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    Default ooey gooey love

    When ever i clicked on the lake shore cake it doesnt repond and i even logged out an back in, so maybe i just gave it some time maaybee it might fix it up soon soon late in the month i hope DX

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    Default Re: ooey gooey love

    Broke for me too. Just submit a ticket and the refs will advance it.

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    Default Re: ooey gooey love

    I didn't break. The Biarwood one doesn't work. Try the other cake in Lakeshore.

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    Default Re: ooey gooey love

    It could also be the type of server you are on, also. I found that switching servers helped me.

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    Default Re: ooey gooey love

    Seriously, I'm so tired of solutions being " switch the server" outside of lag. Is it wrong to expect things to work on EVERY server we're allowed to play on?

    Luckily they did finally fix the cake since Festival of Hearts is about done.
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