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Title: Price check ASAP please!!

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    Default Price check ASAP please!!

    So, I got some new stuff and I need to know how much they are worth.

    -Mantis Savage Sting Hoodie
    -Mahogany Alley Fighter Boots
    -Icy Diving Hawk Gi
    -Magenta Twisting Cobra Gi
    -Icy Stalking Panther Gi

    Thanks everyone.


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    Default Re: Price check ASAP please!!

    -Mantis Savage Sting Hoodie ~ 300-400k ~ I'm not good w/ archer so you may want a second opinion
    -Mahogany Alley Fighter Boots ~ 300-400k
    -Icy Diving Hawk Gi ~ 400k
    -Magenta Twisting Cobra Gi ~ 300-400k
    -Icy Stalking Panther Gi ~ 400-500k
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