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Title: Fun Quests?

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    Default Fun Quests?

    Ok what are some fun quests that give you really good prizes. Lots of coins, Fingerless gloves, Cute Clothes, Adventure Weapons, etc. I finished TCG questline 1 and am working on 2 for the ride before my membership ends. I tried the conducters wand game but I suck at that game I am working with redstonehammer for the lil pet forgery..... O.o Any?
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    Default Re: Fun Quests?

    I don't know. I found the best quest to be Chapter 1. Very well developed.
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    Default Re: Fun Quests?

    There are four different tower defense areas: Bixie TD, Snowhill TD, Briarwood TD, and Garden TD. Each area has a different questline which rewards a full set of clothing. There are some easy strategies for beating the tower defense minigames; you can look them up on youtube. I found that the rare/elite exploration coins were a fun way to get clothing as well.

    P.S. You don't need to follow the lines exactly during the Conductor's Wand minigame - you just need to touch the circles at the right times. I found it easier when I spent my time concentrating on hitting the circles rather than following the path.

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    Default Re: Fun Quests?

    Thanks for the music game tip!

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    Default Re: Fun Quests?

    Royal Quest or TCG Quest line, those give out clothing.

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