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    Default Tangleroot fort - Tips

    For those of you who have the hardest time staying alive in tangleroot fort, here a few small but very helpful tips:

    When you kill the plants spawners, aim for their "head", not the tail, the detection is made that way, if you try to hit at the tail, it will not harm the plants spawner.

    If you are in party with a warrior, let the warrior aggro the blacksmith, he will deal passive damage on him every times he get hit, this way you can finish him off slightly quickier, or even better, if you are with a brawler with invincibility for a skill, let him tank.

    At the commander, do not stay outside, run into the tent behind him and beat the boss at the entrance, this way the rains of arrows will never hit you, and you will receive the occasional boosts spawn that appears in the tent, if you get knocked back, try to reposition yourself quickly because the commander "lose sight of you" for a moment and if you are knocked down too deep in a corner of the tent the archers on the walls can shoot you.
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    Default Re: Tangleroot fort - Tips

    Thx for the info i am sure if will help others a lot.

    Gabriel Phantomcharm
    <The Great Brotherhood>

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    Default Re: Tangleroot fort - Tips

    thanks for the tips i will not die as much now as a medic to know who to bring
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    Default Re: Tangleroot fort - Tips

    Lol i am a maxed brawler with invincibility and i always get pass it without dieing once, even on my own!

    so here is the message: if you have a maxed brawler in your group, let him do the whole lot!!!

    oh and i don't mean to be a 'know it all' or anything, but now its calld 'Tanglewood Fort' i think. lol

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    Default Re: Tangleroot fort - Tips

    theres a better way when you going to ask the chef skkip that and destroy the plants first and then go back to ask chef

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    Default Re: Tangleroot fort - Tips

    There is always the suicidal tactic of "Tanking" on potions to help you survive on the Blacksmith/Kluggenkrush fights. It helps for non-group battles, too, and if you have (I believe either 15 or 20) of BOTH potions (Or all 3 cats (Categories)), you should be able to NOT die once at all, Trust me, it worked for me. (Although I had dangerously low Vitality after I forced Kluggenkrush to my side)

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    Default Re: Tangleroot fort - Tips

    err wat if ur a archer wat is ur position now? thx 4 da info
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