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Title: hey

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    Default hey

    heyyy all u late sleeps i am ur hostest jimienta with todays topic.....which is sleepin late this is my latest timme on freerealmsinsider but i hAVe to get off when i am done writing this......i am just curious.....whats the latest timee u guys been on or played freerealms insider.....well if ur wonderin mine so fAr is 310 in the morning........whats ur latest time u have ever gone 2 sleep or played on fri comment plzzz thanks and u guys can add me on freerealms or on fri well i gtg guys comment thanks
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    Default Re: hey

    I was on here after 5am a couple days ago...
    Couldn't sleep so I just stayed up.

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    - Edgar Allen Poe -

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    Default Re: hey

    The latest i have been on FR was 1:00 A.M.

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    Default Re: hey

    all night.......

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    Default Re: hey

    Lol all night. And I believe you are already my friend in game XD

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    Default Re: hey

    The Longest i've stayed on FRI was a whole day.

    And the longest i've ever stayed up was 2 days
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