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    Icon5 Spectral Blaster

    Where do we get the Spectral Blaster ?

    spectral blaster .png

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    Default Re: Spectral Blaster

    It's not out yet, when it is released, then we will find out ...

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    Default Re: Spectral Blaster

    I read somewhere that they might release them sometime this week. I Hope they do! I'm curious to see what the Spectral Blaster Does! ...

    IGN: Shyshadow

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    Default Re: Spectral Blaster

    I hope it is a weapon for adventurer (or freestyle jobs for that matter) that lets you turn your friends into ghosts! Almost like the shuffle s******, but better eh?

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    Default Re: Spectral Blaster

    900 SC In the SC Shop, and does exactly what the lady above said it does.

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