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    Default Demo Derby Crash for Coin

    I'm stuck on the quest "Demo Derby: Thunder Falls Crash for Coin" where I need to knock out 12 cars in four minutes. Does anyone have any tips on how to do this? I'm not really all that good at Demo Derby, so any help is appreciated.
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    Default Re: Demo Derby Crash for Coin

    Demoliton Derby is really hard... Im on the quest were you cant get knocked out and be in first place,
    Anyways always watch your back, its seriously annoying when someone crashes into me, also jump on peoples cars, that damages then quickly.
    If you see someone charging at you, time it right and jump on them, it can K.O them. Plus if you see someone still, charge up your speed and jump at the right time, this also K.O's them.
    hmm, also it seems that the COMP players have a really bad player and a really hard-to-kill player, so if you find which is which, stay away from one and always attack the others.
    Also make sure if you finish your crash off, because the harder DD gets, the more the COMP seems to steal your crashes.

    Okay well thats all I've got.. for now!

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