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    Default Lost & Found Quest

    In Briarwood by the maze there is a pixie called freide or something and you have to find her mates in the maze I just need to find glowlum. I googled it and everywhere says near the SE corner but I looked. Do I have to go through the snarling hedges?

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    Default Re: Lost & Found Quest

    No, she should be in the free roaming area of the maze. I believe they are also labeled so that you can see them on the mini-map as green quest dots. If this hasn't been changed, you can just zoom out on the mini-map and glance over the green dots for a question mark.
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    Default Re: Lost & Found Quest

    Indeed, you need to keep look over your mini-map in order to find any Green Dots with a "?" On it, if it says Glowlum, There he is, I have NO Specific locations of all of Fredi's mates, but this is a VERY Good Hint for you.

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