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    Default IM A MEMBER AGAIN!!

    I got a Visa Gift Card for Christmas, and I just got MEMBERS BACK FOR 6 MONTHS!!! OH YAH!!!!
    Aaron Esko <Insiders>

    (^^Marley! But don't forget Bubba, Buddy, Duke, Jasper, and my other 47 pets!)

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    Default Re: IM A MEMBER AGAIN!!

    Awesome! Welcome back to the Realm of Happiness Because You Are A Member!
    Bananas are awesome. Bananas are yellow. Since, yellow is a banana's color and bananas are awesome, yellow is awesome.

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    Default Re: IM A MEMBER AGAIN!!

    That's cool

    server 1

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    Default Re: IM A MEMBER AGAIN!!

    Well,have fun spending money on virtual clothes and items that upgrade your character in arbitrary ways!! (LOL!) Anyways,congrats!!!

    We do not forgive
    We do not forget
    Expect us

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