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Title: Necro Help

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    Default Necro Help

    Hello, I'm a little late to the ballgame and would like to try the necro unleashed quest a bit, but seems most people either don't like it or have their weapons. I'm just wondering if anyone is willing to complete the dungeon with me.


    IGN: Silver Shamrock
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    Default Re: Necro Help

    I can. IGN: Leylia

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    Default Re: Necro Help

    Edit: Sorry I had to go so suddenly. Good luck, guys!
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    Default Re: Necro Help

    I shall aid you. IGN Angela Oakberry.
    I hardly call this place perfect. But I'm a mess, who can't handle any friendship without ruining it and has no one to turn to now.
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    Default Re: Necro Help

    i need help finishing the quest i quit after every group i was in left me alone! add me i'm Olga beegully
    Geology lover

    Black Rose

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    Default Re: Necro Help

    I have completed the quest but I am looking for a group to run the dungeon for weapons so count me in.

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