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    Default "Blackspore's Most Wanted" and "Missing Books"

    Is there a guide to the locations of these items on the ground at all? I've found 5 out of 6 books, and 9/10 posters. I went in a full circle around the Academy in Shrouded Glade, and found 3 on the right side of the greenhouse to front of school, and 2 to the left side, and still missing one after 30 mins of searching. Is there 1 "hard to find, or very obvious one" that I missed?

    And the posters quest I did about 3 days ago, found 9 all over, but still missing one, so need help there. Even if there is a list, I can still check the spots until I find the one I missed.

    I really hate these search quests, it took me 2 days to finish the Blacksmith 10 page quest, for need of 1 page only and I found it randomly when I wasn't looking for it!

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    Default Re: "Blackspore's Most Wanted" and "Missing Books"

    Ugh, I hate random searching quests. I usually try to comb through the area to find them. Otherwise, if you have some good memory, you can just search in places you haven't searched before.
    Sorry I can't help out more, but I never really knew where I found those.
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