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    Default Autobots V.S. Decpticons.Chapter 1. In a new World


    With Megatron dead the Decpticons fled from Earth. They flew in space for months untill they crash landed on a strange world known as Free Realms.The Autobots soon picked up the Decpticons trace and followed them.No one knows what the Cons plan to do but the Autobot know whatever it is it's coming soon. The Autobots need your help along with the Decpticons. Choose your faction and help defeat your foe.


    This is a role playing thread so the rules are...

    1.Have fun and enjoy role playing not insult anyone or hurt anyones feelings. role play on this thread you have to have watched the transformers movie.

    Charecter Form

    Creating a charecter I would suggest thing it through. When creating your personnhe can be a Pixie, a Human, a dog, a cat, any animal, an Autobot, or a Decpticon. Please read and fill out the form below and VM it to me.

    1.What is he or she? (A dog, a cat, a transformer? what?)

    2. Faction. (Decpticon or Autobot)

    3.Name (Bob, Joe, )

    4. Position (in training, full solider, weapon specialist, Cannot place self as medical officer, Sergant or Leader!)

    5. Machine form (Mustang, a tank, a U.S. Warthog plane. For transformers only)

    6.How many cycles old? (Cycles = year )

    7.History (optinal)

    8. Have you watched the transformers movies?


    "Revenge is like a ghost. It takes over every man it touches.
    It's thirst cannot be quenched. Untill the last man standing has fallen." --Vladimir Makarov ( <- link. click to find out who he is.)

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    Default Re: Autobots V.S. Decpticons.Chapter 1. In a new World

    You cant make a roleplay without Ashleys approval.
    Before you insult someone, walk a mile in their shoes
    That way, your a mile away and you have their shoes

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    Default Re: Autobots V.S. Decpticons.Chapter 1. In a new World

    ((Sorry, role plays must be approved first. ))

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