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    Default Stuck on Blacksmithing questline.

    I posted this question in the jobs area, but haven't had any luck with help. I hoped more people might see it here.

    The last thing I did in the blacksmithing questline was make and deliver a hammer to Billie JoBob. Milli gave me the quest near the iron mines.

    Now No one has anything for me to do for the blacksmithing questline. I am only level 13, but I haven't even gotten the quest to be 15 and return at all.

    Anyone know the smithing questline enough to lend a hand as to where I need to go to continue it?

    Thanks for any help


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    Default Re: Stuck on Blacksmithing questline.

    ( )

    At the bottom of that page should be direction arrows to go back and forth between quests, maybe scroll back and find where you left off?

    Edit: I believe Referees' can also reset/restore quests that are lost, if you can't find it maybe contact one?
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