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    Default Fishing Quests?

    I found one inside rainbow lake, catch 6 catfish, but are there fisherman training quests? How do you get better rods, equipment? Just through fishing / treasure chests?

    Anyone find any other fishing quest givers?

    Found one! Near Sacred Grove Shallows, Reed Stillwater gives you "testing the waters" quest (3 coins 10 stars).
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    Default Re: Fishing Quests?

    its two quests not that much, theres a repeatable inside rainbow lake
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    Default Re: Fishing Quests?

    i had a problem all day yesterday trying to get Reed to talk to me after i finished fishing, tried quitting quest, and clicked on fishing job, started quest again, and reed wont talk to me, even though the quest task says 'talk to reed' grrrrrr.

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