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Title: Quests that give you items?

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    Default Quests that give you items?

    Anyone know any quests that will give you items in Free realms? It can be member or non-member, I just need help.
    I already know how to get the conductor wand, and i think I did all of the quests in seaside. Know any more?

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    Default Re: Quests that give you items?

    I typed this up on FRM a while back, figured I might as well copy and paste it.

    Hey guys! I typed this out for someone on the old forum and decided to make it a guide here. Here it is!

    All the quests I'm going to post involve clothing or weapons. 8] Some of these may be members only.

    Well Known Quests

    Quest line - Card Duelist: This quest line gives a lot of clothing rewards. It starts with Sam Pots in Sanctuary next to the bixie tower defense mini-games.

    Quest Reward - Conductor's Wand: There's a cool adventurer's weapon called a conductors wand that you can get by doing a quest line involving the Feeling the Beat! minigame. It starts with a chugawug named Wootmoot next to the stage in Wugachug.

    Collection Reward - Defender Staff: This one is very well known. It's considered a collection reward, but it involves a mini-game. The reward is a large golden staff which is a weapon for adventurer. You get it by completing every tower defense mini-game on hard.

    Quest Reward - Macaroni Art Necklace: This is another very well known quest. The quest starts with a robgoblin named Matron Murgla in the Greenwood Forest. It gives a misc clothing item that looks like a necklace made of macaroni. She's in the north most corner of the Greenwood Forest where Seaside and Merry Vale almost meet.

    Quest Reward - Sugar Zinger: There's a quest called Wrapper Round-Up given in the zoo near the battle Robgoblin Treasure Trove. The quest starts with a girl named Zanna Sugarzing, and she gives an adventurer weapon that looks like a giant lollipop. 8]

    Less Popular Quests

    Quest Rewards - Kitty Checkered Shoes & Board Shorts: The kitty checkered shoes is a cat clothing item. They look like blue rocker sneakers. The quests start with a character named Blazing Star in the pixie nursery. (The pixie nursery is southwest of wugachug and east of seaside. There's a checkers and chess table in that area that you can teleport to.) You have to complete a quest called Fishy Business (which gives Board Shorts as a reward) before you can get the quest for the shoes (Purr...fect Secret).

    Quest Reward - White Robgoblin T-shirt: The quest is called Shift Swap and it's given by Kendall in Seaside. If you travel to the northern-most lifeguard tower and turn east, you should see him.

    Quest Rewards - Red Wilds Shirt, Red Board Shorts, & Orange-Strapped Flip flops (Red): These rewards are all given by Rainchaser in Seaside. If you teleport to Cray Caves and head southwest, you should find her on an island in the water. Her first quest gives 30 coins and is called Lost Turtle. If you complete that one, you'll get Starfish Picking which starts the clothing quests.

    Quest Reward - Striped T-Shirt (Red): This quest is called Druid in the Mist and starts with Tald Daybreaker in Shrouded Glade. It involves going into Misty Mountain, so you have to have a level 5 combat job. Tald can be found wandering the courtyard (where the guild master Justin Roderic can be found). I found him standing in front of a fence behind Justin Roderic when I looked for him.

    Quest Reward - Striped T-Shirt: This quest is given by Ronnie Britesmile in Merry Vale. The quest is called Missing Homework and is given by Ronnie after the quests Chores, What a Bore! and A Delivery to Aunt Daisy are completed. I can't remember exactly where in Merry Vale Ronnie is.

    Quest Reward - Board Shorts, Baseball Cap, & Heart T-shirt: These quests are given by Emil Jadefish in Shrouded Glade. His first quest is called Overboard! which gives the Board Shorts. His other quests that give clothing rewards are called Stranded! and Saying Sorry. If you teleport to Misty Mountain and go south, you'll find him next to the water.

    Quest Reward - Orange-strapped Flip Flops: This quest is called Horrible Hiccups and is given by Slinky in Seaside. I don't remember exactly where he can be found. ZAM said he's "at the Luxurious Oceanfront Homes".

    Flair Shard Quests

    This post is super long, so I'm going to shorten these next ones. If you need the location of the character who gives the quests, everything can be found on ZAM if you Google their names.

    Credit for the following quest information goes to Autumn Roselake. I got these from a post on Insiders.

    Blue Glow: Given by Lan Spryleaf in Lakeshore. Quest: You Can't Steal What's Already Yours.

    Red Glow: Level 15 combat job required. Given by Ceard Bauchlog after a series of quests in Shrouded Glade.

    Purple Glow: Given by Erid Thorridwick in Shrouded Glade. Quest: Science Experiment.

    Pink Glow: Level 15 combat job required. Given by Old Corky in Briarwood. Quest: I'm Chopping Mad.

    Orange Glow: Level 15 combat job required. Given by Tori in Sanctuary. Quest: Stay With the Group!

    Green Glow: Level 15 combat job required. Given by Troggers in Forest Troll Village. Quest: Please Save My Pig.

    I'm sure I'm missing a few quests. That's all I can think of right now. 8]

    Good luck!
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