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Title: PC ASAP please!

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    Default PC ASAP please!

    -Light Green Quick Shot Cap
    -Light green Rapid Shot Gloves
    -Icy First Aid Gloves
    -Blue Pet Pants
    -Orange Street Scrapper Pauldrons
    -Gold Street Scrapper Boots
    -Frenzy Fighter Helmet (dark red and berry bright)
    -Alpine boots (magenta, berry bright, mahogany)
    -Sport Shades
    -Berrybright & magenta first aid shirts

    Sorry it's big! I need this asap please!
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    Default Re: PC ASAP please!

    Light Green Quick Shot Cap ~ 300-450k
    Light green Rapid Shot Gloves ~ 300-400k
    Icy First Aid Gloves ~ 400-700k
    Blue Pet Pants ~ 600-800k
    Orange Street Scrapper Pauldrons ~ 100-300k
    Gold Street Scrapper Boots ~ 200-300k
    Frenzy Fighter Helmet (dark red and berrybright) ~ 300-400k
    Alpine boots (magenta, berrybright, mahogany) ~ Do you mean Bubblegum, Amethyst, and Thunderbird? I don't believe winderwear boots come in old colours. Those colours look like them. I price them at 50k like all the other boots, but some people price them wayy higher.
    Sport Shades ~ I price them 5-8m, but some people price them 3-5m.
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