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Title: Please PC

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    Default Please PC

    I need a pc on
    Blossom Balloon Axe
    Black Bow (mix)
    Aqua Bow (mix)
    Arrow thru head
    Sparkley Tiara
    Alligator Suit
    Punk Pants
    thanks <3 you babes
    Thanks for the memories!

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    Default Re: Please PC

    Blossom Balloon Axe
    Black Bow (mix) : 1mil?
    Aqua Bow (mix) : 1-200k
    Arrow thru head : 15k or thereabouts
    Sparkley Tiara
    Alligator Suit : 50-75k
    Punk Pants : 2-400k

    It really all depends upon the seller and how badly the buyer wants the items though. Black and white balloon mixable bows sell for a ton more than the other mixable balloon bows.
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    Default Re: Please PC

    For the alligator suit, I'd say about 10-30k because no one really want to buy it in all honesty and because of this you can knock people down cheap.
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