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Title: Quest Help.

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    Default Quest Help.

    Hellur. Can someone be nice enough to help me? I've noticed Free Realms has changed with their quests. I would like to know how do i get the Ninja, Brawler, Archer, Wizard, Rally Kart Racer, and Postman jobs. Also, do they require being a member? I'm not a member, as i just made a new account. The jobs i have currently are Adventurer, Blacksmith, Brawler, Card Duelist, Chef, and Miner. I also need help on this quest where you have to spray the Bixie's with it and if you run out you have to see the Seargent but i forgot where he was. So could someone be nice enough to help? Thanks.

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    Default Re: Quest Help.

    I, believe, you have to max those jobs in order to unlock more, in my understanding.
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    Default Re: Quest Help.

    hi there! okay so i started playing this game 4 years ago and i can still rmember that to unlock jobs, i had to go to a certain people (job trainers) to do so. recently i created another character and when i played the game, its so much different. just continue doing the quests that you have in order to unlock more jobs. the quests leads you to certain people that will give you that job, same as you have open chef, miner, etc. now for your bixie problem, if yuo run out of spray, just port back to sanctuary stone, there is a bixie nearby standing in there where you could get more spray----had a problem finding him myself before when i too needed more spray. Good luck and have fun in the game!

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    Default Re: Quest Help.

    Hello there, welcome to FR!
    I would like redirect you to ZAM Free Realms :: An FR Community and Wiki Site. Just look up the job and information on how to lock it will be there. Here is the summary for the combat jobs.

    Archer : Through starting the quests. [Does NOT need membership]
    Brawler : Through starting the quests. [Does NOT need membership]
    Medic : Through starting the quests. [Does NOT need membership]

    Ninja : Through maxing Archer. [Needs membership]
    Wizard : Through maxing Medic. [Needs membership]
    Brawler : Through maxing Warrior [Needs membership]

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    Default Re: Quest Help.

    You unlock warrior from brawler

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