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    Default Shattered past quest help

    How do i do it cuz it says to find sir welington outside the vale of ancients but when i click him he talks about some other quest. How do i do the shattered past quest 1.
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    Default Re: Shattered past quest help

    Sir Wellington is who you need to talk to. You'll have to play cards and also do some artifact digs while you're doing these quests. The quest won't be named after the quest packs you bought and you will be sent to other people to continue on with the quest. Just do the quests Wellington has for you, they will be the right ones. I believe one of the first quests is called Precious.

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    Default Re: Shattered past quest help

    ya what she said sane thing with the other quest

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    Default Re: Shattered past quest help

    am I doing the right thing, it tells me to complete his first deck then his second. Is this the quest I'm looking for?

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