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Title: milk gloves

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    Default milk gloves

    How much would milk gloves go for?
    I have never seen anyone sell them and they mist be either super high or really low.

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    Default Re: milk gloves

    Some people price them 10-20m.
    Some people price them 30-75m.
    Depends on the seller.
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    Default Re: milk gloves

    average sell price is between 15mil-25mil
    Those are what I have saw/ I would pay for them. People get it in there thick skull that it is okay to sell them at prices normal people cannot meet and that is just mean. Since I came back the items that use to only be sold around 15k went to 500k just in a few months. This is absurd; even more so when you buy them from a seller in-game.

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    Default Re: milk gloves

    Milks go for $400-$600 in the game, which is 40,000,000 - 60,000,000 coins.
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