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    Default Price Check Guidelines

    Wondering what the price of your latest item may be? Ever wonder how much that Toyger whistle would fetch at auction? Here is the place to post and find out! Members are allowed to discuss prices and availability of items here and suggest what they would pay for the item or what they have seen it go for.

    Please keep the following rules in mind:

    1. Any arguments or rude posts will be deleted. All ideas and opinions must be respected.

    2. Threads here are NOT a chat thread. This is only for the discussion around prices of items and for price checks. Any posts that do not add to this topic will be deleted.

    3. This area is for discussion around trades and acquiring a price check ONLY. You are NOT allowed to offer items for bid or offer to buy items here.

    4. If you do not agree with a price, you may offer your own opinion. But please do not argue with another user within the thread.

    5. Do not jump into another users' price check thread to ask for the price of your item. Please create your own thread.

    6. Price Check threads will be closed after a month of being opened. If you have a question about a price of an item please create your own thread.

    7. All other FRI Rules apply. We expect our members to be kind and courteous using this section.
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