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Title: The new menu

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    Icon5 The new menu

    The new menu
    By now EVERYONE has probably seen the new menu
    Either in game or on this websites home page
    I think its much more helpful, easy, and better.
    What do you guys think?

    HELPFUL TIP- to acces menu after you have exited from it hit the L key on your keyboard
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    Default Re: The new menu

    I dont like new menu ... >.>

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    Default Re: The new menu

    New menu?? I'm going to chack it out
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    Default Re: The new menu

    The new menu confuses me right now because I'm not use to it and it's in German. When I get more use to it I'll like it ALOT better.

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    Default Re: The new menu

    I think its productful and helpful

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