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    Default Consumed by the past; can't find Lukov and olther questions

    Hey there everyone! Well, I am stuck in the Consumed the the Past quest and I have been trying to find Lukov in the sunken graveyard but he's not there. Any ideas on where exactly to find him? Also, does finishing this quest give you the fire essence for the ninja sword? I've gone through several different battles including Tanglewood Fort which is a great place to get ninja materials and got everything but the fire essence and page two of the ninja stories.

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    Default Re: Consumed by the past; can't find Lukov and olther questions

    First of all, there's a bug that makes him not appear at where he's supposed to be. Send in a ticket so that a Referee can help you.

    Second, he will not give the Fire Essence. You have to finish the Ninja Sword Materials collection to get the Fire Essence for the sword
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