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    Default One Man's Trash - HELP!!

    I've tried 3 times now to finish this quest in Merry Vale, and the one I'm stuck on is the trash pile by the "vendor booths." I've gone all over Merry Vale NUMEROUS times and can't find it. Anyone know where this is? I truly appreciate any and all help!!

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    Default Re: One Man's Trash - HELP!!

    The vendor booths can be found if you run along the outside paths of the area. It's near a bunch of wagons.

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    Default Re: One Man's Trash - HELP!!

    (Link to deviantArt)


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    Default Re: One Man's Trash - HELP!!

    It is close to the warpstone, just outside the fence. Stay close to the water going away from the bridge leading into Merry Vale, It is near a vendor's wagaon, but behind a tree, between the tree and the water.

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    Default Re: One Man's Trash - HELP!!

    I believe OrnateMoss is right. Me and my BFF Jessica Kittysea searched forever and she finally found it. If you'd mind, i'm do you get the Side-Kicks? or Designer's gloves? is there a complete designer outfit? PLEASE tell me, i love the side-kicks and want some so badly!! (hope they arent TCG cuz i rarely get SC or TCG packs ) thanks!!!

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