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    Default The Filter Fairy Is Back!! Ahh Chapter 7

    "Wha... what happen....???" Jerry says confused. "I dont know." says Knight... "WAIT, WHERE ARE THE GIRLS!!!!" Knight says obviously mad... "Dude come down!-COME DOWN, WHERE THE HECK ARE THEY!!!!!!!!" Jerry says but then Knight interupped. "AHHH!!! HELP!!" Icy says. "Icy!! Jerry, ill find Icy, you find Claire. Okay!" So then they search. "Icy!!!!" "Knight!" They say as they run up to each other and Hug. "Icy umm, can i ask you something???" "Sure Knight." Icy says. "Ummm, Nevermind. "What?" "Nothing!" What!!!!!!" Nothing!!!" They stop as they get close.

    So whats gonna happen next????
    Did Jerry Find Claire??
    Is Knight gonna tell Icy he likes her!!!!!!!

    Find out next time on: The Filter Fairy Is Back!! Valentine Special!!
    "The most painful goodbyes are the ones that are never said and never explained."
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    Default Re: The Filter Fairy Is Back!! Ahh Chapter 7

    O_O wait I am confused, whats even going on here?

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