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Title: Disappointments in Free Realms

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    Default Disappointments in Free Realms

    I thought in Sunstone Valley they would have more battles and more minigames i like what they did it, but like there could be a skullz valley, or vulture alley, or a robgoblin scrap yard or a dwark dam battle , or like new fishing spots like an oasis, they is alot of things they could have put. Feel free to put whatever you want.

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    Default Re: Disappointments in Free Realms

    A sunstone chest?

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    Default Re: Disappointments in Free Realms

    Welcome to FRI!

    I personally think they did an amazing job. It's a lot bigger then I expected it to be and I love the open world combat. I'm not sure what you mean by skullz valley, robgoblin scrap yard, and dwarf battles because they added all that stuff and more in open world combat. There are even bosses in each place, so it could easily be faught like a minigame. They also added a lot of new armor and recipees for blacksmiths along with the new questlines.. so I don't see much to complain about. We should be happy they added a new area at all.
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    Default Re: Disappointments in Free Realms

    Personally, I have been very disappointed with Free Realms ever since the dreaded Christmas Update in 2010, it ruined combat and a lot of other things. But Sunstone Valley is also disappointing, 3 whole years for just one new area, that is probably longer than the original development time for the game. Sunstone Valley could of been way more vast and immersible but sadly, it fell short.

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    Default Re: Disappointments in Free Realms

    These ideas are actually really cool I think you should send a ticket to them describing some better ideas.

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    Default Re: Disappointments in Free Realms

    Personally, I think Sunstone Valley is decent. From what I remember hearing, the development team for Sunstone Valley kept changing throughout its course of development, so I would have expected something to go awry.

    Just because it's released already doesn't mean that there will no longer be updates to the area. They could possibly think of more ideas to make Sunstone Valley better. There's a lot of space to improve on, so I wouldn't lose hope in getting a great gaming experience from SSV.
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