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Title: Chef quest:

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    Default Chef quest:

    I'm having some troubling finding 2 of the ingridients needed for this quest (to make the spicy vegetable stirfry recipe):

    - Bundle of sunleaf
    - Bundle of punkin

    Anyone knows how or where can I get them? I'd aprecciate it


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    Default Re: Chef quest:

    Ok if you go to your map it should show the places where you can farm the items. it you put you mouse over the various locations it will tell you what you can get at the location. Hope this helps.

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    Default Re: Chef quest:

    There's a thread in the Jobs section under Blacksmith/Chef/Miner with the harvesting locations. Here is a link: (Harvesting in FreeRealms)

    It says those items are in Lakesfield - Lakeshore.

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    Default Re: Chef quest:

    Those items are in Lakesfield in Lake shore. Cyn Raindrop has made an awesome guide here (Harvesting in FreeRealms) and it tells you where to find everything.
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