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    Default PC on Icy Rolled Sleeve Hoodie for girls!

    So yeah. Title says is all! How much is one worth? Also, are rolled hoodies in Lucky, Electrolime, Jungle, Woodland, and/or Azure hoodies tradeable? Or are they all locked like Darkmatter skirts/strapped shoes? So many questions so sorry!

    Thanks is advance!


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    Default Re: PC on Icy Rolled Sleeve Hoodie for girls!

    I would say the hoodie is worth around 4m - 5m. You could probably get a physical VR for it {such as a bone saw, etc..}. And unfortunately, the others are locked. They don't come in lucky, electrolime, jungle, or azure. I've seen 1 or 2 people with the jungle one though. {It's not tradeable} I believe it used to be in the starter outfits.
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