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    Default Guide: Snowy Canyon Bonus Quest

    Hello, I have been doing Snowy Canyon's Bonus Quest ALOT lately, so I have a guide to help you on it, AND some bonus stuff too.

    The Elusive Tranquil Sasquatch is the EASIEST Bonus Objective in the Snowy Canyon, even though it is a Tier 5, But there is a UI (Unique Intelligence) glitch that MAY occur, but it's easy to get past. (In other words, if it happens, just reset the Snowy Canyon again) Mostly it's like the Old FR version, just with a twist of Armor (Depending on the Combat Class (Job) you're on).

    This is also the BEST way to go Armor Farming if you don't want to shop for it, even if you want different Rare tints, such as gold, black, white, etc. AND If you do this for about 15-20 minutes, you should get 10-15 Armor Pieces (Although it is rare to get a whole set, albeit a much higher chance than getting Level 20 Armor) within that short amount of time.

    So yeah. Just a Guide. I MIGHT make a video of this... although there is one thing I have to say, SOMETIMES that glitch may occur, causing time to pass whenever you don't want to trying to get that armor. DO NOTE however that you're SUPPOSED to ONLY go to the four set locations SOE set for the Elusive Sasquatch. THEN LEAVE.

    Again, hope this helps.

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    Default Re: Guide: Snowy Canyon Bonus Quest

    well its a nice guide but alot of people know this already and i got glitch by that glitch i had to log out of the game because of that glitch
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