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Title: A New Price?

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    Default A New Price?

    I was wondering, since the original mystery chests are no longer obtainable, if the prices for those items have gone up at all?

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    Default Re: A New Price?

    Well considering I have seen people selling black skinnys for 300-400k I would assume so although I think it is a bit ridiculous. I think there is no shortage of mystery chests still as many people probably have hundreds if not thousands in reserve. Myself for example have something like 1.1k mystery chests just sitting in my inventory that I am never going to use. I think people really over reacted to the news.

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    Default Re: A New Price?

    Yeah I guess you could say the clothing / rides for the original chest are wantable. I have like 58 chests and I do agree with Egg Zackly, people shouldn't over react over some chest. (people probably have tons) So yes probably, mostly depends on the seller.
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