaluk, Phoenixsong, Maisie, Lilypetal, Wolfmoon, Foxpup (88 )
    Rosierulez: Scorchstar, Moontail, Magicheart, Greeneyes, Yellowshine, Redblood, Greywing, Wolfstar, Crowfrost, Sunwhisker, Mossykit, Grausam, Stella, Terminator, Lunarsky, Noel-light, Joyheart, Cherry, Rusty, Hawkwhisper, Darkclaw, Riverwind, Ratpaw, Sweetblossom, Brightpool, Nightwing, Wolfsong, Silentpaw, Owlpaw, Sa, Wadika, Copperpaw, Gryphonclaw, Oceankit, Lightningpaw, Manticoreheart, Brambleface, Deathwhisper, Foxshade, Razzle, Dazzle, Brackenkit, Ravenkit (Ravenkit), Scarl, Pinefrost, Everburn, Holly, Starkit (R), Faithkit, Tinkles, Blackwolf, Brownhorn, Scorchpup (54)
    kiperrr: Kipple, Frost, Fallingstorm, Earthgrabber, Tidewater, Shockbolt, Dreamfire, Astrascar, Evelen, Shadow, Ashkit, Burningfaith, Blueflare, Salvatore Von Scrumptiousness, Sorrow, Blackpaw (k), Delight, Minnie, Fallenkit, Shiningstream, Crazykit, Taco, Teslapaw (23)
    Ella Sparkleflower: Deathpath, Silverbell, Skyblaze, Strawberry, Darkpaw, Lightpaw, Sunpaw, Moonlight, Lovepaw, Evan, Evion, Bristlelane, Koruto, Rosethorn, Blueberry, Runepaw, Willa, Ebony, Princess Ruby Delilah Sophia Emerald Asiancat the Fifteenth, Lionstar, Fuzzpelt, Lavenderpaw, Ravekit, Robinpaw, Quarrel, Souleater, Judy, Minerva "Minnie", Acidrain, Sharpfang, Eaglestar, Glacierbreath, Rage, Ranger, Berryfang, Phase, Boulder, Mary, Jo, Lisa, Brick, Flash, Shock, Smackface, Bellaheart, Marie, Lola, Failtail, Winny Da Pooh, Cynthia, Jasmine, Seaslide, Point, Dixie, Mudblood, Cookiemonster, Ginger, Ronny, Doddy-Do "Dobby", Dimwit, Check, Sterya "Stella", Lonny, Toxic, Casper, Salsa, Ivan, Locker, Cinder (69)
    AnnaCatwhisker: Astertail, Goldentune, Thornheart (3)
    Misty: Darkmist (1)
    CJisAwesome: Darknight, Freki (2)
    Jonny Jonathan: Darkrider, Mapleclaw, Pathkit, Growthkit, Rainbowgaze, Mr. Roboto (6)
    Mitchell Bravesheild1: Hegewing, Trigger, Cidonna, Exelon (4)
    gigatomboy: Mistpaw (1)
    Inua: Inua (1)
    beautimus1: Dawnheart, Dewleaf, Goldfeather, Fernwing, Shadowheart, Stormfur, Darkflight, Mistwing, Lilystem, Streak, Sunflower, Rainkit, Darkfoot, Rainbowpelt, Sand, Birdpaw, Petal, Hazelnut, Flamepaw, Darkfoot, Rosepaw (b1), Tulipkit, Spark-kit, Blazepaw (b1), Nightclaw, Springkit, Bluerain, Leafaura, Crater, Gingertail, Aero, Aqua, Sugar, Jaypaw, Soulflight, Fangstrike, Frostkit, Cora, Bloompaw, Popkit, Dazzlepaw, Petalpaw, Kazak "Kaz", Sunblaze, Tod, Faline, Wisty, Doozy, Mario, Fuschia, Blast, Fritz, Fin, Fuschia, Bluekit, Wilykit, Spiritkit, Hopekit, Gumdrop (59)
    sparkles: Moonleaf, Whitefoot, Chimeheart, Romeopaw, Temperclaw, Termeyes, Shine-eyes, Cellystar, Snowheart, Malfur, Freewing, Treeleaf, Mapple, Pipsqueak, Peppersalt, Nitheart, Wit-tooth, Pipeyes, Blazepaw (s), Redglare, Mochi, Fernfaith, Ruffy, Berrypaw, Leafharp, Darkfeather, Leafkit, Stoner, Grassen, Icey, Psy, Splash, Flame (f), Mysty, Sandy, Charcoal, Tsu, Rosebud, Fang, Furful, Firefox, Tinky, Lavender, Rockleaf, Shinefur, Boragekit, Buffykit, Acornkit, Thunderkit, Riverkit, Windkit, Shadowkit, Sparks, Krackle, Fuzzpaw, Yinyin, Yanyan, Lunarune, Billy, Ericofur, Elilpaws, Elhrairaheyes, Michehkit, Mick-kit, Murkyslink, Murtfur, Murkypaws, Aeropaws, Lemonmouth, Lemondrop, Peabody, Marekia, Bluepaw, Bluebird, Tim, Wiffy, Airkit, Sparkles, Spark, Launcher, Riverpaw, Marshpaw, Netherthorn, Mockingpaw, Colmillo, Mintfur, Mintleaf, Butterkit, Kitkit, Bubblekit, Mintkit, Blood, Mitch, Vanillaglaze, Rosefur, Howls, Lilac, Rose, Mintface, Merrlynn, Minty, Vanilla, Chocolate, Red, Maroon, Ruby, Diamond, Emerald, Sapphire, Cocoa, Stars, Cloud, Cherry, Sparklepaw, Annoyingpaw, Midder, Marlin, Foxflower, Crystal-light, Moon, Crystal, Sun, Biofur, Shiningblossom, Elil, Peach, Puffball, Matflower, Ruff, Yip, Bark, Mosskit, Zeke, Luther, Carly, Sam, Freddy, Spencer, Snowkit, Whitekit, Nachokit, Tacokit, Sunkit (Suneyes), Colkit, Rocky (146)
    spazking55: CoonFur, Cougarclaw, Spazkit (3)
    Ciana Winterblossom: Bellapaws, Mayears, Annie (3)
    XluvCollin: TobyKit, Freight Claw, Belle, Bozek, Yoko, Adrastea, Altee (7)
    James Darkshadow: Lightfoot (1)
    Penguin Master: Owleye (1)
    wolflover: Cinderkit (1)
    theTFH1: Wallefoot, Callifoot, Stormpaw, Loki, Melodyheart, Mysticgem (6)
    Maggie Flamingfox: Faith, Hopepaw, Dovekit, Rosalie, Roger (5)
    Epicc Kat: Nissakit (1)
    Annie Hawkclaw: Stormclaw, Mistykit, Windpaw (3)
    cotton candy 3000: Sandpaw (1)
    shadow cat: Brightpaw, Ghostsoul, Nightfur, Moonpaw, Silvereye, Soulheart, Flarekit, Groove, Sky, Silver, Blade, Wolf, Sherley, Sunny, Rain, Rust, Freeze, Knight, Lightningkit, Ashkit, Blair, Flowerheart, Ocean, Ravenpaw, Death, Darkheart, Nightkit (sc), Ghostkit, Moonkit, Wolfkit, Pepperkit, Carla, Shadow (34)
    Princess Claire: Icepaw, Dreampaw, Moonflower, Starkit (PC), Blackpaw (PC), Sir ImmaCookie Von Flufferdoodlykinz De Volamni La Meow "Fluffy" or "Fluffster", Silverkit, Sneezeypaw, White-ears, Blackears, Evil Harry Potter, Pinkpaw, Bubbleskit, Whitecloud, Apple, Frostpetal, Nicecat, Pumpkin, Silverleaf, Eclipsepaw (20)
    Raëgan3: Silverpaw, Coraltip, Flowerpelt, Rosepaw (R3), Berryfang (5)
    Leocuta: Firepaw (1)
    Realms society boss: Doompaw, Exeltan (2)
    pepperkat: Puddy (1)
    DBZNarratorFTW: Ghostfur (1)
    Celestial97: Snowpaw (1)
    T1gerjr: Rhymekit, Nyankit, Ragekit, Blazingsphere, Rune-lunar, Steam-fire (6)
    Icefang: Ripplepaw, Scarlett, Tigerkit (3)
    deving1: Tailspaw (1)
    Skylär51: Cheesebrain, Payton, Merkit, Fairykit, Breezetail, Sparrowstream, Sootsmear, Leopardscar, Daisykit (9)
    Princess Melanie: Lila (1)
    Katlyn Oakdream: Midnight, Solee (2)

    For Adoption: Embermouth, Wrathpride, Snowpaw, Dirt-tail, Frostclaw, Glazepelt, Mudleg, Acidfur, Tarface, Paragon, Hawkepaw, Mordin, Banefur, Spearpaw, Blasteye, Spearfur, Halftail, Shadowpaw, Smudge, Lizzypaw, Redflare, Tigerfur, Slyth, Victor Von Doom "Doomy", Bloodfur, Moonfur, Stubkit, Tukito, Luigi, Goldstream, Smeffer, Sleekfuzzah, Malfuzz, Moonheart, Sunheart, Lunarheart, Rowanfur, Harry, Facepaw, Yellowcard, Moonsong, Snowfur, Ravenclaw, Murkyscruff, Freekit, Flame (c)

    (The members who have been members longer are listed first, if there is a tie)
    1. sparkles (146)
    2. Rain Wolfheart (88 )
    3. Ella Sparkleflower (69)
    4. beautimus1 (59)
    5. Rosierulez (54)
    6. shadow cat (34)
    7. kiperrr (23)
    8. Princess Claire (20)
    9. Skylar51 (9)
    10. XluvCollin (7)
    11. Jonny Jonathan (6)
    12. theTFH1 (6)
    13. T1gerjr (6)
    14. Maggie Flamingfox (5)
    15. Raegan3 (5)
    16. Mitchell Bravesheild1 (4)
    17. AnnaCatwhisker (3)
    18. spazking55 (3)
    19. Ciana Winterblossom (3)
    20. Annie Hawkclaw (3)
    21. Icefang (3)
    22. CJisAwesome (2)
    23. Realms society boss (2)
    24. Katlyn Oakdream (2)
    25. Misty (1)
    26. gigatomboy (1)
    27. Inua (1)
    28. James Darkshadow (1)
    29. Penguin Master (1)
    30. wolflover (1)
    31. Epicc Kat (1)
    32. cotton candy 3000 (1)
    33. Leocuta (1)
    34. pepperkat (1)
    35. DBZNarratorFTW (1)
    36. Celestial97 (1)
    37. deving1 (1)
    38. Princess Melanie (1)

    Pairings and Families
    For easy reference.
    * means that the relationship is secret and should remain that way
    // indicates a fake relationship
    The father is listed first, then the mother, then the kits in order of creation/birth

    *Duckfoot + Rainears = Daisypaw, Hawkpaw, Fuzzypaw
    *Mitch + Rosefur = Mosskit, Nightkit (sc), Daisykit
    *Nightclaw + Bluefeather = Nightkit (RW), Mystickit, Bluekit, Wilykit
    ? + ? = Acidrain, Sharpfang
    ? + ? = Aero, Aqua
    ? + ? = Blackears, White-ears
    ? + ? = Bloompaw, Popkit
    ? + ? = Bluefeather, Stella
    ? + ? = Bluerain, Leafaura
    ? + ? = Breezetail, Sootsmear, Sparrowstream (adopted)
    ? + ? = Bruiser, Muffy
    ? + ? = Bubbleskit, Ocean
    ? + ? = Carly, Spencer
    ? + ? = Cellystar, Shine-eyes
    ? + ? = Chimeheart, Temperclaw, Romeopaw
    ? + ? = Copperpaw, Silver
    ? + ? = Crazykit, Fallenkit
    ? + ? = Crystal, Moon
    ? + ? = Cynthia, Jasmine
    ? + ? = Darkfeather, Murkyscruff
    ? + ? = Dawnheart, Dewleaf
    ? + ? = Delight, Sorrow
    ? + ? = Dovekit, Nissakit
    ? + ? = Dreamfire, Frozenfire, Petal
    ? + ? = Ericofur, Elilpaws, Elhrairaheyes
    ? + ? = Fernwing, Shadowheart
    ? + ? = Foxflower, Crystal-light
    ? + ? = Foxpup, Scorchpup
    ? + ? = Ginger, Ronny
    ? + ? = Glazepelt, Dirt-tail, Frostclaw
    ? + ? = Goldstream, Wolfsong
    ? + ? = Grassen, Stoner, Icey, Flame (f), Splash, Psy
    ? + ? = Icepaw, Dreampaw
    ? + ? = Malfur, Mochi
    ? + ? = Mysty, Sandy, Tsu
    ? + ? = Noel-light, Joyheart
    ? + ? = Nyankit, Rhymekit
    ? + ? = Payton, Sparrowstream
    ? + ? = Ravekit, Robinpaw
    ? + ? = Razzle, Dazzle
    ? + ? = Silentpaw, Owlpaw
    ? + ? = Silverbell, Deathpath
    ? + ? = Smeffer, Malfuzz
    ? + ? = Snowheart, Blazepaw (s)
    ? + ? = Soulheart, Moonflower
    ? + ? = Sparkles, Spark
    ? + ? = Spearfur, Brambleface
    ? + ? = Sunheart, Moonheart, Lunarheart
    ? + ? = Wildfire, Bristlelane
    ? + ? = Willow, Sorin
    ? + ? = Wrathpride, Mudleg
    ? + ? = Yin, Yang
    ? + ? = Zeke, Luther
    ? + Bluebird = Bluepaw
    ? + Burntears = Eaglestar, Firefeet, Gryphonclaw, Manticoreheart
    ? + Callifoot = Wallefoot
    ? + Cherry = Moonleaf, Suneyes, Stars, Cloud
    ? + Cidonna = Hegewing
    ? + Cinder = Whitekit (adopted)
    ? + Dewleaf = Frostkit, Acornkit
    ? + Fernfaith = Lunarune, Rune-lunar
    ? + Freight Claw = Belle, Bozek, Yoko, Adrastea, Altee, TobyKit (adopted)
    ? + Frostpetal = ?
    ? + Icewing = Birchlight
    ? + Icewing = Heavyheart, Bluestar, Greeneyes, Redblood, Yellowshine, Magicheart, Unibrowface
    ? + Lonny = Check
    ? + Mina = Billy
    ? + Mintfur = Mintleaf, Mintface
    ? + Moonflower = Issenkit, Flarekit, Mick-kit, Michehkit, Starkit (PC)
    ? + Moonsong = ?
    ? + Payton = Fairykit (adopted), Merkit (adopted)
    ? + Solee = Midnight
    ? + Sparrowstream = Fairykit, Merkit
    ? + Sunny = Rain, Rust, Freeze, Knight
    ? + Treeleaf = Pipeyes (adopted)
    Acidrain + Coraltip
    Astrascar + Evelen = Kipple, Tidewater, Shockbolt, Frost, Earthgrabber
    Barleyfoot + Willow = Rainears
    Billy + Lunarune = ?
    Blasteye + ? = Lightningpaw, Hawkepaw
    Blood + Night
    Boulder + Phase = Mary, Jo, Lisa, Brick, Flash, Shock
    Bristlelane + Strawberry = Lightpaw, Darkpaw, Moonlight, Sunpaw, Lovepaw
    Cheese In A Can + Judy
    Clonefrost + Bluestar
    Crater + Gingertail
    Crowfrost + Moontail = Lunarsky, Riverpaw, Deadkit
    Crowfrost + Nightfur = Lightningkit, Ashkit, Brackenkit, Ravenkit
    Darkfoot + Sunflower = Mossykit, Poppykit, Rainkit, Leafaura (adopted), Bluerain (adopted)
    Darkrider + Mistwing = Tulipkit, Spark-kit, Growthkit
    Dave (created) = Sir Isaac Bunnyworth Campagne the Third "Zac", Clonefrost, Mario, Luigi, Peach
    Dreamfire + Frost = Shadow, Glace, Sand
    Eaglestar + Goldfeather = Ashkit, Wolfpaw, Birdpaw, Mockingpaw, Daisypaw (adopted), Hawkpaw(adopted), Fuzzypaw (adopted)
    Ericofur + Snowheart
    Evan + Evion = Koruto
    Fire-eyes + Flowerheart = Nightfur, Blade
    Firefeet + Icewing = Daedrakit, Hwlynkit
    Ghostsoul + Peppersalt = Ghostkit, Pepperkit, Nachokit, Tacokit
    Gooseface + Eggshell = Duckfoot
    Greeneyes + Netherthorn
    Heavyheart + Boreal = ?
    Ivan + Salsa
    Lemondrop + Lemonmouth = Aeropaws, Freekit, Airkit, Limekit, Silverkit, Oceankit
    Locker + Cinder
    Malfur + Freewing
    Malfur + Treeleaf = Whitefoot, Brokenfoot, Nitheart, Wit-tooth, Cinder
    Maroon + Red = Ruby, Diamond, Emerald, Sapphire
    Midder + Matflower
    Mintface + Merrlynn = Minty, Vanilla, Chocolate, Cocoa
    Murkyslink + Groove = Wolf, Colmillo
    Nightwing + Brightpool = Crowfrost, Ravenkit
    Pipsqueak + Mapple
    Pumpkin + Carla
    Redblood + Moontail
    Riverwind + Dawnheart = Spiritkit, Hopekit, Starkit (R), Faithkit
    Robinwing + Larkmelody = Hawk-kit, Eaglekit, Jaykit, Windkit
    Rockleaf + Shinefur = Boragekit, Buffykit
    Rusty + Malti = Foxpup (adopted), Scorchpup (adopted)
    Scorchstar + Greywing = Hawkwhisper, Darkclaw, Riverwind
    Scorchstar + Wolfstar
    Shadow + Burningfaith = Kazak "Kaz", Shiningstream, Steam-fire
    Shadowheart + Chimeheart = Rosepaw (b1), Graypaw, Berrypaw, Marshpaw, Blackpaw (k), Stormpaw, Runepaw
    Skyblaze + Silverbell = Blazepaw (b1), Ratpaw, Oddpaw, Fuzzpaw, Lavenderpaw
    Sleekfuzzah + Smeffer
    Sorin + Selene = Sierra, Sami, Solomina "Sol"
    Sparkfur + Cherryheart
    Sparks + Krackle = Thunderkit, Riverkit, Windkit, Shadowkit
    Stormfur + Deathpath = ?
    Streak + Stella
    Sunblaze + Hawkwhisper = ?
    Suneyes + Wolf = Moonkit, Wolfkit, Sunkit, Colkit
    Sunwhisker + Cherry = Scorchstar
    Svall + ? = Silaluk
    Terminator + Dreamheart = Nightkit (adopted), Wilykit (adopted)
    Toxic + Everburn = Casper, Holly
    Unibrowface + Hazelnut = Springkit, Splashkit
    Vanillaglaze + Mintleaf = Butterkit, Kitkit, Bubblekit, Mintkit
    Whitecloud + ? = Bubbleskit (adopted)
    Whitefoot + Cellystar = Redglare, Fernfaith
    Whitefoot + Snowheart = Peppersalt, Snowkit, Whitekit, Daisykit (adopted), Nightkit (sc) (adopted), Mosskit (adopted)
    Yanyan + Yinyin
    Yellowcard + Blair
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    Default Re: ~HalfClan~ :Please don't post yet!:

    Terror will reign
    Name: Darknight
    Gender: she-cat

    Blood Status: Full cat
    Loyalty: Dark Forest
    Position: Warrior
    Description: Right here
    Personality: Fierce, mysterious, can be kind, loves a good fight
    Powers: lemme get to you on that
    Other Info: n/a
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    Default Re: ~HalfClan~ :Please don't post yet!:

    (Original post: Thanks CJ, but please wait for the RP to be inked. :/)

    The RP is now closed. Stay tuned for Chapter 2!
    Spoiler: show
    Territory Descriptions
    Spoiler: show

    The universe of Half and Dark has no definate country. While the weather and prey is similar to Canada/Northern USA, it could be virtually anywhere in the world. In my mind, it's right on the 49th paralell, which is the line that divides Canada and the USA, but if you want it to be in Europe, for example, go ahead and imagine it there. Half and Dark is more on it's own kind of planet- it is everywhere, and it is nowhere.

    HalfClan – HalfClan's terrain is fairly hilly, with lots of straight, tall birch trees. There are also several big oaks, willows and some pines near the DarkClan border. The camp is situated about in the middle of it all. It is a sandy hollow, that was probably originally a sand pit, but was filled in. The entrance faces south-west. The dens are arranged on the left side of the camp: the apprentices' den is nearest to the entrance. It is a small weeping willow tree. Branches and grass stems are woven into the tree to make the walls more solid. Next to the apprentices' den is the nursery. It is sort of like a wigwam- a large dome. It's frame is made of branches, bent into a sort of igloo shape. Then, birch branches with the leaves still on them are woven in to create the walls, and huge pine boughs cover the whole thing .It is under a large birch tree outside the camp, which hangs slightly over the gorse barrier and gives plenty of shade. Next to the nursery is the warriors' den. It is similar to the apprentices' den, but it is much larger and better kept. The deputy and senior warriors sleep near the middle of the small tree, while the newer warriors sometimes have to sleep outside during the summer. In the winter months, they sometimes spend the night in the apprentices' den or the visitors den, if there isn't enough room. The next den seems to be the elder's den, but in fact it is the medicine den. A cleft in the hollow's wall, inside it is a rocky cavern. An amazing phenomenon has happened in here: a small willow tree is growing from the center of the main cavern, it's branches cascading out. Rainears likes to keep nests around the roots of this tree, but she also has some near the walls for the sicker cats or those who want to be alone. Two other caves branch off- the medicine cat and their apprentice's den, and the herb store. Inside the herb store are many holes in the wall, created by the first HalfClan medicine cat in fact. Herbs can easilybe stored in the holes, and they are sorted by type: leaf, root, bark, berry, petal, stem. Next to the medicine den is the dirtplace tunnel, which is a small mossy clearing. Next to the dirtplace is the elder's den. It looks like simply a small shrub, but in reality there are several shrubs and a small, sunny clearing leading off from it where the elders like to sun themselves. The leader's den is a tall rock. Lichen hangs from the top of it, making like a curtain into the cave where they live. A rocky path up the boulder leads to a ledge- the Highrock. A little ways from the leader's den, almost parallel with the warriors' den, is the visitors den. It is a dome, like the nursery, but it has a wide entrance and is much smaller. Not only does it hold visitors, but it works great when cats must be confined to their own den, when there is not enough room in the warriors' den during the winter and to keep prisonners. In the centre of the camp is the fresh-kill pile. In the winter months, a pit is dug near the leader's den, and prey is stored there. Back out the entrance, a short path leads you to the training hollow. It is a moss-filled hollow, bordered by trees which are so tightly woven together that they make sort of a dome, which almost never lets snow in during the winter. All rocks and other sharp things have been removed, so it is safe to train in. The path then leads to a hill, bare of trees and filled with marigold flowers. Further on, to the north-east of camp, is the river. It flows diagonally across the eastern side of the territory, ending in a small lake at the north. A set of stepping-stones exists near the centre of the river, but there is also a Twoleg bridge further south. There is a small, grassy tongue of land, abundant with prey on the other side of the river. The Star Hill is the hill that borders HalfClan territory. It is bare of trees and so high you cansee all of HalfClan from it. On the other side of the hill is farmland. If you head to the western border, there is another hill, but this one is inhabited by Dave, the mad scientist. A fence encloses his property. A small village is on the other side of the hill, but that is past HalfClan territory. The northern border is a Thunderpath, leading into the village. On the other side is farmland. The southern border is shared by DarkClan. There is a small clearing here, surrounded by oak trees, near the centre of the border. There is also one more north, which is right on the border. Just a little more north, right next to the river, the ground dips and leads into a cavern that goes right under the river. It is the Cave of Souls, a circular cave with ancient paintings on the walls.

    DarkClan – DarkClan territory boasts much marshland, and the majority of the trees are pines, although you will find the occasional birch near the HalfClan border. There are also many willows, cedars and cypress, with the odd maple. Trees are big, but spaced far apart. Think of Blackspore. The camp is more to the west of the territory. It is simply a dry, more sandy clearing. Most cats dig burrows to live in, others use fallen logs or bushes. Each cat has the own den, sometimes shared by siblings, mates, kits, etc. There is a huge boulder in the centre,which has a small crack in it. The leader lives inside the boulder, which is surprisingly roomy. They use this boulder as their Highrock. The fresh-kill pile is right outside the leader's den. The medicine cat lives in the roots of a pine that anchored itself there. There are two chambers: one for sick or injured cats, and the other for the medicine cat and their herbs. Their apprentice usually sleeps in another part of the tree. The southern most part of the camp has the prisonner's den, which is basically a deep pit covered by pine boughs. The ground dips, so there is a slow incline out. It is guarded 24-7 if there is a prisonner. It is very dull and there is no moss for a den. In fact, none of the DarkClan cats have moss- they sleep on a type of waxy leaf that is not very comfortable. Allies and the odd Clan cat sleep outside of camp, wherever they'd like in the territory. There is a waterfall in the north-east corner of the territory, which begins the river that flows into HalfClan territory. It has several caves along it's side, and the Clan shelters here when it rains too much and their camp becomes too wet. There is a patch of flowers, the only one in the territory, midway between the river and the camp. It had many sorts of wildflowers: daisies, buttercups, marigold, lavender, and wild roses on the outer edge of it. There is also a clearing near the northern edge of the HalfClan border, and DarkClan is allowed to cross the border to get to the Cave of Souls. Their northern border is just on the other side of the river, while their southern is the village and the eastern border is a cliff which falls into a valley where a nearby farmer keeps his sheep- the Clan can sometimes catch one if it finds it's way into their territory.
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    Default Re: ~HalfClan~ :Please don't post yet!:

    ((Sry got too excited I like the warrior book hehe))
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    Default .:The Adoption Post:.

    ((Original post: ))
    ((Remember to talk like this when OOC. ))
    .:The Adoption Post:.
    Looking for a new character? Well this is the post for you! Here we have a list of all the characters who have been given up for adoption! They need a good home, so please don't hesitate to adopt one!

    But, before you can adopt, we have some rules:

    ~Please follow the character's bio. as best as you can! For example, let's say you adopt Eaglestar, and he is fiercly loyal to his clan. DO NOT all of a sudden make him go around killing cats!
    ~Notify me, Rosierulez, or Rain Wolfheart if you want to adopt or put up for adoption through VM or PM. If you cannot VM or PM, have somebody else send the notification for you.
    ~Please only adopt if you're going to use the character! It's no fun to rot away in a character list, and it would defeat the purpose!
    ~You CAN NOT post saying: "I take all of them!" or anything similar.
    ~You may only adopt up to 3 characters a day.
    ~You may change the character a little bit, but no huge changes unless stated otherwise.
    ~If you give a character up for adoption, you only have up to a week to take them back.
    ~EDIT: 8/11/11: You MUST have at LEAST ONE character before you may adopt.
    ~If you have read these rules and promise to follow them, please post 'TWR' in the 'Other info.' section of any form.

    .:Adoption Form:.
    To adopt a character, please fill out this form and send it to me, Rosierulez, via VM

    Character you wish to adopt:
    Why do you wish to adopt this character?:
    Do you want to change this character in any way?:
    Other info.:

    .: Putting up for Adoption Form:.
    If you want to put a character or queen's kits spots up for adoption, please fill out the form below:

    Character info.:
    Why you are putting the character up for adoption:
    Do you want the adoption of your character to be approved by you first?:
    Do you wish to be notified when your character has been adopted?:
    Other info.:

    .:Characters for Adoption:.

    Goldstream ~ Goldstream is a 14 moon old she-cat living in HalfClan with light brown fur that shines gold in the sunlight. She has golden 'splatter socks' and swirls on her cheeks.She has amber eyes and her fluffy tail has a golden tip. Her nose is darker brown and so are the insides of her ears and her paw pads. She is 20% wolf and 80% cat, and can turn into a wolf. She has no known history or personality, but her personality is hinted to be fun and energetic, but can be lazy. Her only known family is her sister, Wolfsong, owned by Rosierulez. The adoption of Goldstream requires you keep her exactly the same except for a history change or parents, and the previous owner must approve of her adoption before adopting. Her previous owner, Rosierulez, has decided she is an un-needed character, so she has been given up for adoption.

    Murkyscruff - Murkyscruff is a male warrior of HalfClan who is at least 12 moons old. He has murky brown fur. He has gleaming red eyes. He is fully cat, and has no known powers. He has no known personality or history. His sister is Darkfeather, owned by sparkles. His previous owner, sparkles, has specified no requirements for Murkyscruff's adoption.

    Freekit - Freekit is a female kit from StarClan who was newborn on July 17th 2011. She has short white fur, and is deaf. She has blue eyes. She is fully cat, and has no known powers. She has no known personality or history. Her parents are Lemonmouth and Lemondrop, both owned by sparkles, and her siblings are Aeropaws, owned by sparkles, Airkit, owned by sparkles, Limekit, owned by Rain Wolfheart, Silverkit, owned by Princess Claire, and Oceankit, owned by Rosierulez. Her previous owner, sparkles, has specified no requirements for Freekit's adoption.

    Flame (c) - Flame is a female loner who was 10 moons old on July 19th 2011. She is a Russian Blue cat, with a few burns on her skin. She has light blue eyes. She is fully cat, and is able to transform into other cats and animals. She has no known personality. Her known history is that she was trapped in a burning building. She escaped with burn marks. She has been living in the forest since she was 8 moons old. She was previously owned by shadow cat, followed by sparkles. Her last owner, sparkles, has specified no requirements for Flame (c)'s adoption.

    Yellowcard - Yellowcard is a male loner who was 17 moons old on August 7th 2011. He has no known description. He is fully cat, and he has no known powers. He has no known personality or history. His mate is Blair, owned by shadow cat. His previous owner, shadow cat, has specified no requirements for Yellowcard's adoption.

    Snowfur - Snowfur is a femlae warrior of HalfClan who was 14 moons old on August 10th 2011. She has no known description. She is fully cat, and is able to freeze things momentarily. She has no known personality, history or family. Her previous owner, shadow cat, has specified no requirements for Snowfur's adoption.

    Ravenclaw - Ravenclaw is a female rogue who was 14 moons old on August 4th 2011. She has no know description. She is fully cat, and is able to teleport short distances, but it drains her energy. She has no known personality. Her known history is that she was exiled from HalfClan. She has no known family. Her previous owner, shadow cat, has specified no requirements for Ravenclaw's adoption.

    Moonsong - Moonsong is a female queen of HalfClan who was 13 moons old on July 17th 2011. She is a short-haired sandy she-cat, with black paws and tail tip, and a tuft of fur covering her right eye. She has brown eyes. She is half wolf, and is able to control the wind. She has no known personality. Her known history is that her mate was killed by a bear. She is expecting an unknown tom's kits. Her previous owner, shadow cat, has specified no requirements for Moonsong's adoption.

    Smeffer - Smeffer is a female loner, who is at least 2 moons old, but probably older. She has sleek, shiny gray fur. She has glimmering blue eyes. She is fully cat, and is able to do some minor mind reading and can see the future when danger is near. Her personality has been described as kind and helpful. Her known history is that she's lived alone on a peice of land for many moons. Her sister is Malfuzz, who is also up for adoption, and her mate is Sleekfuzzah, who is also up for adoption. Her previous owner, sparkles, has specified no requirements for Smeffer's adoption.

    Sleekfuzzah - Sleekfuzzah is a male loner, who's age is unknown. He has fuzzy brown fur. He has green eyes. He is fully cat, and has no known powers. His personality has been described as annyoing and bossy. He has no known history. His mate is Smeffer, who is also up for adoption. His previous owner, sparkles, has specified no requirements for Sleekfuzzah's adoption.

    Fluff-fur - Fluff-fur is a male warrior of HalfClan, who's age is unknown. He has no known description, blood status, powers, personality, history or family. His previous owner, sparkles, has specified no requirements for Fluff-fur's adoption.

    Malfuzz - Malfuzz is a female loner, who's age is unknown. She has fuzzy brown fur. She has amber eyes. She is fully cat, and has no known powers, Her personality has been described as kind. She has no known history. Her sister is Smeffer, who is also up for adoption. Her previous owner, sparkles, has specified no requirements for Malfuzz's adoption.

    Moonheart - Moonheart is a female warrior of StarClan, who was 12 moons old on February 21st 2011. She has shiny gray fur. She has blue eyes. She is fully cat, and has no known powers. Her personality has been described as kind, loving and never the type to suspect that someone is bad. Her known history is that she was killed by Snowheart. Her brother is Sunheart, who is also up for adoption, and her sister is Lunarheart, who is also up for adoption. Her previous owner, sparkles, has specified no requirements for Moonheart's adoption.

    Sunheart - Sunheart is a male warrior of HalfClan, who was 12 moons old on February 26th 2011. He has ragged yellow fur. He has amber eyes. He is fully cat, and has no known powers. His personality has been described as kind. He has no known history. His sisters are Moonheart and Lunarheart, both also up for adoption. His previous owner, sparkles, has specified no requirements for Sunheart's adoption.

    Lunarheart - Lunarheart is a female warrior of HalfClan, who was 12 moons old on February 26th 2011. She has shaggy gray fur. She has blue eyes. She is fully cat, and has no known powers. Her personality has been described as kind. She has no known history. Her sister is Moonheart, who is also up for adoption, and her brother is Sunheart, who is also up for adoption. Her previous owner, sparkles, has specified no requirements for Lunarheart's adoption.

    Rowanfur - Rowanfur is a male warrior of StarClan, who was 12 moons old on August 1st 2011. He has no known description. He is fully cat, and has no known powers. His personality has been described as shy. He has no known history or family. He has a crush on Crystal-light, owned by Sparkles. His previous owner, sparkles, has specified no requirements for Rowanfur's adoption.

    Harry - Harry is a male rabbit loner, who was 12 moons old on March 26th 2011. He is a very fluffy white rabbit that is so poofy he just looks like a huge ball of fluff with a muzzle. He is blind, since his fur covers his eyes, however if you could see him his eyes are black. He is fully rabbit, and is able to poof himself up to 'maximum fluffyness!' He is clumsy, air-headed and prone to gape and say 'Whaaaa-?' He dislikes getting stuff caught in his fur, which happens frequently. His known history is that he used to be a bunnypet, who's owner let his fur grow so much he got so fluffy. He eventually ran away. He has no known family. His previous owner, Rain Wolfheart, requires her agreement before you adopt Harry, and you may not change his description or personality.

    Facepaw - Facepaw is a male apprentice of HalfClan, who was 9 moons old on July 31st 2011. He is dark brown, almost black, with bare paws and opposable thumbs. He is half cat, half chimpanzee, and has no known powers. He has no known personality, history or family. His warrior name has been requested to be Facepalm, Facepaws or Facebook. His previous owner, Rain Wolfheart, requires her agreement before you adopt Facepaw.

    Shadowpaw - Shadowpaw is a male apprentice of DarkClan. He is at least 6 moons old. He has no known description, blood status, powers, personality, history or family. His mentor is Colmillo, owned by sparkles. His previous owner, shadow cat, has specified no requirements for Shadowpaw's adoption.

    Smudge - Smudge is a male conure (type of bird) loner who was 14 moons old on August 3rd 2011. He has no known description. He is a full conure. He has no known powers or personality. His known history is that he has known Sherley since he was 1 moon old. They have been best friends since. When Sherley ran away, he broke out of his home to search for her. He has no known family. His previous owner, shadow cat, has specified no requirements for Smudge's adoption.

    Lizzypaw - Lizzypaw is a female apprentice of HalfClan who was 10 moons old on August 5th 2011. She is a black she-cat with a white stomach, paws and tail tip. She has hazel eyes. She is fully cat and she can travel to StarClan in her sleep. She has no known personality, history or family. Her mentor is Shiningblossom, owned by sparkles. Her previous owner, shadow cat, has specified no requirements for Lizzypaw's adoption.

    Redflare - Redflare is a female warrior of HalfClan who was 15 moons old on August 6th 2011. She has no known description. She is fully cat. She has no known powers, personality, history or family. Her previous owner, shadow cat, has specified no requirements for Redflare's adoption.

    Tigerfur - Tigerfur is a female rogue from the Place of No Stars who's age is unknown. She has no known description, blood status, powers, personality, history or family. Her apprentices are Moontail, owned by Rosierulez, and Earthgrabber, owned by kiperrr. Her previous owner, shadow cat, has specified no requirements for Tigerfur's adoption.

    Slyth - Slyth is a female cobra (type of snake) rogue who's age is unknown. She is greyish green with white stripes and lots of scars. She has beady black eyes. She is a full cobra and can grow to twice her size when she's angry. Her pesonality is described as nippy, she keeps nipping at cat's paws to annoy them. Her known history is that she has lots of scars from cats scratching her a lot. She has no known family. Her previous owner, sparkles, has specified no requirements for Slyth's adoption.

    Doomy - Victor Von Doomy (AKA Doomy) is a male kittypet who's age is unknown. He is made of metal, with an armored pelt and a green cape. He is a full metal cat, and because he is metal he is very hard. His personality is described as annoying. He has no known history or family. His previous owner, sparkles, has specified no requirements for Doomy's adoption.

    Bloodfur - Bloodfur is a male warrior of HalfClan who is at least 12 moons old. He has blazing amber fur. He has amber eyes. He is fully cat, and he has no known powers. His personality is described as a bit mean, and he wants to be deputy but he will not turn to bloodshed for it. He has no known history. His sister is Moonfur, who is also up for adoption. His previous owner, sparkles, has specified no requirements for Bloodfur's adoption.

    Moonfur - Moonfur is a female warrior of HalfClan who is at least 12 moons old. She is a silver she-cat. She is fully cat, and she has no known powers. Her personality is described as kind. She has no known history. Her brother is Bloodfur, who is also up for adoption. Her previous owner, sparkles, has specified no requirements for Moonfur's adoption.

    Stubkit - Stubkit is a male kit from StarClan who was newborn on June 29th 2011. He has long, curly white hair that looks like stubs. He has blue eyes. He is fully cat, and has no known powers. His personality is described as kind. He has no known history or family. His previous owner, sparkles, has specified no requirements for Stubkit's adoption.

    Embermouth - Embermouth is a female medicine cat from the Place of No Stars who is at least 12 moons old. She has orange fur that seems like it's on fire. She has brown eyes. She is half cat, half tiger, and she can breathe fire. Her personality is described as nice to HalfClan, even though she's in the Dark Forest. She has no known history or family. Her apprentices are Riverpaw, owned by sparkles, Nightclaw, owned by beautimus1 and Silentpaw, owned by Rosierulez. Her previous owner, Wabbajack, quit, so she has been given up for adoption.

    Wrathpride - Wrathpride is a male warrior of HalfClan who is at least 12 moons old. He is a dark tom with white speckles on his tail. He has red eyes. He is half cat, half jackal, and he can see anything, like thermal vision. His personality is described as serious, never taking lightly to betrayl. He has no known history. His brother is Mudleg, who is also up for adoption. His apprentice is Sunpaw, owned by Ella Sparkleflower. His previous owner, Wabbajack, quit, so he has been given up for adoption.

    Snowpaw - Snowpaw is a male apprentice of DarkClan who was 8 moons old on April 3rd 2011. He has snow white fur with white and black paws. He has white eyes. He is half cat, half dog, and he can run superfast and blend into the environment. His personality is described as angry and acts hardened. He has no known history or family. His mentor is Robinwing, owned by Rain Wolfheart. His warrior name has been requested to be Snowclaw. His previous owner, Wabbajack, quit, so he has been given up for adoption.

    Dirt-tail - Dirt-tail is a female warrior of DarkClan who is at least 12 moons old. She has dirt brown fur, which is brownest on her tail. She has hazel-green eyes. She is half cat, half groundhog, and she can travel through the ground. Her personality has been described as serious and playful, also a little nice and caring, sometimes dazing off and talking weird. She has no known history. Her brother is Frostclaw, who is also up for adoption, and her sister is Glazepelt, who is also up for adoption. Her mentor is Brokenfoot, owned by sparkles. Her previous owner, Wabbajack, quit, so she has been given up for adoption.

    Frostclaw - Frostclaw is a male warrior of DarkClan who is at least 12 moons old. He has snowy, ice-like fur. He has orange eyes. He is half cat, half groundhog, and he can tell when an attacker will strike. His personality has been described as a tad nice and caring, sometimes dazing off and talking weird, bur more focused. He has no known history. His sisters are Glazepelt and Dirt-tail, both also up for adoption. His mentor is Fallendrop, owned by Rain Wolfheart. His previous owner, Wabbajack, quit, so he has been given up for adoption.

    Glazepelt - Glazepelt is a female warrior of DarkClan who is at least 12 moons old. She has yellow fur that seems glazed and the tip of her right ear cut off. She has white eyes. She is half cat, half groundhog, and she can sense a cat's heartbeat. Her personality has been described as nice and caring, sometimes dazing off and talking weird. She has no known history. Her sister is Dirt-tail, who is also up for adoption, and her brother is Frostclaw, who is also up for adoption. Her mentor is Colmillo, owned by sparkles. Her previous owner, Wabbajack, quit, so she has been given up for adoption.

    Mudleg - Mudleg is a male warrior of HalfClan who is at least 12 moons old. He has black-brown and is missing part of his right ear. He has green eyes. He is half cat, half dog, and he can morph into a ghost for a short while. His personality has been described as quiet, doesn't talk a lot, shy and calm. He has no known history. His brother is Wrathpride, who is also up for adoption. His previous owner, Wabbajack, quit, so he has been given up for adoption.

    Acidfur - Acidfur is a female warrior of HalfClan who is at least 12 moons old. She has acid-colored fur and a kind of torn off tail. She has silver eyes. She is half cat, half reptile, and she can spit acid. Her personality has been described as nice, caring and loves to make friends. She has no known history or family. Her previous owner, Wabbajack, quit, so she has been given up for adoption.

    Tarface - Tarface is a male warrior of HalfClan who is at least 12 moons old. He has no known description, blood status, powers, personality or history. His apprentice is Jaypaw, owned by beautimus1. His previous owner, Wabbajack, quit, so he has been given up for adoption.

    Paragon - Paragon is a male loner, who was 12 moons old on May 21st 2011. He has sparkling silver fur and black paws. He has shining yellow eyes. He is 85% cat, 15% hedgehog, and he can shake the earth in a 5 foot radius. His personality has been described as angry and impatient. His known history is that he was originally a kittypet, but escaped and now lives in the wild. He has no known family. His previous owner, Wabbajack, quit, so he has been given up for adoption.

    Hawkepaw - Hawkepaw is a male apprentice of HalfClan, who was 8 moons old on June 17th 2011. He has black and orange fur. He has hazel eyes. He is half cat, half hawk, and he can turn into a hawk. His personality has been described as civilised and helpful. He has no known history. His sister is Lightningpaw, owned by Rosierulez, and his father is Blasteye, who is also up for adoption. His previous owner, Wabbajack, quit, so he has been given up for adoption.

    Mordin - Mordin is a male loner, who was 7 moons old on June 19th 2011. He has apricot and black colored fur with wings. He has fully black eyes with white rings around the iris. He has no known blood status. He can fly because of his wings. His personality has been described as challenging, able to talk really fast. He has no known history or family. His previous owner, Wabbajack, quit, so he has been given up for adoption.

    Banefur - Banefur is a male warrior of HalfClan, who was 13 moons old on June 20th 2011. He has red and black fur. He has poison-green eyes. He is half cat, half snake, and he is able to spit poison. His personality has been described as nice, but he sometimes goes into 'rage mode'. He has no known history or family. His previous owner, Wabbajack, quit, so he has been given up for adoption.

    Spearpaw - Spearpaw is a male apprentice of HalfClan, who was 7 moons old on June 22nd 2011. He has black fur with a red streak running from his right shoulder to his right front paw. He has ash-colored eyes. He is half cat, half wolf, and he can create portals, however they drain his energy and are only within a certain distance, about 1000 fox-lengths. His personality has been described as calm, a thinker, and curious. He has no known history or family. His previous owner, Wabbajack, quit, so he has been given up for adoption.

    Blasteye - Blasteye is a male warrior of HalfClan who is at least 12 moons old. He has no known description. He could either be partially hawk, or fully cat. He has no known powers, personality or history. He is the father of Lightningpaw, owned by Rosierulez, and Hawkepaw, who is also up for adoption. His previous owner, Wabbajack, quit, so he had been given up for adoption.

    Spearfur - Speafur is a male warrior of HalfClan who was 18 moons old on July 5th 2011. He has rusted iron-colored fur, scars along his flank and a missing ear. He has blue eyes. He is half cat, half porcupine, and he can turn his fur into spikes. His personality has been described as a bit anit-social, but he will defend his clanmates and friends with his life. His known history is that he is always haunted by nightmares of everyone dying. His sister is Brambleface, owned by Rosierulez. His previous owner, Wabbajack, quit, so he has been given up for adoption.

    Halftail - Halftail is a male warrior of HalfClan who is at least 12 moons old. He has no known description, blood status, powers, personality, history or family. His previous owner, Wabbajack, quit, so he has been given up for adoption.

    Tukito - Tukito is a male loner who was 36 moons old on April 3rd 2011. He is a silver-gray tabby with a long tail, black stripes and broad shoulders. He has amber eyes. He is fully cat, and has no known powers. His personality is described as friendly, anxious and normally cheery, however his former owner mentioned that he had a bad temper. His known history is that he used to live with a young Twoleg kit who abused him and choked him. He ran away and became a loner. He has no known family. His former owner, Ella Sparkleflower, has specified no requirements for Tukito's adoption.

    Luigi - Luigi is a male loner who was 29 moons old on August 7th 2011. He has light brown fur with a dark blue-ish tinge that makes it look like he is wearing overalls. He has a curly mustache and green socks. He is fully cat, and he speaks Spanish. He has no known personality. His known history is that he was created by Dave. His siblings are Mario, owned by beautimus1, Sir Isaac Bunnyworth Campagne the Third "Zac", owned by Rain Wolfheart, Clonefrost, owned by Rain Wolfheart, and Peach, owned by sparkles. His former owner, Ella Sparkleflower, has specified no requirements for Luigi's adoption.

    .:Other Info.:.
    I must thank Rain Wolfheart for finding and typing up the bios of Flame, Shadowpaw, Smudge, Lizzypaw, Redflare, Tigerfur, Slyth, Doomy, Bloodfur, Moonfur, Stubkit, Matflower, Embermouth, Wrathpride, Snowpaw, Dirt-tail, Frostclaw, Glazepelt, Mudleg, Acidfur, Tarface, Paragon, Hawkepaw, Mordin, Banefur, Spearpaw, Blasteye, Spearfur, Teslapaw, Halftail, Tukito, Luigi, Yellowcard, Snowfur, Ravenclaw, Moonsong, Smeffer, Sleekfuzzah, Fluff-fur, Malfuzz, Moonheart, Sunheart, Lunarheart, Rowanfur, Harry, Facepaw, Murkyscruff, Freekit, Flame and Willow.

    If you have any questions or concerns about the adoptions, please contact me, Rosierulez, through VM (visitor message), PM (private message), or on the thread, I'll be glad to help!

    The Adoption Post has been approved of by 1 Kippy as of 8/11/11!
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    Default Re: ~HalfClan~ .:Please don't post until it's inked!:.

    ((Yes, thank you Rosie. XD Please don't report my post! And let's wait for Ashley to ink it before posting, shall we?))

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    (approved ))

    Thomas Edison's last words were 'It's very beautiful over there'.
    I don't know where there is, but I believe it's somewhere, and I hope it's beautiful.

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    Default Re: .:HalfClan:. A warrior cat role-play

    ((Thanks Ashley! You may now post! CJ, just VM me the form and I'll add your character to the list. Enjoy the role-play, everyone!))
    Rainears muttered to herself as she pawed through her supplies.
    "No more tansy... Almost out of cobwebs..." she murmured. She shook her head, pushed her herbs back into the cleft and left her den. She would ask another cat to go look for what she needed.
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    Name: Izmar Cathro (Izzy, Iz, Cath)
    Gender: Female
    Blood Status: Half-Cat, Half-Serpent

    Position: Rogue
    Description: Slick, grey fur that sometimes glows gold in sunlight. Big, sharp green eyes. A black streak on her left paw.
    Personality: Like a snake. Cunning and shifty, prepared to attack.
    Powers: Being able to see in infared and can hover slightly over ground for a short moment.
    Other Info: At the age of 15 months, she was in a fight with another cat and was granted a slash through the left paw. Her speech is written in this color.
    Terror will reign
    Name: Kelsey Silverpaw
    Gender: Female
    Blood Status: Half-Cat, Half-Raven
    Loyalty: HalfClan
    Medicine Cat (With your permission & aproval)
    Description: A white, Siamese-like cat with Jet Black Markings on her ears, paws, nose and tail. Large, soft blue eyes.
    Personality: Warm, comforting, helpful and kind. A bit of sassy or spazzy material every now and then.
    Powers: Telepathy
    Other Info: Grew up in the HalfClan and was raised into becoming a Medicine cat (Again, with your permission and aproval) Terror will reign
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