"Uh-oh.... Guys come look at this!!" Knight says as he looks out his window... - we look - "OMG!! dang... we should get out there, Now...." Icy says as she gets her sword. "Yeah, lets not... Im kinda new ya know!!" Ashleigh says worried... "Its ok Ashleigh, Commander will help you train. You might get Knunchucks becacuse i hear your good with KA.RA.TAE!!!" Knight says as he picks up the Knunchucks and brakes the Fan by accident.... "OWWW!!' Icy says as she gets hurt. - icy gets pulled out the window - "NOOO!! Thats it, im going out there." Knight says as he gets his Daggers and goes out there. "im going too, me too, me three, me four!!!" they say as they get they're weapons. - they go out there - "ICY!!" Knight says as he pulls her away because he sees a Grenade on her foot. "Thanks." Icy says as she hugs him." No PROOOBBB! UH_OH HELP!" Knight says as the Filter Fairy eats him. " Uh-oh..." Princess Claire says. " Im going too help him. " Jerry says as he slices the Filter Fairy's arms off. "Dang, your strong." Princess Claire says as she watches him. "GUYS I NEED HELP" Knight says in the Filter Fairys Belly. "Eww..." Icy says as Knight slides out The Filter Fairy's Cut Off Arms... "Gross..." Jerry says. "AHHH!!" we all say as a Explosion happens.

WOAH, are the People dead?? If they are, that will suck. If they are not, I'll be happy and Dance like a Cowboy... o.o Find out next time on, The Filter Fairy Is Back!! Ahh! Chapter 7.