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    Icon4 Clothing quest

    I saw many threads for quests that are looking for clothing quest.Well i have an tip for them.Try to find a guy fighting with bandit or wolf and help him.You will recive a badge or key to royal palace.Do quest from there and you will get many good clothes.On end,you even get a royal guard tabard!this quest starts somewhere near farnum's farm,between bandit hideout and greenwood forest.If some ppl think i made wrong location of quest,just reply real location so that ppl that read this don't get confused
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    Default Re: Clothing quest

    Yeah I know the quest your talking about! Its the Hero quest...I think. Well the way I get there is just to teleport to the Archer training camp (When you open your map look down by greenwood forest; there should be this little cluster of icons all by themselves. I always teleport to the Cooking Table by the two battles.) Then you head towards the pond. There should be a Royal Carrier *I think* and he needs to get his message for the queen back *Along those lines* so you do a mini battle and follow the questline form there.
    Hope this helped!


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    Default Re: Clothing quest

    thx i'll try it

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