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Title: New Bonus Goal Listing

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    Icon7 New Bonus Goal Listing

    I thought it might be helpful to know what the Bonus Goals were in all the dungeons.

    The number indicates how many you have to collect/defeat. The highlighted ones are (I think) the easiest on each tier ... mostly because you don't have to beat the end-boss to achieve the bonus. In most of the other cases ... the last item is so near the finish that you trigger the boss battle also ... or you actually have to defeat the boss to get the bonus creature(s) to spawn.

    It's possible that the items that you need to find will be in different places. However, the number of different positions is limited. And MOST of the time, the positions make the dungeon as easy as I posted.

    Tier 1 Dungeons

    • Bear Cave -- NONE
    • Bixie Hive -- Save the Frightened Bixie Workers! - 4 (the last one is actually after/behind the queen)
    • Cracked Claw Caverns -- Release the trapped spirits of the explorers lost within Cracked Claw Caverns! - 6 (the last one is in the room with the boss)
    • Cursed Graveyard -- NONE
    • Hot Springs Haven -- Destroy all of the yeti jam boxes! - 9 (the last few are surrounding the boss)
    • King of the Ring -- NONE
    • Sheep Watch -- NONE
    • Tavern Cellar -- Find and destroy all the brawl club rules! - 4 (they all appear before going down the final ramp to the boss)

    Tier 2

    • Arachnia's Lair -- Defeat the 3 Webspinner Princesses! - 3 (have to defeat boss to trigger princesses)
    • Danger Peaks -- Release the 10 Caged Birds. (not that bad really, just the 2 I highlighted seemed easier)
    • Den of Secrets -- Destroy the mysterious pillars within the caverns! - 10 (end up doing the whole thing searching for them)
    • Highroad Hijinx -- Destroy the Hooligan Weapon Racks! - 4 (last one by the boss)
    • Robgoblin Treasure Trove -- Find Wizard Hildegarde's Spellbook! (usually inside the first room)
    • Swee****er Climb -- Defeat the Big Hungry Bear! (at the frozen pond not even a quarter of the way in)
    • The Bat Cave -- Defeat the Elder Bats! - 3 (again not really bad, other 2 just seemed easier)

    Tier 3

    • Bone Bog Cemetery -- Find and defeat the 3 Bone Bog Skeletons! - 3 (last one hiding behind boss)
    • Bristlewood Glade -- Defeat all 4 Vileblooms! - 4 (last one is almost at the boss, so go through whole thing)
    • Deep Mines -- Find and defeat the Robgoblin Pyromancer! (doesn't spawn until you defeat boss)
    • Floren Forest -- Rescue the Floren Budlings! - 4 (last one behind boss)
    • Forgotten Caves -- Escort Archmage Petulia. (have to keep her alive through entire thing, beat boss, and let her leave)
    • Howling Hills -- Return all three Lost Ice Bear Cubs to their mother! (last one by boss)
    • Misty Mountain -- Find the pieces of the Oracle's lost tablet of teachings! - 4 (little tombstones used to represent tablet, hidden, but usually done before half way through)
    • Mushroom Cavern -- Collect all of the Sprouting Budlings! - 6 (pain to find, but most are on the circle path the boss wanders)
    • The Snarling Hedges -- Defeat the 3 Hedge Knights! - 3 (these are the 3 by that light sphere, about a third of way through)

    Tier 4

    • Bandit Hideout -- Defeat all of the Big Bandits! - 5 (if you don't feel like slogging through 50 plants in Treeleaf, this would be next choice; all 5 appear before meeting boss)
    • Briar Patch -- Defeat the Mutated Shepards before Azure is defeated! - 10 (last 6 are in Azure's area, and all 10 spawn plants)
    • Croaking Vale -- Free any captured frogs you find! - 5 (pain trying to find the 5 cages)
    • Darvon's Descent -- Free the captured pixies - 4 (last one in with boss)
    • Frostfang Cavern -- Defeat the giant bat! (doesn't spawn until boss defeated)
    • Grexan's Camp -- Free all the people trapped in cocoons. - 3 (usually done before half through)
    • Mugwort's Hollow -- Defeat all enemies! (yea... all)
    • Treeleaf's Retreat -- Knock out 50 Spikey Seedlings spawned by the Arboreants! - 50 (even though # is high, just park in front of first tree spawner and wait for it to pop out all 50, just be far enough away so you don't hit the tree)
    • Vale of Ancients -- Destroy all of the Corrupted Artifacts! - 9 (last 2 are at end, near boss)

    Tier 5

    • Briarheart Caverns -- Defeat all enemies! (yea, again with the "all")
    • Cray Caves -- Defeat all enemies! (and yet again)
    • Dark Spore Depths -- Remove five Necro Spores from Dark Spore Depths! - 5 (go ahead and find 5 poisonous mushrooms in a cave full of mushrooms, plus they do big poison damage to you very quickly)
    • Forest Troll Fort -- Find and defeat all the Elite Sneak Scouts! - 4 (yea, they're Elite for a reason)
    • Haunted Mines -- Defeat the Spider Queen, Necrosis! (doesn't spawn until boss defeated)
    • Snowy Canyon -- Find the Elusive Tranquil Sasquatch! (rather easy, not very elusive, done about half way through)
    • Tanglewood Fort -- Check in with the Chugawug Lookouts on the battlements! - 5 (not too bad, just other is easier)
    • Trail of Betrayal -- Find all of the troll marching orders! - 4 (pain to find)
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    Happy gaming!
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    Default Re: New Bonus Goal Listing

    Thanks Chris!

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    Default Re: New Bonus Goal Listing

    Nice List.

    Although Treeleaf's Retreat is VEEERY different from before. Older update had 20 Enemies to kill, not like 50 from Respawners.
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    Default Re: New Bonus Goal Listing

    Chris! WOW! Your guide is amazing! Thanks so much for all your hard work in putting this together! FANTASTIC!!!

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    Default Re: New Bonus Goal Listing

    Thanks everyone! And thanks for making it a sticky!

    @ Sarge -- Different yes, but this change actually makes it easier I think. You don't have to go into the battle at all ... just find that first spawner, stand far enough away from it so you don't kill it, and then kill all those plants it spawns.
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    Happy gaming!
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    Default Re: New Bonus Goal Listing

    Great guide Chris!

    I was gonna make one, but you finished first.
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    Default Re: New Bonus Goal Listing

    awesome guide!

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    Default Re: New Bonus Goal Listing

    wow dude, awesome guide. this must have took a long time to make.

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    Default Re: New Bonus Goal Listing

    Wonderful guide! I got Bulls Eye hat with blue feather and white wrist guards so far from Snowy Canyon.

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    Default Re: New Bonus Goal Listing

    The Tranquil Yeti may not be hard....but I'm so glad he's back! ♥♥♥
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