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Title: Swim suit

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    Default Swim suit

    I saw someone running around in a swimsuit and swimming cap...Gave a boost when in the water. Anyone know about this quest?
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    Default Re: Swim suit

    it isnt a quest
    u buy it from the Station Cash.....from the Marketplace
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    Default Re: Swim suit

    Yes, you can buy it from the Marketplace with Station Cash...But I didn't know it gave you a speed boost in water...
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    Default Re: Swim suit

    I didn't know about the speed boost, either! Very cool - swimsuit, here I come! It is a really adorable swimsuit.

    Oh, and Congrats, FRIEND, on winning the pet contest!! Yeah for you!

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    Default Re: Swim suit

    wow i never knew they had a swimsuit that does that lol

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    Default Re: Swim suit

    its was summer splash thing u have to buy it from the marketplace
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