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Title: VIP

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    Ok. So, some people are saying that it is going to take a long time to get to level five VIP in FreeRealms. But not anymore. If you are a member, you might go up to level two, three, four, or five. It depends on what membership you have. I was informed tht Lifetime Member is only going to level three. Unfair. Lifetime Members payed all that money for nothing.

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    What? Lifetime Members only go to level 3?! No wonder my VIP bar won't move.. D: That's not fair! I wonder why. o.o

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    Mine is at level four but it will not even budge i am so mad about that and half of my bff's are like.......... Level five and they have the vip club house and i am like wow!
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    @gillego. That's not how the VIP system works. The players that are now level 3,4 or 5 were members for that long before the December 2009 Update.
    And anyways, I have Lifetime Membership and I'm VIP level 5.

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