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    Default Another Roleplay

    Ok so this one is another roleplay. Just try to have fun and basicly do almost whatever. The only thing you probably can't do is commit too much violence. Like bleeding or dying. You can do like bruises, punches, kicks, but not too much violence please. I don't want this thread getting out of control. Now, how you would like to play is go where the action is, like not go where the least action is. But like, if there's like a battle going on, go there, watch it, or join in. But before you can even start posting about action and such, you have to apply. Like this,
    (Pixie or human)
    (Under 200 charecters)
    A few rules now. Talk in paranthesis ( Like this ) if it does not have to do anything about the game. Like you can ask things about charecters, and such. A few things you cannot do in this game, Commit adultry, swear, violence (You should know that by now.) Anyways, just have fun! I'll start out.
    (Name: Jonny
    Gender: Male
    Homerealm: Briarwood
    Appearance: Small wings with blonde hair
    Race: Pixie
    Brief History: He grew up in more dangerous parts of Briarwood, where the enemies are vicious. His father/mother would bring him out and show him the best way to fight. Eventually he could take down some of the vicious enemies with ninja-like reflexes.

    Jonny was out in Snowhill one day. He suddenly saw a fight between a beast and a friendly Yeti. (I forgot to mention that you need to talk in quotes when you're charecter is talking.) "Stop this fight now beast or i will make you very unhappy." Jonny said. He drew his Scythe. A very strong know scythe known as Dragonbreath. The beast backed out. Jonny was sucessful at drawing back the beast. The yeti thanked him, and he went off to see what he could do. ( Any of you can sign up to join and then join but i've gotta go but ill be on tommorow. See ya all! You can just join in automaticly after the app is filled out. Have fun! )
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    Default Re: Another Roleplay

    You have to get this approved by Ashley *edited - please do not post links to outside role playing sites.--Ashley Preciousfable*
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    Default Re: Another Roleplay

    ((All role plays must be posted in the role play section and approved by the staff, thanks.))

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